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Hi, usernoise pro is avaiable for non-wp php webistes?

No, and I am not planning to release a standalone version. But, you can install a WordPress copy “sideways” and use Usernoise Pro WP version on your main site (they should be on exactly the same domain).


I love this product, but before I buy, I have a project and your product solves half that problem. The rest requires a little custom work. Please let me know how we can talk more and if your interested.

Hello! I do not provide custom development services, sorry. You can hire someone to tweak this script to your needs at Envato Studio site. Thanks!

Just purchased for a standalone site, but the user interface are different to your screenshots. Also the screenshot functionality is not appearing

Screenshot feature is not available in the standalone version – its told on the demo page. I can also send you the older version that matches the screenshots, but I believe the new one is much more usable and “engagning”. Thanks!

Hi, I’v edited the config file with my gmail mail and pass, when i try to send a request don’t send anything. When i log to my mail account, can’t see any aauthentication advise. I’m on hostgator

OK. Can you please send me a private message with your site details and your config file attached (without passwords, of course)? Thanks!

Ok, i send it.

P.s.: With previusly version of this script, i remeber it’s work with a modification but don’t remeber wich. Same server type

You can just use the same config file you used before – backend code is 100% the same (the difference is in interface only). Thanks!

ok, but I want older version if possible…

No problem, drop me a private message from my profile page – and I’ll send it to you. Thanks!


hello, I’m using the old and the new version of your feedback script. The config.php email setting datas in the new and old are the same. The Problem; the old is working fine but the new no email is sending?

whats wrong? Could you help me please…

best regards

Please drop me a private message – I’ll send you an updated version. Thanks!

Hello please send me the updated version of stand alone usernoise .

Thank you

Please drop me a private message – I’ll send you an updated version. Thanks!

You can view and reply to the message at http://codecanyon.net/item/usernoise-modal-contact-feedback-form/3461759/comments?page=6&filter=all#comment_12213856

 Do not reply to this email.
Envato Market Team

how can I find your email for private massage?

hello, after the new update it works fine, thank you

Private messages can be sent from my profile page (there’s a form there). Please also don’t publish your purchase codes. Thanks!

How to find change log for new version posted today?

It was a bugfix release. Highly recommended.

Hello. Planning to buy this plugin, but have a few questions. 1. like translate it to Russian language. 2. Can I add to the main page 2 or 3 label for feedback? 3. Can I add my options to “idea”, “question”... I want to add my variant, is it possible? 4. the current version of the plug visually looks like here? https://0.s3.envato.com/files/16430385/screenshots/01_Feedback%20list.png

Hello! 1. It’s very easy – you just need to edit the piece of config when installing it.

2. I am not sure what do you mean. 3. Sure, it’s configured easily. 4. No. The current version looks like the one at the demo site. I can send you earlier version if you want, though.

P.S. I do speak Russian, so you can send me a private message, and we can talk in Russian. Thanks!

Hello, considering buying but I’d like the form to post/AJAX to my custom process.php script, is this easy to change? Thanks

Yes, it’s a question of changing one option when editing the config. Thanks!

Somehow I keep getting blank reports and I cannot replicate it. 90% of the reports I receive are blank. All it reads is;

A new feedback has been submitted.

Sent from: Message:

but a successful report contains;

A new question has been submitted.

Email: email@domain.ltd

Summary: summary

Sent from: URL

Message: testing


Referrer: URL

Mood: happy

how is this short blank email getting sent? When I try to replicate I get errors for trying to submit a blank form. I can’t figure it out.

URL: https://www.ifindcheaters.com

They most probably are submitted with some kind of the robot, so UI checks are not run. I’ll improve backend in the next version to prevent problems like this. Thanks!

Hi, are you planning to add screenshot support for the PHP standalone?

Hmm… I can’t promise yet, but I think – yes. Thanks!

Hello Karevn,

I’m contacting you because I had sent a feedback for a test, and the message indicating of that’s a success was displayed. However, I never receive the Email in my mailbox.

Can you help me?

King Regards, Generizelab. French User.

Hello! Usernoise just uses a standard WordPress email delivery feature, so you need to make sure it’s set up correctly. You can check it with this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/check-email/ and contact your web hosting provider support for details if it does not work. Thanks!


Is-it possible to change the position of the FeedBack button ?

King Regads, Generizelab.

Hello! There are 3 predefined positions, plus you can always tweak them using custom CSS. The selector for the button is #un-button Thanks!

Hi, karevn! It seems that demo cant work on my system. Everything looks ok, but the “Next” button (yea, ‘ve put some words in to the field) – doesnt work at all.

Thanks for reporting! Can you please clear your browser’s cache and try one more time? Thanks!

Yea, now it works! Thnx!

I purchased the item and uploaded the files to my server, but when you try to submit the feedback there’s no option for screen shot for the PHP version even though it says it has one.

Hello! Please drop me a private message. Thanks!

Hi, I’m really sorry to do this, but I need to ask you to cancel this order and refund the payment.

It feels pretty complicated to install for a tiny thing like this, and i wasn’t even able to find a way to show the Feedback tab on the right side, I can’t use it on left because i have other stuff on the page.

Please refund so I can purchase a different one.


P.S. another thing I’d suggest is not to include demonstration of a different item in this demo, I was under the impression that I’m getting a page with user feedback shown on public page, and as I understand now it is only available with the wordpress version.

For the record: refund give, and I’m going to redesign the site to make the difference more obvious.

Oh WOW, what a rip off !!!!! I just realized that the version I downloaded does not even have a screenshot option on it.


This is not even funny.

For the record: this user was confused between Usernoise Pro and this simplified version even though it’s explicitly said on the demo site that some features are present only in WordPress version. Refund given.

Hello, Before I buy this product, can the feedback box be open at first instead?

Hello! I am not sure I do understand. Can you please explain a little bit further?


Hi Karevn thank you for your reply, so instead of clicking the feedback button at first for the form to open, can the form box be open automatically once the page is open?

Got it. Sure, with 1-2 lines of custom JS.


Hi! I just bought your script and realized that there is no ‘take screenshot’ feature… The live demo is too misleading and wrong as it represents another script of yours.

Please refund. Thank you!

Please drop me a private message and your config file (without passwords) – I’ll tell how to turn this feature on.