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Wow! nice plugin! fantastic idea! i wanna get it! however there are few more crazy features that this plugin must get! are you in?

1. Print Button at the guide page
2. Social Share Buttons
3. Multiple Guides
4. Ajax Search
5. Attach User Guide to a woocommerce product!!!!!!!
6. Download PDF version of the guide +/or custom pdf file

Hi there,

Thanks for the interest to our plugin and for the great ideas!

We will consider adding this features in the future versions and as soon as they are implemented will inform you right away.

If you want those features to be added sooner, please contact us via email pluginatorteam[at]gmail.com

Warm wishes, Pluginator Team


What’s the difference between this plugin and your Documentation Builder plugin?



Thanks. I’ve sent an email to you now.


I sent email to you, but got no reply. Did have get a chance to look at my issue?

Hi there,

We’ve already sent you an e-mail with clarifications.

Warm wishes, FT

Can google adsense be placed alongside the content?

Could you please provide more details, so we can be sure we understand you correctly?

Are you asking whether the plugin is compatible with Google AdSense one?

If yes, please provide us with the plugin you;re taking about via e-mail pluginatorteam[at]gmail.com, so we could check whether they are compatible.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.

Take Care, Pluginator Team

Yes I would like to know if it is compatible with Adsense. I don’t have any particular plugin in mind.

Hi there,

To be 100% sure we need the specific plugin to test the compatibility with, but in general, our plugin uses the default WordPress functionality.

If the plugin for Adsense won’t change the default WordPress functionality, User Guide Builder should be able to work with it.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support at pluginatorteam[at]gmail.com

Have a nice day, Pluginator Team

Hello, does your content area support shortcodes? Thank you

Hi just purchased and sent through a support email.

Hi there,

Is the issue on shortcodes is still relevant?

yes wp ecommerce shortcode. I have sent you an email regarding the errors experienced on the wp dashboard so if you could please attend to this first? Thank you

also hard to tell from screenshot but on User Guide Builder Page screenshot (for example) you have 1 step coming off iOS. How many steps can the plugin handle coming off iOS? Thanks

Hi there, thanks for the interest to our plugin!

Those menu items, like Android, iOS are just examples. You can set any name with any amount of steps you need.

If you have some specific amount of steps on your mind, please let us know, how many, so we could double check.

Please e-mail us on the support mail pluginatorteam[at]gmail.com

Добрый день! Купил ваш плагин, но он работает не корректно. посмотрите пожалуйста в чем проблема. Если идти по пути 1 – почему п. 1.2 уже выбран? Там еще 4 пункта, но они не отображаются… http://jaluzeru1785701.427.com1.ru/user-guide/

По другим веткам аналогичная ситуация. Кэш браузера чистил, использовал разные браузеры…

Добрый день! Есть ли какое то заключение по данному вопросу? Вы так и не ответили, пришло ли письмо с доступом.

Подскажите, а этот планин возможно выводить в модальном окне? Просто не вижу каких то шорткодов для страниц-блоков-categories.

Добрый день,

Доступ попал в спам, уже есть. Сейчас замемся вопросом, который Вы описали.

В можальном окне выводить пока нельзя, но спасибо за идею, возможно добавим эту фичу в следующую версию плагина.

Кроме того, пожалуйста, напишите краткий запрос на нашу саппорт почту, чтоб мы могли ответить Вам в письме.

Хорошего дня!

Hello, just sent 2 emails to your support address. Thanks

Hi there, we’ve replied by the e-mail.

Have a nice day, Pluginator

great work mate . good luck ^^

Hi there,


I this still a valid plugin Last update was on the 8th February 2016….