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Thanks for the great plugin! I’m trying to disable the feedback type on the form, but show them when using the feedbacks shortcode listing all. They’ll be moved between states on the back end and I would like them to be visible by category on the front end. I just don’t want people to have the option to pick the category to start.

Hello! It is not supported out of the box, you’ll have to do custom coding. I recommend to review the code in inc/template.php, un_config function – it sends the config to JS part.



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Hi, Im trying to add the feedbacks list to my page. I’m adding the short code: [feedbacks] but nothing appears only a text [feedbacks] on my page. Any idea what I might be doing wrong. I have enabled the list & discussions feature in the settings.

Also, when adding the [feedbacks] will the voting automatically be enabled there as on the demo page?



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Update: I just reinstalled the plugin and now it looks different. Now it seems like I have the correct version and it is working fine.

It’s solved! Thank you for this plugin!


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Hello! I cant translate some words – https://prnt.sc/he78r5 (Loco Translate cant find them) Show me, please, the way to this words to translate them

Please note, your support period has expired. Thanks.


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То, что период закончился, вовсе не значит, что сложно ответить человеку, который предпочел честно купить и не мучил вас вопросами, когда не нужно было. Вам задали вполне конкретный вопрос, ответьте на него, будьте добры. Или дайте ссылку на документацию, где это прописано.

То, что период закончился – означает, что ваша жалоба на сроки неуместна и я оставляю за собой право отвечать с задержкой. В вашем случае проблема обусловлена использованием устаревшей версии, после обновления до 5.2.8 она должна исчезнуть.

When a new idea/praise/question/problem is posted, i don’t receive email notifications. However, when i change the status of the feedback to done say, it sends the end user an email. Why don’t i receive an email when a new feedback is posted?

i am using Sendgrid plugin to send emails and not relying on PHP mail which can be blocked. I tested this plugin is working but the feedback emails don’t come through. Also i installed check email plugin that you have suggested and i received the test email.

Please drop me a private message with your site details – it looks like a bug and I would like to take a closer look at what happens.



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The first installation is the version of 3.7.2

I want to upgrade to 5.2.7

But I’m going to replace the old version with a new version of the file, and I don’t know what to do

Hello! Uninstall older version, install new :) Please note, that 3.x consists of 2 plugins (free + pro upgrade), while 5.x is a single plugin including the whole functionality.



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I only want 2 type of feedback: a problem that requires the configuration of the client browser and a uservoice to follow suggestions

1 / I will need to do 2 wordpress pages with only one type of feedback so that the connected member sees the follow-up of their problem OR the suggestions

2 and therefore 2 wordpress menu

3 / if possible 2 different popups

4/ / interfaced with myCred to give credit according Feedback type (problem, suggestion …)


Hi, http://wptest-base.88h.ovh/usernoise/ with [feedbacks type=”suggestions”] I do not want to see tabs of other types of feedback

ah and then 4 / interfaced with myCred to give credit according Feedback type (problem, suggestion …)


Hello, +1 please Thanks

Ah, got it after seeing the site. When you type [feedbacks type=”some-type”] – it selects that type by default, but does not hide other types. I think it’s a good idea to add an option to do it the way you expected it to work too. To be implemented!


Hi, does this plugin include details automatically of which page the feedback form was submitted on? In other words will it also include the url of the page that somebody was on when they submitted the form?

Hello! Yes, sure thing. Thanks!


I have two questions: Is it possible to change all the word of the plugin ? Is it possible to upload an picture/screen from the PC of the user? (No take a screenshot)

Thanks in advance for you answer ! :)

Hello! 1. Wording can be changed with standard WordPress translation mechanisms (even if you use English). 2. No, it is not supported and is not planned to be implemented due to security issues (WordPress does not have an acceptable way to provide “secure” file storage).


Hello. can we create two feedbacks forms, one for negative and one for positive feedback?

Hello! Usernoise does not support that.



I love this plugin, however I’d like to display the feedback form in the same way it is possible to display the feedback list, instead of just a popup. Would it be possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hello! I am not sure what do you mean. Usernoise V5 can show an existing feedback list on a v5-style popup or to embed it into the page.



I’d like to embed the form in a page as well, is it possible?


No for now, to be implemented.


Is it possible to set the Usernoise code/script to only load on one page? for example mysite.com/feedback Right now it loads on every single page, which is slowing the pages down? Thanks :)

Hello! You can disable Usernoise on certain pages with [hide_usernoise_button] shortcode, or by disabling the button globally and use [show_usernoise_button] shortcode on the pages you want it at. Please also read this FAQ regarding the performance: https://codecanyon.net/item/usernoise-pro-modal-feedback-contact-form/1420436/faqs/30900

Hello, How I add my custsm css, where?

Hello! It’s out of this plugin’s scope. You can use my other plugin Stylez or install some free custom css plugins (which are not as powerful, of course).


Hi. Great plugin. TWO SUGGESTIONS.

1) Please please please add a “View all Feedbacks” on the form. So far it shows the post feedback, then under it has “Other Feedback” and I would like it to also say “View ALL feedbacks” which can take them to our all feedback page. An option to disable enable this would be useful for others.

2) A simple way to change the text. “Other Feedback” may not apply to all people.

I do not see ALL feedback, just “Other feedback”


Am I missing something?

Best regards


You’re 100% right. But I don’t think it changes the deal – users can see the feedback submitted by other users right away.

They can, but they can’t sort them and actually use the feature unless they find my created button to VIEW ALL FEEDBACK.

I would like to use the plugin for people to request website features and vote on them. Therefore it would be great for them to be able to quickly see what has been added and comment on ones that have been added.


How can I change the font size and colour for the ‘placeholder text’? Here are 2 screenshots of the text I want to change: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4lml68lty0ctd1/UsernoisePro%20-%20Placeholder%20text%201.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2g3s92cqclrrgxt/UsernoisePro%20-%20Placeholder%20text%202.png?dl=0

Also, the emails that get sent to user and admin – where can I find these to change the text?

With thanks Scott


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How can I show the feedback button only on specific pages?


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Is it possible to show screenshots in front end?


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I would like to get my previous bought refunded. Item: Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact form

I found out that your plugin is not the right tool I would need for my website. Srry for the problems i may caused. please give me an email to which I can send my PayPal details.

Thank you very much!