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Why do logged in users see a dashboard of users logged in? Shouldn’t it show users a website and being logged in as a user, and an admin logged in as seeing the dashboard with user stats, or a webpage with a special admin link?

Dear sir, I am not clear what you say. Can you please clear my again.


When I use the “user” login, the first thing I see after logging in, is a dashboard that shows admin type stuff, like users signed up, etc.

If I log in as a user, shouldn’t it present me with the website itself, and only show the user stats if I was logged in as an admin?

Dear sir, When you login as a admin or special admin, then you can add any number or person as admin or special admin and you can see all user’s information from dashboard.

But, if you login as a user, you can’t see other user information and you can’t add any kind of user from dashboard.


Hi, first of all look very nice your user manager, I have some questions, your system use SMTP for the email? and can I add permission for for access a page by user role, I need to have content for some users and add a piece of code for permissions in the header right? thanks.

Dear sir, Yep, we are using SMTP system for email.

Nope, You can not added permission for any page. you can see only our pre-define page. if you need, we can do customize for you, then you need to pay extra. So then kindly knock me or


Oh I see, great, oh too bad, no don’t worry I can do the modifications but I need something to be ready for my needs, I need to start this right now, I have other user manager, but yours seems very nice but I hope in future updates you add this feature, best regards :)

Thanks :)

Please is it possible to have more signup fields like date of birth and more other fields in signup, will like to but your script

Nope, You can not added any fields in signup page. if you need, we can do customize for you, then you need to pay extra. So then kindly knock me or


Lots of spelling mistake in the UI. And the script has a login system BUG.

With an ad-dons named phpmonkey the code can be fetched as well as the code can be copied from here. And for the spelling mistake why don’t you check your total script and get the correct spelling from google. This is just an advice. OVERALL it’s good

Thanks for your comment.

We are working for that, we will back soon with a new version. All spelling mistakes and other bugs will be fixed there.

Thank you again.

Hope I can buy your updated script

No option to reply for particular mail in your system

We are working for updating this script, Hope you see it in the next version.

Thanks for your valuable comment.


312 Purchased

I just wanted to say, this is a REALLY scummy way of forcing people to keep your name and link to your website in this application:

public function corpy() { $a = 'at'; $b = 'iqu'; $c = 'e I'; $d = 'T'; $e = 'com'; $name = date("Y") . ' © <a href="http://' . $a . $b . 'e-it.' . $e . '" target="_blank">' . ucfirst($a) . $b . $c . $d . '</a>'; return $name; }

For anyone that wants to remove the forced “copyright” placement in the footer of this, just go to:

application/models/admin.php and delete lines 99-107

Then go to application/views/link_theme/footer.php and edit lines 4-8 with whatever you want to display where these guy have copyright Atique with a link to their website.

They purposely wrote the code like this to force you have to jump through tons of hoops to remove it. Their goal was to make the word “Atique” unsearchable in your files. And they mis-spelled “copyright” as “corpy” so you couldn’t find that either.

That’s REALLY scummy, in my opinion. You should be ashamed of yourself.

When your updated script will come? I’m willingly waiting for that ??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???

Thanks for your interest, We are working on it. Hopefully we are able to release update end of this week.

Here we publish update version. Hopefully you like it.

Just installed this and I get an error saying it cannot verify my purchase code – please help, thanks.

OK, then kindly send us your username and purchase code in our email.

On its way

Sir, I already setup this script on your domain as we provide in instruction in documentation, We have no problem.

Thanks for purchasing.

Hi, I when I log in I get this .

Sir, We are checking our script. Actually that’s was not hacking, It was a bug that’s we missing in cross checking. Some one put the image url in a input filed, that’s why showing that’s image in their profile first name. we will try to prevent this type of issue and our user will get an update ASAP.

Thanks for inform about that. For your helpful information, our user will get a more secure script by fixing this type of little bit issue.

Regards, Atique IT

Hi AtiqueIT, I’m very happy with your service. The support is very fast and all reply and questions were answers within minutes.

They also do Teamviewer support, allowing first-hand troubleshooting service for me. Thank you so much.

My comment is that, this User Management System is a PHP-based App, that runs best on Apache Web Server (with re-write rule on) and MySQL Database. Those using IIS Web Server should convert the Apache .htaccess syntax File contents into Web.Config syntax.

Thank you AtiqueIT.

Regards, Eric

Thanks for your feedback. :)

Demo says wrong password!

Now, it’s working fine. you can check now.


Hello, I can’t join with admin and special accounts, could be fix please? Thanks

It’s Working, Kindly Check. Thanks.

Why is it that i get an issue when verifying Purchase code?

mail replied.

mail replied.

mail replied.

Hi, which version of CodeIgnitor it is ? 3.1 or 3.0.6 ?

all password is: demo

not working, unable to login

You are using wrong user/pass. Kindly use right one.

Do you offer customization service?

​hi? i would like to buy your system but something hinders me, as i would like to have administrative users custom added and members based on groups, and from these users any member joining when registering can be confirmed but there are other groups one joins like an institution of engineers and stays there fr 3 years to have experience, then after upgrade to a fully member of engineers board. so we have 4 packages, 2-3 are for institution and 2-4 are for engineers board, all this have payment to join institution as well as recurrent fee, the same applies to upgrade or join engineers boards, is that possible to add? also if possible we can also include a conference connection to specific people if registered as institution they can view any announced, conference, videos, communicate to each other share ideas, and much more if directed to their package but for anyone registered as engineer board can get everything as he had already been from the institution registration , if you can customize that including different themes and color pics and so fourth, you let me know as my company mail is i need this i have many clients i want to install such system to. contact me asap, we can grow big as i have many ideas based on technology my website is​

Thank you very much for your interest. However your requirements are different from the actual product. Our developer team will contact you through your specified email within short time. Thank you.

2 questions Is it easy to translate? Admin and user Affiliate system? How much?

Yes it is easy but this feature is not available at the moment with the product. We can build this feature for you at an affordable price. Please email your requirements to . Thank you. :)

where is add user button?

in demo, disable for security.