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I do not receive email notifications.

If you are using Gmail – please make sure you have seen this “red bar” http://d.pr/i/b6ei and allowed to send emails from your web server.

If you are not – usually, it is best to contact your email system administrator to edit the config file together, or just carefully copy your email client’s settings to the config file. If you do not know nitty gritty email system details – I seriously recommend to stick to Gmail.

Screenshot feature does not work

This plugin’s screenshot feature does not take a real screenshot (it’s impossible due to browser’s security restrictions). Instead, it renders the page onto the hidden Canvas element and saves the result as an image. It means 2 things:
  • The “screenshot” taken may have slight differences from what you see on the screen as rendering engines are different
  • If the site uses some images or CSS files from another domain – screenshot feature will not work without an additional CORS headers setup. This setup should be done at the external domains using server configuration. You can read more on CORS here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CORS Please note doing this configuration is not a part of the support provided.

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