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Hi EricProchnow,

Thank you for appreciation. we welcome your suggestions.

Good Work :) i hope you will get good sales on it. :) soon i will buy it.

Hi varunsridharan,

Thanks for your wishes. Once you buy plugin, you will keep buying it for your all website.

Hi ngheokho,

Thank you for asking pre-sells query. Currently User activity Log Pro plugin does not support plugin. We will add support of this plugin and many other plugins in future version updates.


Thank you, I hope you will develop it supports several popular plugins member. It will increase your revenue…

yes, we are working on next version and will add more extensions. Thank you

does this will record when the user read page n post ?

Hi jikey,

Yes, it will record when the user read page and post.

let us know if you have further query.


thank you is there any demo can test drive?

Hi Jikey, yes, we have demo and you can test drive it at



Diliji Purchased

Getting Fatal Error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/content/27/10066227/html/wp-content/plugins/user-activity-log-pro/includes/ualp-hooks.php on line 1007

Wordpress 4.6.1 How do I fix this?

Hi Diliji, we have already sent reply to you before 12 hours from now. can you check you mail please. your ticket number is 001026.



Diliji Purchased

Ok thank you. I responded.

Great, lets communicate there for support. Thank you

hi – can this record when someone changes a woocommerce product variation stock quantity either through purchase or admin?

Your last reply is not clear please provide more details so we can reply to your query.

There’s a nag screen on the wordpress admin reminding me to upgrade to pro that comes back after being dismissed. I will buy your plugin as soon as you add the SKU/variation quantity edit feature. I need to track users making quantity changes at the variation level.

Hi dogrescuer,

Currently, that is not supported with current version of User Activity Log PRO but we may provide that thing in future updates.


The time is off

we have already reply to your query.

Will it log frontend activity ?

Hi veeco,

Thanks for your pre-sales query and really appreciate as you are interested to purchase User Activity Log Pro plugin!

According to plugins’s functionality and features, UAL PRO not recording frontend’s activity.

But, if you are looking to track your website multi author’s activity then it will be best solution for you.

Thanks & Regards


To be honest, this type of plugins are quite useful. That’s why, I tested lite version of this plugin. It is working well. Nevertheless, there are some deficiencies. Please let me explain.

1. Date format. (I want to change it without any coding.) 2. Filtering option is not adequate. I must write display name exactly. Similar free plugins recommend “users”. This plugin doesn’t have this feature. This is an important deficiency.

I hope you develop it. I am sure that you can sell more. Because there isn’t any plugin that covers necessities.

Best Regards


Thank you for politeness. I really like your plugin. Only some little deficiencies. Please continue to develop it :)

Best Regards

Hi denizci2006,

Thanks for your motivation! We will try our best to make this plugin very useful with more and more features.

Thanks & Regards

Hi denizci2006,

We have released user activity log pro v1.2. We have improved following things in filtering option -added custom date range selection option. -added search box in all fields.

You can check this in demo

Let us know if you have any query.


Very nice plugin and one of the few around. :D

Is it possible to trigger a log on every action or hook that wordpress or a user does? I have buddypress and sometimes users will download docs, open posts or join groups and I need all these actions to be logged.

Is that posssible?


Hi raulkabuto,

Many thanks for appreciation about User Activity Log Pro and asking for Pre-sales query.

1. Is it possible to trigger a log on every action or hook that wordpress or a user does? << Yes, you can log every wordpress and user’s activities. You need to just play with “Hook Settings” panel and you will get all tracking with details.

2. I have buddypress and sometimes users will download docs, open posts or join groups and I need all these actions to be logged. << Currently, we are not providing support of Buddypress plugin with User Activity Log PRO but that will be available in future version.

If you are developer then it will be more easy to add support of other plugin your-self. Just add all Buddypress triggers in “Custom Event Settings” and start tracking Buddypress activities.

Let us know if you have further more queries.


Hi ! i used the demo version and now i need the PRO features, if i buy this plugin and install in my actual site, the info i´ve already registered will be lost ? or the info will be there withe the pro version ?

Hi rsandoval,

Sorry for late reply.

We noticed that you have purchased a pro version after checking a functionality of lite version. Thanks for purchasing pro version, we appreciate it!

If you upgrade your plugin from lite version to pro version then you should follow one step. You will get “Run the Updater” notice at top of the page. Just click on that button and wait for next action.

Once you are done with lite to pro version upgrade process then you can enjoy your site with pro version features without data loss.

Let us know if you have any further query with UALP plugin.

Thanks & Regards

fwiw this product’s support site is giving a 500 server error. I will report here.

I would like to warn anyone using this product that there is AN INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS BUG in this tool. It cost my client a week of sales because she was sick when this auditing tool broke her site so she didn’t call me to fix the issue.

I used this tool’s editor to add hooks in an attempt to track down inventory quantity changes. I didn’t get very far with it as the data being returned even with the hooks was not sufficient for me to know who was changing which product and when.

That was just a disappointment, enough to ask for a refund but not a big deal.

The problem is that this created the appearance of zero quantity in stock FOR ALL PRODUCTS in the store.

It didn’t affect the third party Smart Manger so when I looked at that the stock looked ok.

However on the front end everything was OUT OF STOCK and therefore NOT FOR SALE.

here’s a screencast of what it looks like.

It shows that the plugin zeros out the stock and makes products not for sale because they have nothing in stock.

When you deactivate this plugin, the stock returns.

This plugin will wipe out your store. I hope for a refund but that doesn’t begin to repair the damage this did to my client or my relationship with my client.

Hello dogrescuer,

fwiw this product’s support site is giving a 500 server error. I will report here. << our website getting attack of traffic hit from spammers and this causes server issue and site goes down. Our hosting provider team continuously working for permanent solution. Meanwhile if you require any urgent help with Blog Designer PRO plugin then you can directly send your query to OR

As per your video, we are seeing that you have stock problem with user activity log pro plugin.

But we have already checked plugin with different woo-commerce and WordPress versions. We have again checked our plugin with the woocommerce version 2.6.9 that you have used in your site. But still not facing any issue. you can check this video

As per your video, your site includes 46 active plugins. so there may be conflict with other plugin or with your theme.

Can you please send list of plugins you are using and theme name to OR so our tech team can test it again.


my deepest apologies it was not your code. It was functions.php code a programmer added to try to help things along. Please feel free to delete this comment and I hope you accept my apology for causing distress.

Hi dogrescuer,

Its ok, No problem. we are very happy to know that it was not our plugin/code fault.

Thanks you very much for updating on the same. we appreciate your efforts.


These look really good, goodluck with sales!

Hi st1s, Thanks you for your wishes.

Hello Solwin,

I’d like to track which registered users have read certain posts/custom post types. We are running a directory website and I’d like to see which users have see which listings. Would that be possible with this plugin? Or would this be possible to integrate?


Hi Grootmade,

Thanks for asking query. You can track registered user’s activity that they did on backed side but not activity done on front-end side. In you case if you would like to see which users have see which listings, then it required customization.

Let us know if you have further query.


Hi Grootmade,

Thanks for asking query. Here is corrected answer to your query.

You can track registered user’s activity that they did on backed side as well as activity(post, page view) done on front-end side.

Hope this answer will give you more clear idea.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

Let us know if you have further query.


Hello friends I have the free version installed. Once I buy the pro version, how do I install it in wordpress? Forgive my ignorance. Thank you very much

Hi dmolina1309,

Thanks for your query.

Once you buy the pro version then you will get one zip file, You need to extract that zip file and then you can find actual zip of plugin with name “”. use that file for installation.

Let me share online documentation link for same,

And once you will activate PRO version, then pro version system will ask you for database upgration. You need to upgrade your user activity database from lite to pro version.

Let us know if you require any further assitance from our side.


How can I track changes made in Woocommerce products? I want to keep an eye on Stock changes and prices.

Hi Bling007,

Sorry for late reply. It took more time to double check before we reply to you

Following is answer to your questions.

1) How can I track changes made in Woocommerce products? I want to keep an eye on Stock changes and prices. -> To track the changes made in Woocommerce product, You have to enable the “Woocommerce options” from “Hook Settings”. (

2) It is tracking product update event, why not track all product terms and keep old/new comparison copy for all the product fields? -> User activity log pro plugin works on hooks which will be provided by wordpress. In product update hook, we cannot get some of data attached to product. So comparison of those fields is not possible. If you create, update or delete any Product term, you will get the notification for that activity. If you do any changes in product title, product content, product short description or product variation then you will get the old/new comparison.

let us know if you have any further query.

We want to compare changes in product prices and stock on update event made by stock managers and varies other factors. Currently, we have enabled products hook. In custom hook, we also have set stock based woocommerce hook, which only records the log but does not give old/new comparison which we are looking for. We want old/new comparison possible on whatever custom hooks we use.

Hi Bling007,

it looks like you need plugin support so its better if can create support ticket. Also it will be easy for us to help you. Please create support ticket on our support portal one of our team member will help you ASAP.


Is the plugin tracking bbpress, buddypress, woocommerce, wp job manager and advance custome feild?

Hi JuliaAbraham, Thank you for giving useful suggestions. We have already listed date to date filter functionality for next version. So it will be available soon.


Thanks waiting for it. When all function is ready release, please let me know for purchase. Good day!

Hi JuliaAbraham,

We have released user activity log pro v1.2. As per our promise, We have added following features in version 1.2 -We have added support of Advance Custom Fields plugin. -added custom date range selection option in filter log. -added search box in all fields in filter log.

You can check this in demo

let us know if you have any query.