USell Photo

USell Photo

Cart system for letting users choose photo, select product and add to cart for purchase. Sell photos on your website WORDPRESS. Easily create galleries and increase your sales.


1. Cart system for letting users choose photo, select product and add to cart for purchase
2. Accept offline payments (check) or online payments (PayPal)
3. Unlimited galleries, images and products!
4. No commissions!
5. Integrates directly into your theme automatically
6. Upload images via FTP or browser in WordPress admin
7. Galleries can be password protected, require email, require user account or be completely private for specified users
8. Gallery end dates – great for pressuring clients to buy and not wait forever without purchasing
9. Sub galleries – great for weddings or large events
10. Favorites – Let users select their favorites, view any user’s favorites in the admin
11. Social sharing – Get friends and family to see photos, increase exposure and possible sales!
12. Watermarking – Automatically have a watermark added to all your images when uploaded to a gallery
13. Multiple shipping methods (Flat rate, local delivery, pickup)
14. Easy order management
15. Printable invoices
16. International ready – Works with all currencies and translated into German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese, British, Norwegian.


Ver 3.0
* Fix - Allowed countries PHP error (even more fixing required)
* Fix - Issues with discount applied after tax
* Add - Show gallery hierarchy for images in order in admin
* Fix - Allowed countries PHP error
* Fix - [sunshine-search] fixes issues with restricting search to specific gallery and working with Lightbox add-on
* Fix - Further improvements for getting add-on data from API
* Add - Image comments on printable order invoice


Ver 2.0
Initial release.