UserMgr: User Registration and Management

UserMgr: User Registration and Management

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iOS User Management Made Easy

User management on iOS has never been easier. With UserMgr, we’ve built a simple to use system that allows users to register and login. With advanced features like user memory, UserMgr provides a simple and clean interface that anyone can use. Simply redirect the user to your own storyboards upon a successful login, and you’ve got a secure app that’s up and running in minutes!

In addition to the app itself, also included is a simple admin panel. In this panel, you can view registered users, as well as edit user details, and even delete users! Not only is this system easy to use, it’s secure! We use PDO and binding to handle all database communication, which reduces intrusion risks!

App Features

  • User registration
  • User login
  • Remember user
  • Duplicate account check
  • Form validation
  • Password recovery
  • Facebook and Twitter login

Web Panel Features (admin)

  • View and edit user details
  • Delete users
  • Permissions system (9 = admin, 0 = default)
  • Count total users

Web Panel Features (user)

  • View own details
  • Login with Twitter and Facebook

General Features

  • Well commented code
  • Simple installation guide
  • Password hashing
  • UUID storage/registration
  • Complete Facebook/Twitter login and registration