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Thank you :)


blyerts Purchased

Hi, I like the plugin but I’d like to view the admin. 1. Could you provide some screenshots or documentation? 2. Are you planning any search feature for the bookmarks? Good luck with sales.

Hi, 1. You can find screenshots in demo page Admin screenshots in section “Admin panel” bottom of page.

2. I didn’t plan search feature but it can be implemented in next release.


blyerts Purchased

Thanks for your fast feedback. I’ll be back. Thanks.

Search bar added for list without pagination and new features in new plugin version.

Nice work! A search function would be a great plus.

Two more ideas to add more value:

1. Instead of uploading thumbnail images for every website, favicons should be automatically shown for each website

2. If you implement a function that automatically sorts the links of each category by number of clicks (with a manual, daily or weekly reset option), I will definitely be sold

Any time frame for the new features?

Currently I am working on new features and I do my best to finish this month.

ULC plugin updated to version v1.1.0 with new features as we discussed.

Good work! Glws!


Very good. GLWS :)

Thank you!

Hi there, I installed the plugin according to the instructions provided. After I activated it, the plugin does not appear in the dashboard. How do I access the settings? I am using it with the X Theme.

Hi Did you see any errors? Can you see tab “ULC Links” in WP admin Panel ?

Plugin has not settings for whole plugin, only settings for each shortcode in tab “ULC Shortcode”.

Hi, just installed the plugin, I got an error that after activating the plugin, it added an extra character, it seemed to me it installed correctly, when trying to add a url and saving it shows me a white screen

Can you provide more details about wordpress version or screenshot with white screen?

Also you can contact us by email:

Looking for a plugin that will allow users/teachers to post links to my site preferably via the front end. Once a link is submitted, another user cannot delete that link. Then I need a page showing all posted links. Is this possible with this plugin?

Current version of plugin does not allow user to publish links via the front-end only admin can do it. But in near future it can be as new feature.

Hello, Can I insert a picture in the link description please?

Thanks in advance for your feedback


Sure you can add image in description, but allowed only plain html content.


blyerts Purchased

Hi again, I was just about to buy the plugin but it seems that the favicon images is missing in the demo. Does this auto fetch favicon feature still work?

Yes plugin work fine. We’ve pushed our demo site to new hosting and it was cause of missed images url.


blyerts Purchased

Perfect. Then I just buy it!

Thanks, I hope ULC plugin will be useful.

Love the plugin but i have a few questions though :) How can i make different pages with different subcategories? For example how can i create 3 pages for Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, and on each page show link blocks like themes, plugins, developers etc? Right now i can not sort it into different pages? Second question, can you add a delay with advertising options when clicking on a link?

1. You can create 3 categories “WordPress Plugins”, “Drupal Plugins”, “Joomla Plugins”. For each page add shortcode with relevant categories(WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes…).

But title for categories will be “WordPress Plugins” in new release I’ll add additonal field with label for category.

2. Redirect with advertising options will be great feature for ULC and also can be included in new release.



I’ve a question before buying. Is there a short code to display only the links that you’ve liked? So every user can view their liked links somewhere.


Hi In current version plugin hasn’t functionality for “my liked links”.

But it can be in next version.

That would be great. Could you let me know when your plug-in has this functionality? I will buy it directly after you added this.


Private links option?

In the current version of plugin all links public, but you can make the whole private page in WP.

It is true. :) Thanks


blyerts Purchased

Hi. Demo is down, just so you know.

Hi. Thanks, I updated Demo page.

hi is it possible to upload lets say thumbnail of post link and then I put external link next to it? so basicly just external url link with own thumbnail picture from me

i think this is cool style for external post link widget, i want to use it as post thumbnail external link, can the size icon make bigger a bit? because I am going to use it as thumbnail lets say 60px width and 60px height

also can this plugin can be use for post internal link with thumbnail? instead of external link

Hi Current version of plugin has thumbnails size 80×80px (for retina resolution 2x). You can just update CSS styles (class: ”.ulc-list-group .ulc-item-icon”) and increase image size.

Can you have multiple different lists? Independent from each other?

Yes sure, you can add the category and create a shortcode with this category(or multiple categories). ULC plugin supports multiple shortcodes per page and they will be independent of each other.