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Good, I can ask some customization with extra, or you don’t have the enough time?

Sure you can. What kind of customization do you have in mind?

back-end, user registration system

Please email me (from my profile, click on my username) with your requirements and I’ll reply ASAP.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

I’d be interested in being able to use this as a simple back-end, user registration system as well. Going to email you.

Or, can it already be used that way??

It kind of looks like it might work as is. Can people visiting my site generate their user profiles themselves and it be added to my site?

Not sure this is the plugin I need. Here’s what I want to do on a website that does not allow PHP, ASP or .htaccess files. To me, JavaScript looked like the best available option.

I have a small HTML website. I want a password protected page (admin account), let’s say “admin.html”. Once logged in, you can do three things: 1) Create an normal account (will explain later) 2) List all accounts 3) Delete an account

After the admin created an account dummy@gmail.com with a password, someone could log in to view the page static_content.html with the username and password created by the admin account. All the different accounts created by the admin give access to the same html page, which contains static content.

Can this plugin help me? If some customization is needed, please contact me at o.leprohon[[(at)]]groupeexception.com I am willing to pay if this is something you can do. $$$

Thank you!

First of all, a password protected page can only exist if you implement some server programming or configuration like PHP, ASP, .htacces. You cannot do this only via JavaScript and still ensure security.

Once you create an account, that account must persist somewhere, like an XML file or a database on the server.

Are you actually referring to these functions? Or you want design only?

I am referring to the functions. The content is not confidential at all, we just want to set up a small layer of protection. We just want to package a kit with the high-res logo of the site and the design of a flyer to shops to print. We someone without a password gets access to it, it’s not a big deal…

Hello, sent email no response yet.

hi, I am very interested by your script “testimony” for people to deposit their evidence but I would like them to use a form like example here http://www.logicielreferencement.com/temoignages.html validate from an admin panel thank you

I am building a site that connects people together based on user params, can this script generate me a bunch of users I can test my system with??? How hard is it to import them into mysql… very interested if it does this for me.

dear sir can i add script to website database? and i already buy crea8social

dear sir can i add script to website database? and i already buy crea8social

dear sir can i add script to website database? and i already buy crea8social

dear sir can i add script to website database? and i already buy crea8social

hi is it possible to save this user in database ?

can this user data be uploaded to Wordpress users?

Hi, have you a similar one for wordpress?


when i try to install this plugin it says: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hello there! :) Can I use your code on wordpress? That was what I wanted in the first place but now I am afraid that I bought your code by mistake. If I can would you be so kind to tell me how I can do this because with your documentation I am not sure what to do.

Do you still support this product, please?

Hi is there a way to output each random users details into a .sql file so it can get imported to a database, add a box to set the number of users to create – page refresh and then amend an .sql file to add each new user to a new line?