Discussion on User management system | C# ASP.NET

Discussion on User management system | C# ASP.NET

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how much the full software with source code and database? it says 23 USD, but when i checkout with paypal, it shows 25,000 USD. is this correct?

yes correct 23 plus payment gateway charge 2. you will get full source code.

is there any demo?

Only Video Preview we have

Hi.. I have a desktop software built in C#. Is it possible to manage the licensing with this software? My goal is to restrict single installation/usage at a given time for a license key. Is it possible to accomplish this?.

This is a web application. using this application you just create users and page access permission.
If you you want to manage licensing you have to create one database table and create a list of serial key code, when user use one key code, that single code status should be change and later no one can use later.

how can add Role Table For User I want to make role for user Role access pages Can help me ?

Any update in Coming days ?

You can give every single page permission. if u want u can make it as role . for that u have to create role table and update code. thanks.

i have a problem when i press (Block this user) in Manage Users page

problem is: pagination stopped and also action buttons stopped

If you block logged user you can’t access Manage Users page.

i try to purchase your product its getting error .. my paypal and visa card hs full of money please sort it out

Please try again.

if ur using for develop this system

also your system have MainMenus and sub menus .. can we give the permission like that

This project using web form with sql server 2008.
Yea admin can assign submenu permission for specific user.

Great work, well done!


Presale question… I am building an application on .net with c# i want to know if this can be integrated in the admin panel for example i have a staff that i give full access to but their job is only to provide customer services but they can also check sales and all other data that got nothing to do with their job. So will this script once integrated allow me to give them the permissions they only need to do their job or else its something completely different ?

yea ur right. admin panel integrated. u can use this module for any project.

this was asked 3 months ago :(

If u want to sales item with POS and user role u can use this one i think it’s better for you. Please visit this link

how i can edit user role ? add user role ?

You can edit user role Just change the role Allow to Deny from the ManageUsers page just click on user list row left side, open popup window and save. If u have to new user role for new user just as same.

ok. how about paging on GridView ?

In this Gridview we used scrolling, no paging

and how do I delete a user?

Just update status column 0 instead of 1 in tbl_user.
or u can create this SP
CREATE  PROCEDURE [dbo].[SP_Update_User_inactive]
         @id            bigint         
        Update   tbl_user  set  [Status]  = 0
        Where ID =  @ID     
Now add a button on grid-view and call this SP . that’s all

when i try to login at the login screen it says Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using <pages enableEventValidation=”true”/> in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation=”true” %> in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation.

I see no way to delete a user or to add a employee?

Employee is also part of User of a Software system. User can be Customer, Supplier , Biller , Employee , Staff , Faculty , Student various …

and how do I delete a user?

The SQL file does not want to import to mysql please help!

Now this item has only SQL DB Script not include Mysql DB Script. So you can’t import SQL DB Script to MySql DB.
If u want to import SQL into mysql DB server u have to convert SQL Script to MySql. or u can create MySqL Database.

How do you maintain user licences ? If I purchase it once I get the whole source code and I can use for as many as websites I can. What do you do for piracy?

Thanks for your comment.yea full source code come with item and you can use as your purpose. Just you have to buy it.
Future update version you can download absolutely free.

does this work on the identity database?

Now it’s work on Sql server database. and OOP c# programming with SQL stored procedure.
You also create identity database using DB script because full source code and Database script is come when u buy this item.

Cabn you show me an example of how one would validate a user with this the user privelage is what im after but what about user roles? As I would be integrating it into my cms

you can assign single page user privilege. allow for access allow, and deny for access deny.
Have a look

I understand that what i was asking is how does one check the pages i create in my own cms if a user has access permission wasnt asking for how the end user does it was wanting to no how easy this would be to integrate ie is it as simple as hasacess or something.

permission access integrated using DB Store procedure.

Is this Entity framework based I am currently making a cms for a chairty for free is it easy to change the master page theme?.

It’s build on OOP C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL Store procedure , SQL server 2008, bootstrap.

are you provide whole source code or published version only?

Whole source code and database script. Files included: cs,aspx, html, css,Js,SQL.


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