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Presales question… I need the function to add Points to User if he rates & comments an Article. Also i need to subtract points from the user if he writes an article. Is this possible with your plugin?

In theory the plugin could be used for this, but it would need customising by a web developer to achieve your exact requirements. ^Penny


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On-hold payments Hi, Hi have a problem with some paypal customers. Some transaction are in “On-hold” status. It happened that one of those “On – hold” transaction was canceled by the user but credits were already get added.

Now I have other 4 “On-hold” transaction. I would like to add credits only when the transaction is complete.


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Anyway I solved it by myself. It was so easy. Just log also the payment_status from IPN and add credits only if payment_status==’Confirmed’.

Thank you. We’ve just submitted an updated version of the IPN Add-On plugin to CodeCanyon for their review.


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how to used [obr_add_credits] , i make buy credit page and put [obr_add_credits] but it show Nothing to process. If you think you are seeing this message in error, please contact the administrator. and how to integrate pay with bitcoin?

There are detailed instructions included in the Help & Usage section of the plugin. These explain how to use all of the shortcodes. The Help & Usage section also provides information that your developer can use to integrate the plugin with BitCoin.

Hi. I wanna buy this plugin but have one question. I have a comparison website with products and wanted to use this credit system on them so every item displayed would cost 1 credit for example and the credits will be calculating automatically on how many is left. Is that possible with your plugin? Thanks in advance

You would definitely need to customise the plugin in order to achieve this.

So could you tell me what your plugin could do and what must be added? Also is there any guide so i can customise your plugin?

There is a full description, live demo, screenshots and a youtube video all available to look at via this page: http://codecanyon.net/item/usercredits-for-wordpress/783664. These tell you all about what the plugin does. There is extensive documentation provided with the plugin which will help your developer in making customisations.

I had a look and didn’t understand on which user actions credits were being decreased or used somewhere? Could you help me with that info please?

Hi. As we said previously, there’s extensive documentation included in the plugin bundle which explains exactly what you need to do to use the plugin. Also there’s information about the action and filter hooks which will assist your developer to customise the plugin for you.

I understand only the french. so I made a translation. I have a site where people downloaded the document. And I think your plugin will help me .And I want to pay. My question is whether it can generate codes corresponding to the amount of credit. ? These codes will be sold to users in physical shop in exchange for money to recharge their account on my site.

Hi. The plugin does not generate codes, you will need to customise the plugin to get this functionality.

We would like to have a quotation for the personalization of this plugin to have this feature. What is the process to follow to get this quote? Thank you

Hi. If you’d like a quote for this work, you can email us at contact@outerbridge.co.uk. Please include a detailed specification of your requirements, a process flow diagram, and your budget.

I’m very interested in this plugin but I had few questions: anyway to integrate a membership plugin so that credits are assigned when a membership is purchased? How about just assigning credits? Can the credits be used for products on woocommerce? I’m just trying to create products that have credit value that can be purchased by user credits. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi. There are hooks in the plugin which you can use to create links to a membership plugin. You can manually assign credits in the admin panel if you wish. The plugin would need customisation to work with WooCommerce. Regards Mike


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Are there any plans to be able to add coupon codes to award free credits?

Hi. This is on our wishlist but we don’t have a delivery date at the moment. Regards Mike

The plugin works well, but I receive an e-mail two times per day with the text “No users needed updating”. How can I disable these?

Hi. On the Balance Resets admin page, just uncheck the “Email site admin when balance update is run” checkbox.

I am trying to install the shortcodes for these plugins, are we suppose to install a restrict page plugin in order to use this? – Thanks

No, you just need to use the shortcodes around the information that you want to restrict access to.

Is it possible to set a weekly automatic payments via paypal to add credits to customers account with UserCredits?

Hi. You can set the system to add a bundle of credits each week, month, etc to the customers’ balances. This is independent of PayPal though – but you would only need to manually intervene when the customer didn’t pay though.

I purchased UserCredits plugin along with the PayPal add-on. I added the [obr_user_id] shortcode inside the PayPal payment button and the [obr_ipn_add_credits] shortcode in my landing page as explained in your instructions; after succesful payment, PayPal redirects me to the landing page which displays this error “Nothing to process. If you think you are seeing this message in error, please contact the administrator.” I also set my bundles to match the amount I pay with PayPal. What am I missing?

Nevermind, I already solved this. The problem was with payment currency that did not match the seller’s default currency on PayPal; because of this, the payment was not automatically accepted and the IPN was not sent.


After buy the script, I’ve a question

When the user have their credits, the user can buy a service product and disccount credits from balance?

Because we’ll offer housekeeping service and we offer credits (we mean hours) and we need disccount the credits user bought from balance, the system can do that?


Yes, the plugin can do that.

Hi , look great , Some question :
1- I am looking for a plugin with funds expiration ability after a defined period (ex: a month )
2- Have your plugin Skrill Gateway integrated or use .


1. Credits can be set to expire after a month.

2. We do not have a Skrill Gateway, but the plugin includes details of which variables to use to collect a payment from a new gateway.

Hi, I already purchased the Easy Credits & Paypal IPN Add On, I already setting up my protected page, creating bundles, paypal IPN setting and Paypal button using the Help & Usage, but after testing to add the credits with [obr_add_credits] in the success page, it says “Nothing to process. If you think you are seeing this message in error, please contact the administrator.” Where do I miss? Or is it because in the bundles I used 0.01 for 10 credits, and in Paypal I used 0,01 for the currency?

Hi. If you’re using our PayPal IPN Add-On, then the shortcode you need is “obr_ipn_add_credits” not the more general “obr_add_credits”.

Hi, I already use that shortcode [obr_ipn_add_credits] in my success page, but still no “Nothing to process. If you think you are seeing this message in error, please contact the administrator.”

I will show you how i do it, maybe you can show me where I miss :

1. In Set-Up, in 2.6, I enable the currency comma, because in paypal I can’t use 1.00 for the currency, so I use 1,00. 2. in Bundles I set 1.00 in currency value, and no of credits is 10, and set it to unlimited . In here I can’t set the bundles to 1,00 to make it the same as my paypal, it changed again to 1.00 automatically when I saved. 3. After that I set up my paypal IPN, in Selling Tools and add “http://mysite.com/wp-content/plugins/xtn-user-credits-paypal-ipn/ipn.php” and Enable the IPN 4. Then, I create my paypal button set the price to 1,00 5. In Step 3, I make the success page to “http://mysite.com/successpage” with [obr_ipn_add_credits] shortcode in it 6. And in Add advanced variables : notify_url=http://mysite.com/wp-content/plugins/xtn-user-credits-paypal-ipn/ipn.php 7. After that in my page I add the paypal button code with [obr_user_id] shortcode in it.

But I try it multiple times it still say Nothing to process Please let me know if there is something I missing


Hi. It sounds like you’ve done the right things. We’ve come across a few issues with the PayPal Sandbox recently. Can I suggest that you set up a brand new PayPal Sandbox account, create a new payment button and try again?

I’m using UserCredits and the PayPal IPN Add-On. It worked well initially and was able to add credits to my account. Then I started experimenting with the number of credits in bundles, prices and adding a few other test users and now I’m not able to add credits to any account I created anymore.

When I try to add credits to the first account I created, I get the error “121.00 does not match a valid bundle” on my successful payment page. This was a price I did once set-up, but decided to change again. The strange thing is that my two bundles now have currency values of “100” and “200” and I also generated a new PayPal button and form with the new prices (100 and 200). I deleted the old button, so the value “121” should not be sent back by PayPal, but for some reason it still is.

When I try to add credits to a different test account, I just get the “Nothing to process” message on the successful payment page.

I checked and tried the things I can think of:

- currency values of the bundles match prices used on payment buttons - [obr_ipn_add_credits] is used on the succes-page - [obr_user_id] is in the code of the PayPal form on my add credits page - In PayPal: Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is enabled and the notification URL is correct, I also added this URL in the “advanced variables” field in the button creation page preceded by “notify_url=” - enabling Currency Comma - disabling all other plugins and changing to a default wordpress theme

But no success so far.

Any ideas for what else I can try?

Something else to consider is that we’ve come across a few issues with the PayPal Sandbox recently. Can I suggest that you set up a brand new PayPal Sandbox account, create a new payment button and try again?

Thanks for your help so far. I’m still working on this, but have not been able to buy credits on my site yet after reverting to a backup.

I just noticed that I’m also unable to purchase credits on your demo site. I can log in to your site and make the PayPal payment, but after the redirect to your success-page I receive the “nothing to process” message. I used the test account info you provided (ipn@example.com) and tried on Chrome and Firefox with the same result. Can you confirm that the demo site is still functioning well for you and other users?


I’ve spent a lot of time testing this this morning. There looks to be an intermittent problem with the PayPal Sandbox as some transactions come through successfully and others do not. Most do not. In our experience, the PayPal Sandbox has never been particularly robust and it seems to be particularly problematic at the moment, with others reporting problems on the developer forums.

We will monitor this and, if we do need to upgrade the IPN Add-On plugin’s code, we will.

Regards Mike

Is there anyway to see the shortcodes an hook before purchase?

Can you please send an email to contact@outerbridge.co.uk and I’ll see what I can do…

Hi there, I just purchased the plugin, but realised I can’t do anything in Set-up Section 1, there’s nothing to set up! You can see from this picture http://i65.tinypic.com/acsznd.png I don’t want to use Paypal, and was hoping to link this user credit system with my own commerce plugin. Can you tell me why? Or there’s any documentation I can read and solve myself? Thanks!

I suggest you read this article! You may have a serious issue on your server which should be fixed as a matter of urgency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbleed

It’s heartbeat… Not heartbleed…

Heartbleed is the name of the security bug affecting Heartbeat. As it says in the article…


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It’s possible view credit history purchase from paypal? Any shortcode for user?

All PayPal IPN transactions which have been processed are in the Transaction Log listing in the admin area. Admin users can see everyone’s transactions and can filter on them. Standard users can only see their own transactions.

Is there a way to shorten the expiry date %s which shows the date and time

Just after date only and even better would be DD / MMMM / YYYY (full month name)

Hi there, not at the moment but I’ll add it to the wishlist for future development.

Regards Mike