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inaativ Purchased

Hi there ! I am a french Wordpress developper, I purchased your 2 plugins User Credit and Paypal IPN Addon. I needed this solution for a client website. I’m not very familiar with Paypal “in deep” and I can tell I have some difficulties for plugin configuration and Paypal gateway. First I’m having problems with these 2 variables in plugin setup :

- Successful Payment Variable (SPV) - Transaction Identifier Variable (TIV)

The question is where I can find these variables ? Do I need them ?

I’m trying to make Paypal button work on Sandbox for testing and having every time an error message on Paypal with the transaction.

Thanks for helping me, Best regards, Rodolphe

Bonjour encore Rodolphe. As per our previous reply, we’ve heard of quite a few people having problems with PayPal Sandbox recently. The best solution seems to be to set up a new Sandbox account and create your buttons again!


inaativ Purchased

Hi there ! Thanks for you reply. Found the solution for this problem. In fact, needed to change the Paypal encoding buttons in UTF-8 in Paypal parameters, for matching with website language encoding. Now Paypal buttons works fine and transaction are working fine.

BUT, I’ve got another big problem now : after Paypal transaction, user is not credited. And this is very embarrassing…

I followed all steps with Paypal IPN Add-On :

- Enabled IPN in Paypal with notification URL corresponding to http://mywebsite.com/wp-content/plugins/xtn-user-credits-paypal-ipn/ipn.php

- Added advanced variable on Paypal button corresponding to notify_url=http://mywebsite.com/wp-content/plugins/xtn-user-credits-paypal-ipn/ipn.php

- Added [obr_user_id] inside the button form

Have I missed something or any suggestion please ? Best regards, Rodolphe

Hi Rodolphe, If you would like to send me some admin logon details (to contact@outerbridge.co.uk) for your site I will investigate. Thanks, Mike


Hola, buenos días! El código corto “obr_check_credits” puede bloquear contenido. Necesitas leer la seccion “Shortcodes” (“Códigos Cortos”) en la página de administración “Help & Usage” (“Ayuda y Uso”). Buena suerte!

Hi there, i’m having some trouble configuring your plugin and i really need it to work sucessfully.

Can you help me install it properly?

Thanks (greate plugin btw!)

Hi. If you work through each of the stages in the Quickstart guide in the Help & Usage section, you’ll be up and running in no time!

I wanted to integrate Points/Credits System to my wordpress website. I think your plugin fulfill my requirement, but problem is that, Is really works like this: Users can buy Credits by Paypal Protect any posts Content like download link by credits, for ex: (View download link in 5 credits) Redeem users point when click on protected link of the posts Does not expire protection for users redeem their credits If the user has not matching credits then show like this (You need purchase credits) & add hyperlink of the purchase page

I will wait your reply thank you

Hi. From what you’ve said, it sounds like our plugin fits the bill. You can find out more at our demo site http://outerbridge.co/usercredits/

Does this work on WP Multisite? If so will the credits be shared across the multisites?

Yes, it works on multisite – our demo site is a multisite http://outerbridge.co/usercredits/

No, the credits are not shared across the multisites.

Hello does this plugin feature the possibility to buy Credits in WooCommerce? And then buy other items with those credits?

Hi. This is a standalone plugin, and not integrated with WooCommerce.

Indian payment gateway nad currency ?

Hi. You can configure UserCredits to work with any payment gateway using the variables in the set-up section or you can purchase the PayPal for IPN Add-On which is already coded for you. We are working on a Stripe Add-On but we do not have a Indian-specific gateway. With regard to currencies, the system is currency neutral.

Can this work on gravity form. when user submit gravity form then that user get credits.

Hi. Haven’t tried it with Gravity Forms. Normally, you just put your shortcode inside ours, but UserCredits is designed to deduct rather than add credits when users perform an action.


jreyesv Purchased

Hi all,

Is it possible to have the credits transfer option outside of the WordPress dashboard?

Would like to have it on the main website instead of login into wordpress and going to the My UserCredits page.

Thanks! Reyes

Unfortunately this is not possible at present.

pre purchase question, does it support SMS/mobile payment?

No it doesn’t, but depending on your SMS/mobile gateway’s API, you might be able to configure this yourself. UserCredits is very flexible, in that you can use a successful transaction variable and an unique reference code for each transaction to process any type of payment source.

Hi, I can’t access the demo, so I am wondering if your solution is OK for what I want to do.

I would like to offer credits, so people can buy credits one by one or in packages and then access to the store. When they are in the store, they can buy services, using their credits.

When a client buys a service, he uses credits and he can see how many credits he has. And my team receives an e-mail to be informed of the client need and begin the service.

It would be great if we could inform the client about the diferent steps of the prestation, so he can see what we already did or not.

For example, he buys 10 credits and uses 5 for a service A and 5 for a service B, in his backoffice he can see that he has no more credits but that he already received the service A, so we are working on service B.

Like in e-commerce, a functionnality to see if the service hads already been delivered or not.

Also, can the client receive an invoice and access to an invoice in his backoffice with correct numerotation ?

Thank you for your answer and sorry for my english, I am french.

Bonjour Manine

Sorry that you had problems accessing the demo, it should be available again now. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.

I think that the plugin can help you achieve most of what you need – you’ll need to use the hooks that are in the plugin to trigger your own invoicing routine for example.

Regards Mike

I need a way to limit how many times a user can submit a form. Is it possible to subtract points for form submission? And when the user has zero credits, can I prevent them from accessing the form until they purchase more credits?

I purchased, but don’t see a “decrease credits” shortcode. Also would like to allow users to add credits by simply visiting a page, but don’t see how to do that either.

I’m using a 3rd party shopping cart. Rather than integrating with a payment processor I’d simply like to add credits when a user reaches a “thank you” page after a purchase. Then credits are deducted when a user reaches another “thank you” page after submitting a form on my site. Lastly, users need to be prevented from accessing the form when their balance is zero. I realize there is a possibility of abuse and errors in trying to maintain accurate balances, but I’ll take the chance until I can afford a custom solution. If you can give me a little guidance, I will appreciate it.

Okay, after digging around the documentation I see that [obr_decrease_credits] was replaced with [obr_check_credits], but still don’t see how to add credits without integrating with a payment processor. I’m using a shopping cart that does one-click upsells. I don’t believe there’s a way to integrate with it if I wanted to.

Hi John

You don’t need to integrate with a payment process, you can add credits using the SPV and TIV variables which are on the Set-Up page.

Why do I see this at the top of this page? “outerbridge does not currently provide support for this item.”

hmm interesting. Understandable, but a bit of a concern. You do have good reviews, fortunately, and I suppose if the plugin doesn’t work, I could ask for a refund.


jbewes Purchased

Can’t work out how to set usage time-limits (micro-subscription) on the credits.

I’m looking to set the following parameters on credits:-

Credit Expiry – Inactive (unused) credits = Unlimited (non-expiring) Credit Expiry – Active credits = [n] days/hours/minutes

...so that, user can gain access to premium pages of content for the time period defined in credit set up.

Is this possible, or is your definition of ‘credit expiry’ limited to inactive credits only?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. Yes, you can do this, please see the Help & Usage guide for more information.

Is it possible for the user to buy packages of credits that renew monthly? So if they buy a 15 credit package, it would charge them monthly and re-boot the credits every month.

Yes, you can do this. Just one thing to note which is that, once the initial payment has been taken, the re-booting of credits happens automatically – if your customer defaults on a payment one month you will need to manually adjust the customer’s credits.


almir28 Purchased

hi i need help to custimazed the plugin. I need that i deduced credits when the user submit a contact form. Pleas contact me on almir@radiohit.at for your price what you be taken to customized the plugin Thanks

Hi. You’ll need to send a detailed specification of the work that you require, including budget and timescales, to contact@outerbridge.co.uk