Discussion on User Management System Open Source Mvc

Discussion on User Management System Open Source Mvc

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form based authentication ? or token api?

no token no api, i used claims authentication here.

Hello, I bought this code this week. I want to add some new pages. How can I add this pages’s tables to the database?

I think I should use Code First, but with trying this method I could not add.

Hi, DB file is not suplied, how to create proper db schema?

Thank you, got it, there is SQL file there…


Are you following mvc db first approach ? are you using asp.identity 1.0/2.0?

db code first. its not default given identity ,its developed my me.

Hi, Thanks for your good script. Does it support authentication with other website? For example if I have a web store and users want to login to their account on my store, is it possible for them to login through User management system and then return to web store? Thanks

yes ,its with full source code, developer may customize as per your need. where you want redirect.

Hi i am interested to buy this project but before that can i have some test code to look if can integrate in my project. also provide me demo link to see the functionality

only video demo. come on skype: further talk..

don’t waste your money. no role based authorization

whats issue say me in skype i will update on system

Hi , is this secure? it said you were updating, but there is not link to a demo login here… I saw the video… since this is not ASP MVC identity, you do not have the pipeline handler …. and you’re not intercepting the calls at that layer… so its easy for people to access the controller actions directly… just FYI I am looking for ASP MVC 5 with user/dynamic roles/groups GUI based management, like this or like this sample with dynamic roles at

We are now moving to ASP MVC 5. Since that author is no longer selling here, I am looking for an update to another Identity manager. I wish your items were cheaper :) (well atleast till you got it vetted out) so I could try them out. Security items in particular are a big risk, depending on the customization and the features you put in place.

I noticed you put up some information, I was wondering how hard would it be get single sign on as an extension.

Highest priority for me is 1- easy tenant management similar to the groups you talked about and 2- GUI with easy user/role management where I can add additional propertties to it. But there are like 7 different authors selling roles/user management… hopefully yours has the main features and you support updates.

Checkout site map provider its free for roles based menus.. I can share other libs that will help you.. that I implemented with others help. First though I need to understand what all I am getting with this and if its good fit. My web app is mostly vanilla with tenant management like others. Where the groups can only see their group information and their group users.

  1. Do you have ASP MVC 2.21 or 3.0 Identity?
  2. Does it have GUI management of user,
  3. can the super user set dynamic role and groups or vendors
  4. Can it work with store procedures
  5. Is it easy to add/extend properties to users
  6. Does it show the audit user activity like the sample?



spend money to any developer then make as per your requirements, when i have time then i will update.

demo link please?

youtube demo see on item

Hi this might work for my needs, I also followed the previous link from and saw that I can access pages without login in directly – very poor security, the menu links and actions need to be secured.

This does not seem secure, any updates

there are no proper solutions yet on CodeCanyon for this.  but the price is too high.  At this price you will only sell very little, please consider a better price range maybe 10 to 15 will sell more., take a look at the other role admin, its removed now, but he sold 2200 licenses!


I have a scenarios with many groups, I need to set up premissions by groups, how is this handled, I cannot see this in the demo.

  1. Does this work with Bootstrap 4 Can you add support for claims too, so we can easily add tokens/claims.
  2. Force user logout/lockout/unlockout is missing.
  3. Support groups, for e.g. all developers in one group, testers in another group, and map a role to that group. This will also help with managing, customer groups or companies etc.
  4. Is it the latest version of ASP Identity 2.2.1 or Identity 3.1?
  5. Will this also work with ASP MVC core 1.1?
  6. Do you have super admin
  7. Does it support  user-impersenation
  8. Does it have seeding functions for SuperAdmin
  9. Does it have reCaptcha, and top menu layout
  10. What is System Role?


When I try some of the other pages liek editing roles it gives me errors.


First you are not buyer of my application , so without buy how you say its un secure , you give bad comment for this reason because as per you requirement its not fit. more talk on

Pls share the demo link, so that I can review this script in details before buy..

Hi this does not seem like a secure solution, typing the route lets you access the controller actions.

I tested adding a new role and tried to map to controller-action, its unsecured because it lets any user get to those pages directly, are you planning on fixing/updating this

Are you the same seller as Skilledi… looks like you have many user names on this site.

it is customize version, user can modify as per own ,next version will be very secure,coming soon thanks.


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