Discussion on US Postal Service USPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Rates and Tracking

Discussion on US Postal Service USPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Rates and Tracking

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Vajra1 Purchased

Hi I have installed and am using your plugin “This USPS Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce” It works very well. But a customer just cancelled an order over the phone after I had printed the label. The label says “easypost” How do I get a refund for the cost of the unused label?

Thanks for using this plugin. Sorry that this plugin does not have the feature for paid labels, so you would have to do this through usps support. Best regards.

Hi does this plugin allow you to create shipping labels? and if so does it auto populate the label with the customers address?

This plugin provides live rates in the cart and tracking info on orders. Unfortunately, it can’t create shipping labels. You would just enter the Tracking number on the order and the plugin will look up and populate the tracking details on the order.

Good day,

I’m starting my set up and at the moment would like to know how to change metric to US standard for weight and dimensions. i.e. pounds and inches, not kg and cm. Thanks!

This can be changed in Woocommerce settings, if you just go to Woocommerce > Settings > Products and then select the units that you want to use. The plugin will then display and use those units for weight and dimensions. All the best!


I purchased the plugin a few days ago. It’s very nice and helpful. For the last 2 days, a message comes up to update the plugin but it gives out “not available” when I try. Is that a glitch or is there an update, please?

Thank you.

Thanks for using our plugin. Yes, you can use the automatic update if you enter your purchase information in the plugin’s settings. Go to the “Update” tab of this plugin’s settings and enter your purchase code. Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping (tab) > US Postal Service > Update (tab). This will then allow it to update the plugin when using Wordpress’s plugin update method. Hope that helps!

Thank you very much, worked like a charm! Thanks again for a great plugin.

Hi, I love your plugin but pulling rates seems to be hit or miss. I set everything up like your FAQs suggests but I’m frequently getting errors in logging like “Failed loading XML” and rates stop showing for 10-15 minutes then randomly show again. I have contacted my host multiple times to make sure there aren’t any blocks on their end and they said connections are open so I’m hoping I can find out what else the problem could be. Other than that, I love all the options the plugin has and look forward to it working for my site soon.

Thanks for using this plugin. It does rely on live rates, so the api to USPS is important. If the issue occurs more often, as you are experiencing, it may be the server latency and the request is timing out. You can increase the timeout, or try enabling the “Alternative/Fallback rates feature” in the “Lettermail / Flat Rates” tab so that your site can use flat rates if the live rates are not available from the USPS api. Hope that helps.

Hello, I can’t find a way to generate the API. We have already received the information:

For Company: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Your Username is XXXXXXXXXXX Your Password is XXXXXXXXXXX

But we don’t know how to generate the API code. Please help me to generate the API. Thanks

Thanks for using this plugin. You only need the API username that you received in the email to get this plugin up and running. Just enter that into the plugin settings area, and click “Validate Credentials”. This should give you a success message and you can then configure the remainder of the settings. Hope that helps!

Okay.. Thanks.. Yes… All Rigth

Very Good


A few days ago, we sent you a support request and we still haven’t received a response.

Please can you be so kind to reply to us. Thanks

Please can you respond to our support request. Thanks

Thanks, we have responded to your question, please let us know if there is anything else. Thanks

Good Day,

I’ve read over the comments, yet still confused as to what I’m doing wrong… My apologies if repeating this.

I’m a photographer that sells prints weighing 0.3 to 15 lbs and dimensions from 5×7 up to 32×48. When I put 2 small (under 8×10), not framed items under 1lb in the cart and 2 heavy large ones framed 20×28 10lbs it shows only Priority for $39.90 and no other options, which can’t be correct can it?

My Settings:

I have only Priority, Retail Ground and First Class checked for shipping rates/boxes options. Rates Lookup Logging enabled. Volumetric/Cubic with first 2 boxes checked under it. Nothing else.


1. Why isn’t it showing Retail Ground for the oversized items?

2. Is there a way to have framed large prints ship in separate boxes?

3. Am I supposed to add to dimensions/weight to makeup for the box/packing? Or does USPS figure that in?

4. Do you have any video links covering the plugins?


Kind Regards, Charly

Forgot to mention I have chosen Display up to 3 services with box unchecked. Thanks!

Thanks for using our plugin and sorry for the late reply. I’ll try to help as much as I can. When you selected “Volumetric” for the packing algorithm, did you find that the 3d box pack was not working as expected or do your products not have any dimensions entered? It would be a good idea to enter your product dimensions since they are very flat.
1. The Retail Ground should be an option—we’ll have to figure out why it seems to be excluded from the USPS rates response.
2. Yes, the framed large prints can have the option to ship separately. On the product edit page, go to the Shipping tab and you will see a checkbox for “Prepackaged/ Ship separately”. This will ensure that they are not combined/packed with other products.
3. You only need to have dimensions on the products. The boxes settings area is just if the products are not packing as expected or if you have specific boxes that you use for shipping only.
4. I have been working on a tutorial video. I hope to have this available to help with setup
So as I mentioned above, I’d recommend trying the following 2 things: 1. Enter the dimensions on the products 2. Try the 3d box packing algorithm if it’s not selected. This would work better for flat items.
All the best.

Hi and no worries!

I selected 3d as suggested and marked the bigger items to ship separately.

All prints available have dimensions on each one, so that wouldn’t be the issue.

I put two large prints to be shipped separately in my cart, still shows only Priority and price if they were shipped together. No other options showed up. :(

Perhaps seeing it would help you out. Go to where you’ll find 5 framed prints all which have the ship separately checked on their page.

Kind Regards, Charly


rbbrtdm Purchased

I want to use a shipping class that excludes USPS. I found the setting ‘Enable Shipping Class rules for Parcel Services’. I put my shipping class in there and then selected ‘No US Postal Shipping’ + ‘No lettermail/flat rates’. I hoped this would cause no method to be selected, but I still get ‘USPS LETTERMAIL’ on checkout. What do I miss?

Can you comment something? I need to know if I can move forward with your plugin or need to look for something else…

Hmmm I’ve paid for extra support, but I don’t get an answer… :(

Thanks for using our plugin. We are looking to provide an updated version to address this issue. It should be excluding Lettermail/FlatRates as you are expecting when you have the Shipping Class rule set as you have described, so we need to fix the issue. I’ll update this thread when we have published the updated version, thanks for your patience. Best regards.

Hello—I need USPS to calculate insurance automatically with the price (of the cart) how do I set this up?

Thanks for using this plugin. It currently doesn’t have that feature. We’ll have to look into how USPS provides insurance costs based on the price/total shipped. All the best.

Hi – I am looking for a shipping plugin to work with a woocommerce multivendor site (I am using Mercado Pro – Turn your WooCommerce into Multi Vendor Marketplace from codecanyon). My concern is the origin of shipping location – as it won’t only be one, the main website location, but each multi vendor will have a different location. Is this compatible & possible with this plugin?

No, this plugin won’t work for a multivendor site at the moment. The settings are intended for one store. Best regards.

Hi, we’ve been using your plugin successfully for a while now, so thanks! Recently we had rates shipped to Canada, and Iraq that were too low. Any ideas what to do?

Thanks for using our plugin. I hope that it is working well for you. I would want to make sure that the weight of the products entered is as accurate as possible, since this is the main factor for determining cost. You can see what products were ordered and adjust the value of their weight to improve the calculation. Best regards.


bderrow Purchased

Hello, We are getting this error on our Orders screen:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /srv/users/drwilson/apps/drwilsons/public/wp-content/plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 1801

Do you know what’s causing this and what to add/delete from that line to fix it? Thank you!

This error message is from a different plugin, “Advanced Shipment Tracking for Woocommerce”. It may need to be updated to be resolved. All the best.

Hi… The cart keeps showing “No shipping options were found” I know I set up the plugin and shipping method as per your instructions and still nothing seems to be working. I need help.

the issue was fixed- I only had FCM and I had to add priority mail to the options

Great, glad to hear that you’ve got it working. All the best!

I am a customer of this plugin and can send you a License Key / Purchase Code via email if you need to see it. I am a drop shipper so I don’t print shipping labels. I have enabled the Order Shipping Tracking and I paste the tracking number into the correct field. I can see the tracking information on the screen etc. The one thing this plugin does not do is automatically send the tracking information to the customer. If I need to do this manually I can deal with it until I find a plugin that will track shipments and automatically send the tracking number to the customer. Please advise.

Robb Auspitz

Thanks for letting us know. The tracking information is sent with the Order Invoice email, so when it is entered and the order’s status is changed to Completed and that email is sent—it will include the tracking information. We are looking into the issues with automatically sending changes in the tracking information- There may be some recent Woocommerce changes that are causing this to not work. I will get back to you and see if we can provide an update to send these updates out as expected. Thanks and all the best.

Hey I don’t think we are getting any rates for the Virgin Islands (US).. Can you test it and see please

the error i get is There are no shipping options available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.

Thanks for letting us know. I have done a few tests of getting rates using the plugin, and it did provide rates for “Virgin Islands (US)”. The difference was that it was only able to provide rates when the zip was included, not just the country selected, since it is required for USPS.
First Class and Priority mail both had rates available. There may have been a temporary issue with USPS when you were testing it. It should be able to get rates for Virgin Islands (US). Thanks and all the best.

My hosting only works with PHP 7.3 max… will your plugin work with that?

Yes, this plugin is compatible with PHP 7.3. Thanks and all the best!

Just purchased it, I’m seeing two issues.

(1) Items that can easily be packed in a “Priority Mail flat rate Padded Envelop” ($9.30) are being packed in “Priority Mail flat rate Large box” ($22.65) or “Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box” ($16.25) instead. Ex: Dimensions: 11.5×2x1, Weight: .5lbs, Quantity: 2 (more details in logging below).

(2) International orders are not seeing shipping prices. “There Are No Shipping Options Available. Please Ensure That Your Address Has Been Entered Correctly, Or Contact Us If You Need Any Help.”


From WooCommerce’s “Shipping Zones” Tab:
  • I have 1 shipping zone: “Rest of the World” set to ” US Postal Service” Shipping method
From Plugin’s “Settings” Tab:
  • Enable US Postal Service Webservice = Enabled
  • Webservice Account Settings = Personal/Small Business Customer
  • Production Credentials = “Rates Lookup Success! Account information appears to be valid.”
  • Webservice API Mode = “Production Live”
From “Shipping Rates / Boxes” Tab:
  • Logging: Enabled
  • Enable Parcel Services:
    • Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope
    • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail International Padded Flat Rate Envelope
    • Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail International Medium Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box
  • Shipping Class Rules = Disabled
  • Box Packing = (Default) Advanced 3D Box-Packing Algorithm used to pack products


Note: Shipping from and to address are the same location (inside US)

  • ITEM: **
  • QTY: 2
  • WEIGHT: 0.5lbs
  • DIMENSIONS: 2 (11.5in x 2in x 1in)
  • CUBIC: 46in3
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 0.529 (actual 0.5lbs)
  • DIMENSIONS: 11.5in x 3.583in x 3.583in
  • # OF PRODUCTS: 2
  • CLASS:
  • Service: Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box (USPS.D.PF.22)
  • Price: 22.65
  • Expected Delivery:
Rates displayed in Cart:
  • Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box 22.65

As for #2,

It doesn’t matter what size I change it to. It still can’t find international rates.

= Cart Shipping Rates Request – October 6, 2021, 5:11 am
  • Item Test Product
  • Qty 1
  • Weight 0.25lb
  • Dimensions 1* (1in x 1in x 1in)
  • Cubic 1in3
=Request to API
  • Origin Postal ** (US Based)
  • Packages (1) 1:
  • Country, State ** (Canada)
  • Destination *
  • Shipping Weight 0.265lbs (Actual 0.25lbs)
  • Dimensions 1in x 1in x 1in
  • # of Products 1
  • Class
= API Response
  • Rate was not found: Services enabled did not have a valid package size or Api error.
= Rates displayed in Cart
  • No rates displayed

I can ship to this destinate using the “Priority Mail International Flat Rate” boxes/envelopes mentioned in my original comment using USPS PostCalc or Click-And-Ship services.

There was no continued support. I’m asked for refund. This plugin doesn’t work.

Sorry to hear that it’s not working. You can get a refund here.. Getting live rates to calculate can sometimes be difficult, and I hope everything will be smooth for you in the future. Best regards.

I’ve gone through all the steps you mention and it still says no shipping options found. If this isn’t going to work at all, I would appreciate a full refund since I just purchased it yesterday.

Sorry to hear that it’s not working. You can get a refund here. You may find that it is something simple, such as product weight/dimensions not entered or the shipping zone. But going through the list typically helps it start working. Best regards.

I’ve double checked everything. The weights and dimensions are entered correctly, and the shipping zone is set up as it should be. I’ve gone through the list three times.

I just went through the checklist a fourth time and still not getting rates to display. I also switched to Development and back to Production to see if that would jar something loose, but no luck. I was really hoping this would work since the plugin I had previously used didn’t offer weight based shipping amounts.