User Management - REST API

User Management - REST API

User Management is built on a REST API with PHP7 support built on top of Angular JS and Google’s Material Design!

As a company,we were tired of building a user management script for every project we did, so we decided to build one that we could use over and over again! With an MVC structure (Model, View, Controller) we have optimized our codebase to be easily extendable using the Nova Framework. Easily extend this powerful PHP Login and User Management script with User Roles and Permissions that can be assigned to users. This application is not designed to be the end-all-be-all, but a starting point for other applications.

User Management is built in

  • Nova Framework
  • Codeigniter Framework
  • Laravel Framework

Built on latest version .

  • Nova framework – version 3.0
  • Codeigniter Framework – version 3.1.0
  • Laravel Framework – version 5.3

Integrated with

  • Apache Server
  • IIS server
  • Nginx Server
Why these framework and Servers? Our user Request, so we built it .

The web is a rapidly evolving universe, Thats Why we choose AngularJS to be the part of our User management along with latest trends like material design.

We have used latest php framework to make sure do dont get buggy and unsecured script, All of the code is well structured and built to match a PSR-standards.

Main Feature List :

1) Secured Token based User Authentication (Implemented JWT Web Tokens).
2) Simple and fast UI/UX (Built on angular and Google’s Material Design).
3) Automated Installation Wizard.
4) Interactive Dashboard and User-friendly graphical reports.
5) Reliable and secure MySQL database backend .
6) Everything is Dynamic – Unlimited roles , Permissions.
7) Email Verification for users.

Live demo speaks for itself,Go and give it a try.

Detailed Features list :

Login Module :

1) JWT Authentication.
2) Forget/Reset Password.
3) Registration.
4) Active/Inactive Option in dashboard for forget password and Open Registration .
Dashboard Module:

1) Interactive Dashboard.
2) Active user Stats.
3) Today Registered user stats.
Users Module:

1) Users List.
2) Active/Inactive User.
3) Add/Edit user along with various filter options.
Roles Module

1) Add/edit/delete unlimited Roles.
2) Assign/Remove Permissions.
3) Add/edit/delete permissions.
4) Add/edit/delete redirects.
Sessions Module

1) List of Active Session.
2) Suspend any active Session(*if you have enough permissions).
Setting Module:

1) Setup SMTP details.
2) Active/Inactive Open User Registration.
3) Active/Inactive forget Password option.
4) Change Site url, Site title, Admin email.
5) Active/Inactive Email Notification.
6) Active/Inactive Auto Password Generation on User registration.
Server Requirements:

User Management is built on PHP Framework, Your system need to meet framework’s Needs, Below are the Reference links for Server Requirements.

1) Nova Framework :
2) Codeigniter Framework :
3) Laravel Framework :

Installation and API Documentation:

Please follow Guidelines which is included in Project source code.
API Documentation :

For Instant Support and Feature Request :

We care for you and value your time, Get your issues resolved in minimum time. note:Please mention Your Item Purchase Code and Framework you wish to install.