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1. You say screenshots not possible in the standalone version. Your demo of the standalone version shows option to Take Screenshot. Which is it?

2. You say: No, and I am not planning to release a standalone version. But, you can install a WordPress copy “sideways” and use Usernoise Pro WP version on your main site (they should be on exactly the same domain). Not following. Can the WP version be installed on a non-WP site. We use WP, but only as blog. The feedback would be used on non-WP pages (main site).

I just purchased this and am getting an Internal Server Error. This is on an internal server for an Intranet website.

Screenshot of error: http://imgur.com/a/GyEcR


When I try to take a screenshot, that doesn’t work.

Can you help me :) French Fan

Hello! I can take a look at the problem if you’ll tell your site URL, but as told at the product description page – the support for this feature is not guaranteed. Thanks.

Hello Karevn,

I will send you an email :)

Kind Regards

hi I having internal server error message when i am trying to use usernoise feedback form. and also screen shot option is not working

Hello! Please tell your site URL so I could take a look to help you. Please also note, that screenshot option is provided without support (I’ll try to help you though, but can’t promise I’ll be able to make it work for you). Thanks.


bgordon Purchased

Screenshots not working for me either… just spins forever… also I don’t see the html2canvas js code anywhere in the zip or codebase… should there be a writable directory somewhere to hold the screenshot (assuming it is actually taking one) – no errors to debug…but other than this, it works fine. I am adding code to save the submissions to a table in my DB… that should be in your next update… it is such a simple thing… who wants to review hundreds of emails…

Hello! Please tell your site URL – I’ll take a look. Please also note, that “screenshot” feature comes with no guaranteed support – it’s stated at the product description page. It’s because html2canvas library is not 100% stable and I can’t provide a full support for it – it’s decently complex. Anyway, I can take a look at the issue if you’ll tell your site URL.