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Hi there. I am interested in this file for one of my clients. So, here’s the scenario. They have a 3 member’s galleries. Can I set it up so that their clients either have access to 1, 2 or all 3 areas based on the user level? If this is the case I will gladly buy this script ;)

Hello there,

With this script you are able to set up any number of user roles and add different access to them. In your case you can set up three different roles, first one having acceess to 1, second access to 2 and third access to 3.

You can name these roles to fit your needs and when the clients login you will need to map their access status to the “correct” user role. This can simply be done by checking the user level and based on that setting the appropriate role.

Ah, much talking, to answer your guestion: Yes, you can do that! :)

Hello, three quick questions:

- Is it a single class? (In a single file, or calling external functions?)
- Is the login credentials encrypted?
- Cookies? :)

Ha det gott! :)

Hello there :)

- The script uses two files: UAC .php and Role.php, those are two PHP classes. No external functions are being called in between them.

- This script doesn’t provide a trusted login, the login used in the examples are just for show. The script concentrates on setting up user roles and adding access to those roles. How you map your users to each role is all up to you. If you choose to map the UAC roles with user points/access/status or totally random (which is not that useful).

- Since the UAC object needs to be accessed from your whole site it’s a bit up to you how you want to store it. In the examples I’m using sessions and serialize and unserialize the object, you can however, also just put the set up code for the UAC in a single file and include it in all your required pages, or save it to file and read it or however suit you best, maybe even serialize it and through it in a database.

Let me know what you are looking for and we might come up with a solution!

Hej! :)

Is it can use with CodeIgniter ?

The script itself doesn’t require CodeIgniter, it’s a standalone PHP script so yes, you will be able to use it together with CodeIgniter.

HI, I purchased this UAC , but I am having problems implementing it.

Would you be willing to consider implementing/customizing your script for a price?



is it possible to assign multiple roles to a user?


How you decide to assign your users to the specified roles is totally up to you. The UAC script defines access for specific roles. If you have a user with multiple roles I would try to combine those roles into one, it would be easier to setup, otherwise you need to figure out in switch context the user is and use appropriate role but this is a bit out of my scope.

In short, the UAC script let’s you define roles and how you map your users to it is up to you. One solution might be a access field in your database or map users based on a access level into different groups and then assign each group a UAC role for example.

I am trying to secure a price list page in my html site. Can this work to do this? What I want is for user to click on page, get to a sign in page, (use a username and pw I provide) hit submit and get into price page. Can this do that? And again, my site is HTML .


Hello troxter,

Your site cannot be in HTML , your server needs to support PHP . With this script you are able to restrict users and force them to login before accessing a page. The example project in the project folder will show you have to set this up.

Sorry for the late reply, I have been away.

Hi Engram,

I just got the code. You have shown how to control for page accessing. I also want to control division accessing and link accessing. How do you do that with the script?

Never mind. Found it from the sample page.:)

Good! :) Let me know if you need more help.

I purchased your code. I was under the impression that an interface to add/edit users and roles and to grant access to pages was included. I see CSS and images that support this. I am wondering if I am missing files or if you have such interface available?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Oh, I’m sorry, there is no web interface to add/edit users and their roles. I’m terribly sorry if you go that impression, please let me know why you got that impression and if I can help you in anyway in getting your User Access Control up and running.

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to integrate your code into an application I am currently developing. When a user logs in, based on the role assigned to him, he will be presented with his menu. Menus (including submenus) are dynamic; vary depending on the role.

I already have a feature to manage users/assign roles and grant access to pages based on the user’s role, I was hoping that you’re code was easy to integrate and would take care of creating user menus based on the role and granting/denying access to pages.

Your code looks solid :-) and I think it would improve my application.

So, are you saying your code supports assigning roles and managing page permissions but an interface needs to be developed to do this? - OR – are you saying it only checks the user’s role and page permission when a user goes to a page? - OR – both?

Thanks for your support.


Thank you for you kind words and your time. I really hope you can use the script as you want.

What I’m saying is that there is currently no point and click interface for the script at the moment but it should not be a problem for you generating your user/roles lists based on a user access code or user role.

The script work like this: 1. You as a developer creates users/roles and assign access rights to that role. 2. A external script (your script) connects a user to a specific role. 3. This script helps you validate if the user has access to a specific page or section based on the user role supplied to the object.

Hope this helps.

your sample pages give error check them

Thanks for alerting me. I will check them out.


hope you’re well…i’m looking to be able to restrict certain users from seeing certain content. In fact, I want to setup some users who will only see 2 or 3 pages, and if possible, nothing else. Is that what your plugin does?

Hi Micatuca, Thanks for your comment. Yes, this is basically the concept of the plugin. Hope it will be useful to you.

Cheers for coming back to me…apologies, I dont know if I explained it correctly. This will be for logged in users (for example contributors) I only want them to see certain pages, and if possible, nothing else.

Hi again,

Yes, you can assign a specific role to your contributors and restrict (or permit) that role. You will find examples of using the PHP $_SESSION array in order to access a user role within the user session object.

Hi, I want block the user to save in admin of Wordpress and Joomla, but I want that the users can see all options of admin, is it possible? I sell templates, and I want that my clients see the admin without change anything.