User Badges : WP User Achievements Plugin

User Badges : WP User Achievements Plugin

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New! Updated Release v1.3

Version 1.3 release notes

There are 3 types of short codes available
You can completely modify the look of these boxes as per your needs using CSS

  1. Avatar Box: This one shows the user’s avatar to the left and username and badges to the right
    Something like this

    Which is invoked by the following code
    [userbadges user="testuser1" type="avatarbox"]
  2. Just Box:

    Invoked by the following code
    [userbadges user="testuser1" type="box"]
  3. Plain:
    Just shows the badges earned by the usertype specified in the short code

    [userbadges user="testuser1" type="plain"]

And for each of the above 3 short codes, 3 types of users are supported
  1. Current user: When user type is set to current, the badges if the current logged in user is shown
  2. Author: If you place this short code in your post, the badges of the current post’s author is shown.
  3. User name: You can show the badges of a particular user by this method.

Version 1.2 Release notes

  • Now use badge icons of any size. Re-sizing to 16×16 is optional and you can switch it off in the settings
  • Now you can disable auto assigning points and you can choose to show only custom badges.
  • Now you can assign custom number of points for every user action!
  • Advanced Features
    • Now you can pro grammatically trigger award assignment. E.G. You can trigger a badge for reading a post, writing a post, buying an item or anything! Just a simple function call and the trigger is done!
    • Custom CSS for badges: Control how your badges will look and feel

Version 1.1 Release Notes
  • 3 New automatically assigned badges! Users now get badges for posting comments. 1-50 comments get bronze, 50-100 Silver and more than 100 get gold cup!
  • No need to edit theme anymore! Super simple install can now optionally show badges on comments without any edits. If you want to customize, You can disable that and show badges anywhere in your theme by dropping a simple function.
  • Added Settings section to enable showing badges on comments.
  • Bug fixes


User Badges is a Wordpress Plugin that allows you to gamify your blog and give out badges and awards for users on your blog. Gamification and badges are proven to drive more engagement and users will interact with your blog more, just to earn the shiny next badge.

User badges comes with 11 automatically assigned badges. Users get points for reading articles, posting comments and even just visiting your site. And they get gold, silver and bronze medals for achievements in each category.

Badges will can be shown on the comments page or under user profile etc. Like this

You can also create custom badges and assign it to users. Good examples are for people who answer other people’s questions can be awarded a star for helping the community.

Another example is, you can award a “Cake” to people who win some contest you run.

The possibilities are limitless!

By enabling User Badges, you are encouraging users who visit your page to register, read more and post.

A bonus hidden badge, which will give users points for consequently visiting your website everyday will be unlocked in a few weeks!

Future versions will also have widgets that will update in real time.

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