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hi I bought your plugin user badges I placed the code [userbadges user = “author” type = “avatarbox”] in single page in the author box but it does not work. Looking also a score for publishing posts.

Ok I found a solution to the first problem, now the badge of visits does not appear, so please tell me if there is a solution to create a badge for publishing posts.

Can you please elaborate the problem? and sorry about the delayed reply..

your e mail please

Hi, how good exactly is the integration with Buddypress at the moment?

- Is there an option to display the badges in the Buddypress user profiles? - Is there an achievement page with earned badges and an additional description like: “these users also have also earned this badge (below a list of user avatars who earned the same badges) ”?

I’m actually testing Credly for wordpress and feature wise it’s kinda great but i try to avoid any kind of actively connected plugins (api) so i’m looking for alternatives at the moment and your plugin sounds for now promising.

I have not tested it with buddy press, but lots of people have gotten it to run successfully

According to your video, when I type the name of someone, your plugin appeared to find the username you began to type. I am using WP 3.9.2 and it doesn’t work that way at all.

Are you going to update this plugin? Otherwise, since it doesn’t work as it appeared in the video, I wish for a refund.

This isn’t what it appeared to be apparently.

Hi i got this Plugin but when I down load it there is no plugin to upload to my site

How to find this ?

I am still waiting for a reply if you do not bother I will ask for a full refund. Are you going to respond ?? Please help

I am really interested in your plugin but I would need some additional information before committing to a purchase:

1. What exactly are the 11 achievements, as you only mention a few? 2. Is there an achievement for sharing the article on social media? 3. Is there a way to programmatically create new automated assignments for new actions?

Best J


I just purchased this and when I got to install it it says there is no plugin found. Can you help me with this?

Thanks, Anisa

I am getting ready to purchase this but was wondering if you could trigger badges off of:

Date: For example it is the 4th of July and I would like to award a badge to anyone who logs in on that day.

Page/post Can different badges be assigned to different pages/posts? If so, what would trigger the badge to be earned

Using courseware can i assign custom badges for different classes, modules, lessons completed?


A couple of question before buy the plugin:

1. When you earn a achievement/badged, it shows a notification like a pop up? Do you recieve an email? How the user knows? 2. Is there a table with all user, badges and their positions?

Hi Pre Purchase Question Will it work on Woo Commerce Shopping Achievement ?


Is this plug-in still working?

Please i want to know if i can use this plugin for wp multisite but will only be enabled on one part of the subdomain, i will also like to know if i can erase all users points monthly? because i want to use it for a monthly promo on my site.

Helloooo? Is anybody there!


This is a pre sales question:

Can I create rules for the user to gain badges?

Can your plugin create system icon like this website such as total sale level icon, country icon where they from, verified account, total year buil… ? Thanks

Trying to install but it keeps giving me an error stating no valid plugins found? Please Advise Just purchased this.

hello 1- are this plugin work alone ? or it’s add-on plugin ,must work with anther plugin ? 2- are i can show Badge in widget ?

thanks so much