Discussion on Useful Links Collections

Discussion on Useful Links Collections

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Hi. I cant deactivate the option: Open link in new tab. As soon as I save It’s activated again. Is this a known issue and is there any other way to disable this feature? Best regards


Please download latest version with fix

Version 1.4.5 ( 19th January 2023 ) - fix new tab checkbox default value

up/downvote of links zhat change the order would be a great feature for future updates



For now we have just like heart functionality, but we will try to add up/down vote for next releases

looking forward to it, would be great


I want to know if this plugin can help me collate the list of external links used in a post and the anchor texts just like it is on this sample page below.

Please see the list in the sample URL under the heading “Sources used for this article:”


ULC plugin has shortcode and categories

To implement links for each article:

1. Create ULC links and add to category (for example article name).

2. Create shortcode and use created category (article name).

3. Insert shortcode into page

If it is suitable for you, ULC plugin will allows to create Useful Links List for article

hi, a good plugin. Is it polylang compatible? Thank you very much. Best regards Neo

Yes sure, we will refund in case if some issue or fix issues

Fine, many thanks. Have a nice day. Best regards

Thanks. Best regards

Hi, The website only shows the content for a day, then it gives a 403 error. My website is using cache plug-in, I want to know how to enable debug to find the cause of the 403 error. Thanks!

Request URL: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=ulc_get_links_list ….. Request Method: GET Status Code: 403

Hi Is it possible to exclude a category in a list? thanks kind regrads


Visit Wp Admin -> ULC Schortcode -> Edit or Add (to create new one).

Please check your shortcode option for “Category to display” and select all required categories

[ulc id="186" taxs="12;15;13;16;9;11" posts_per_page="-1" order_by="title" order="ASC" cols="3" is_filter="on" layout_style="default"]

Where taxs=”12;15;13;16;9;11” should include all ids to show

Also update shortcode on page after changes in ULC Shortcode config

Hello, I installed version 1.4.1 and the favicon is not working. It also does not appear on added badges. Also, sorting by likes doesn’t work in the same way.

For now badge doesn’t affect sorting.

Thanks. The system is working fine.

Great, sorry for a lot updates

Hello, I like the plugin very much.

Please check the issue with the new version 1.4.0 After the page load, when clicking on a filter tab the list disappears instead of being displayed. The next clicks are ok, it only happens at the first click.

2. Also, regarding the search field, where it should check(query), in the title, in the info field? When I’m looking for something it’s always empty.

Thank You, Bye

Hello, I see on your side working. Thank you for fast help. But on my website the filter does not remain active, don’t know why, and and it looks like it won’t work. Sent you an email. Bye

Please check your email, we sent solution for fix.

Yes, Thank you for fast help.

Hi, I see BADGE funcionality after last update, but it doesn`t appear on desired link. How this should work?

I can’t see also any badges on your demo page, so I don’t know how it should work?

Thanks in advance for clarification

OK. I see it now… sorry…

Only one concern: the badge text appears only in lowercase, even though it is written in uppercase… Thanks in advance for look into this

Great funcionality. Thank you!


Badge Title is case sensitive just change in WP admin.

for example type “Promotion” and UI should render the same text

„ We will try to add submit form, but in near future. For now you can only manually add links”

Submit form would be game changer here… Thanks in advance for implement such funcionality.

Hi, I bought the product today. When the wpdiscuz comment plugin is installed, the like (heart) and go to link buttons are not visible. How can I fix this situation.

Where can I download ULC v1.3.96? I have ULC v1.3.95 in my licenses section

Hi Thanks a lot, the system is running smoothly.



Hi, can you add an option to where users have the option to buy an entry for their link? I own a lot of high Domain Authority sites, and I have clients pay me all of the time to feature their link in an article or to let them write their own article featuring their link. When their site is linked on one or more of my high DA sites, it boosts their DA and makes their sites get higher ranking in Google searches.

So since it’s a good idea, is it something that you plan on implementing in the next update? If so, count me in for the big license.

I guess that’s a no :(

We will try to add submit form, but in near future. For now you can only manually add links

Hi, is there any update on how each block handles # of links? e.g. limit to 20 and then more link to load more (but search works normally)? De list could become large depending on # websites per block.


ULC has possibility to limit items per page on shortcode (posts_per_page=”10”)

Search and pagination should works fine, if there any issues let us know.

Thanks, good idea. We’ll consider it to implement an improvement for ULC

Please download ULC v1.3.96 – category list has anchor id

Hello, the plugin looks interesting. Is it also possible to pin links at the top first? (which sponsored/recommended the site)

And one more suggestion… A display symbols / icon whether the website ON (green), New (blue) Wait mode (orange) OFF (red).


ULC has supports order for links it can be as solution to pin links at the top.

About status of website is great idea, thanks

Hi, is it possible to manually set like amount for each link as in the competitive/similar plugin on CodeCanyon?

Yours has a much better design but how about this function?

Bought, thanks! YOU`RE A W S O M E!

Wooo, there are some problems processing the payment … I hope it’s temporary

We hope ULC plugin will be useful for you.


Would you please consider adding a new feature? Like for example, Voting for links?

like Reddit for example, up & down votes for links


For now ULC has like(heart icon) functionality, but maybe in near future we will add up and down votes functionality.

Hi, your product looks nice.

How about perfomance? Does the plugin slow down the website? What size is the file?

These factors are crucial for me.

Thanks in advance for your answers

All ULC plugin has 5.48mb – PHP, JS, CSS files

Sorry for my late replay. Thanks for honest info. I was hope it is much lighter :( Does your plugin slow down the website? Does it have any negative effect on Wordpress performance?

Thanks for your understanding. This is most importantly factors to me.

Warm regards

ULC hasn’t any negative impact on Wordpress website performance as it is build on post types, taxonomy and shortcodes.

We also care about code quiality and performance of plugin.

Hello, I am looking for a directory where options like adding a photo or a video can be paid. Is it possible to do this on yours?

Thanks a lot :-)


Useful Links Collections – plugin to organize and manage links with categories it hasn’t payments system.

But you can use for example WooCommerce plugin to create pages, where user can buy goods.

Then in ULC plugin create list with links (in tooltip description you can insert demo video/images/text) to the products pages (ULC has statisctis with clicks/likes).

Can you please update your change log!!! Impossible to know what is the version number of the April update. This is really a bad practice and it’s now impossible for us to know if we are on the latest version.

Fixed in both places

Thank you. But not yet in the file documentation hehe ;-)


Please check again now all should be good with changelogs

Pre-order question. Can I customize the font on this plugin? Thanks.


Yes you can change it via custom CSS

By default plugin will use your Wordpress theme font


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