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No rates are displayed in the cart/checkout? I am getting “There are no shipping methods available” in the shopping cart.

When setting up this USPS plugin, there are a few things to check if you are not getting shipping rates in the cart or checkout.
1. Check the entered USPS Web Tools Account. Make sure you are using the Production account. Then Click “Validate Credentials” button to know that this is working.

2. Make sure you’ve added “US Postal Service” method a Woocommerce Shipping Zone. For example, add it to the “Rest of the World” shipping zone.

3. Ensure some services are selected (ie. Priority, Priority Express, etc).

4. Ensure the Products in Woocommerce have Shipping Weight and Dimensions entered for them.

5. In the plugin settings, try to disable “Shipping Class Rules” if you’ve got them enabled.

6. Check the “Rates Lookup Logging” feature—this will tell you what is being calculated in the checkout—and whether the plugin was able to get rates for the cart.

How to set up USPS in a Shipping Zone? (Woocommerce 2.6+)

You will need to add USPS to a Shipping Zone. (This feature exists in Woocommerce 2.6+ If you are using a previous version of Woocommerce, you do not need to worry about this). Also, ensure you have updated this USPS plugin to at least version 1.2.7+ (If you’re not sure, just update the plugin to the current one available as a download in your CodeCanyon downloads page).

Steps to Add USPS:

  1. Go to the Shipping Zones page (Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping (tab).
  2. If you want USPS for any area, click on the “Rest of the World” Shipping Zone.  If you want USPS for only a specific zone, click on the zone(s) that you want to add USPS to.
  3. Click “Add Shipping Method” button (bottom right). Then Select “USPS” from the dropdown.
That’s it! Now USPS will be an active shipping method.

Screenshots of setting up the Shipping Zone

Initially, your Shipping Zone page will look like this. Scroll down and click on the “Rest of the Word” shipping zone. \\ Then click the “Add Shipping Method” button \\ Then Select “USPS” \\ You’ll see “USPS” Enabled in the “Rest of the Word” shipping zone. \\

That’s it!

What is the maximum weight I can send with USPS?

USPS has a maximum weight of 70lbs for the services that this plugin can get rates. If a cart has a number of products adding up to beyond 70lbs, it is split into multiple packages and the rate is the cost of these multiple packages being shipped.

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