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which theme is compatible with this plugin? i want to use 4 columns


You can use ULC plugin with any theme, because plugin has own CSS styles. Also you can set columns(3,4 …) size for each shortcode.

Why do the categories doesn’t added automatically?


If you add attribute to shortcode tax="*", categories will be displayed on page where shortcode is inserted.

Or please select all categories for option “Category to display” when create/edit shortcode.

Or please select all categories for option “Category to display” when create/edit shortcode. – On my plugin settings there are no categories there.

If you add attribute to shortcode tax=”*”, categories will be displayed on page where shortcode is inserted. – This one only show the “ALL” category

Did you add category for ULC link?


How can I get full-width with your plugin? Can I change this in css somewhere? Because I know it doesn’t fill the whole width in a standard WP theme…

Kind Greetings


If you put shortcode in template container, you need to insert shortcode outside or remove container block (example: div with css class ’.container ‘).

Because ULC shortcode wrapper fit to the full witdth by default.

hi, a quick note to let you know that malwarebytes wouldn’t let me see your demo.


Try to refresh page with CTRL + SHIFT + R

Thank you for the plugin. I want the search function search the category title instead of link. How to?

For example: When user search “SEO” a category (has SEO word) with SEO websites list will display.That’s would be great.


You need to modify main.js file to change search functionality

Could you please help me modify it? Is it possible to place a category with links list in a Widget?



1. Can you explain more details about filtering by category name?(I mean how hide links, whole category or just links… )

2. Yes you can insert shortcode in Text Widget.

Hi I need to use this great plugin in internal links ,is any option to deactivate safe link option ? Thank you very much


In current version of plugin, you can’t disable safe redirect option.

Please allow editor and short code for Link description. (Some time I need place a link in Link description to review post or place a shortcode coupon button)

If you have those features I will buy the plugin immediately.



In ULC version 1.2.1 was added content editor for link descirption.

hello mz, what theme can I use these plugin with? what theme did you on the domain? however is there ability for users to submit or suggest they own material

Sorry we can’t provide wp theme from domain

But section in your site with links will have the same view as in demo ( and you can choose styles of Default, Minimal, Inverse or Flat, which are included in ULC plugin.

please any kind of video tutorial on how i can set this plugin up… because i am lost when i try to set it up.. i believe that a step by step tutorial will be help for newbies… just like swerty111 asked for video… please make one available and stop making one go through hell trying to set up that simple plugin


Online Documentation how to use Useful Links Collections plugin

no video on how to use it?


For now ULC plugin has only Documentation

hello mzworks checkout this site for sample hope you will find features idea to include to your developing theme soon


Great example, thanks.

any video on how to set this plugin? if no please make at list one video tutorial available because i have try my very possible best for the last 8 hours to fix this plugin but didnt work, even after me getting a theme like yours

Convenient conception!

I have a few questions about your plugin.

1. Can I use links and other html tags in the description?

2. Can I disable the hit counter? Will this reduce the load on the server?

3. Can I create any number of ULC pages?

4. Can I configure which groups will be displayed by default?

5. Is there a “select and share” functionality? If there is, can I turn it off?

6. Is there any functionality to “send a link to the admin”? If there is, can I turn it off?


7. I would like to use your plugin for a subdomain without using the main theme of WordPress. Is it possible to use the plugin separately, for example with a bootstrap?

8. I like your approach, but I would like more functionality. How do you feel about the suggestions for improvement? I ready to make a UX/UI for free, but the whole implementation of the code remains yours. The case concerns and nested categories including, therefore the answer above about the long-term future a little confuses)


1. For description we use wp content editor, yes plugin will render html tags.

2. There no option to disable counter in plugin, but I guess it is not big the load on server.

3. Yes you can create any number of pages. Just create wp page and put shortcode.

4. You need configure it for each shortcode.

5. Plugin hasn’t functionality to share link, but you can add share buttons for the whole wp page.

6. Plugins hasn’t functionality to send link to admin. You can create page with your own form to submit link.

7. Plugins based on wp post types and you need use wp as cms for your subdomain.

8. We also work to make better UX/UI. For nested categories we need to decide how display nested categories and how to combine them with search/filter.

Hi The redirect feature stopped working on my website.

I am using the freebies version. Do you known why?


Yes, it can be conflict with some plugin.

Or function wp_redirect() doesn’t work correct.

Do you have any advice to fix this issues?

Please, try to enable debug mode in WordPress.

Then try to open any link and check if any error occurs on PHP files.

Also you can try disable plugins one by one and check if it fix issue.

Hi. This looks exactly like the Simple Link Directory plugin which I’m using. The only problem with it is creating a master directory with subcategories for the link lists. This/SLD is fine if you have the links as the 2nd level but not if you have a more complex category structure with more than 2 levels. Can this display more than one category level with links being say the 3rd or 4th level?


Sorry, but ULC hasn’t nested categories functionality.

Pre sale question, do you plan on offering a paid listing feature? That would be the icing on the cake. Great plugin regardless.

Also, CSV import would be great..


About a paid listing feature we don’t sure, but you can create paid WP page and add shortcode with list of links.

For now you can use “WP Importer” to import liks, but in the future we will implement CSV import.

I update to wordpress 4.9.6. The icon like `love` lost. You can see: How to fix it?


What version of Font Awesome do you use?

I using Useful Link ver: 1.1.8 I don’t install Font Awesome, seem it can’t check version of Font Awesome. But I know it look like: `font-family: Font Awesome\ 5 Free;font-family: Font Awesome\ 5 Free;`

The issue with Font Awesome fixed in last version 1.2.5 of Useful Links Collections plugin.