User Management based on Country wise using MVC

User Management based on Country wise using MVC

This application contains all the functions for user management based on countrywise using MVC. It provide the user mangement by Product Editionwise – Module and submodule assignment, Role Based Module and submodule assignment and Individual user based Module and SubModule assignment. In this application you can manage multiple domain and multiple product (different type of application) based on countrywise management and Multiple company,branch,employee management also available..


  • Secure user registration and login
  • Login with username
  • Signup for new User
  • Notification Message in super admin dashboard for new user creation
  • Multiple Language support
  • Multiple Product/Application mangement
  • Multiple Domain Management
  • Multiple Module and submodule Management
  • Multiple Edition Management
  • Multiple Role Management
  • Multiple Company and Branch Management
  • Multiple Employee and user Management
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Unlimited number of user roles
  • Client side and server side form validation
  • Create Menu from admin user
  • Password Security
  • Advance Search Option in Table
  • Menu and Menu Permissions (User and Role Based)
  • With Full Source Code
  • Data table Jquery Integrated
  • Bootstrap Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Export to pdf,excel etc
  • Graphical Dashboard

DEMO LOGIN ( Admin )

URL: Username : Envato password : welcome


URL: Username : User password : welcome URL: URL: URL: URL:


  • Windows Server or Windows Hosting.
  • IIS7 OR above
  • .Net framework 4.5 OR above
  • Sql Server 2008 OR above


  • :Unzip Solution
  • :Paste Code In IIS wwwroot directory
  • Create Database In MS Sql Server
  • Take Database script from root and run in your mssql server
  • Change Connection string of database on Web.Config file in Code
  • :Run It

Process Flow for super admin

  1. Create new Product/application based on countrywise.
  2. Create new Domain based on product/application selection
  3. Create new Module and Sub-module based on Domain selection
  4. Create new Edition based on Domain selection
  5. Assign Modules and Sub-module for the Edition
  6. Manual Process for company role and user Assignment

  7. Create Role based on the company
  8. Assign Modules and Sub-module for the Role
  9. Create User for the Company
  10. Assign Modules and Sub-module for the Role

Process Flow for client admin

  1. Signup form for company registration
  2. Login with new Username and password
  3. Fill the new Branch Information based on company
  4. Fill the new Employee registration based comapany and branch
  5. Create role and assign module an sub module for the company if required
  6. Create new user for the company employee and assign role for the employee
  7. You can assign modules and sub module for the individual user