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Hi, the plugin was working fine until I updated to woocommerce 3.0.7 and currently the shipping zones by zipcode does not work any more. I had a zip code range from 91901…92198 to be free shipping and it was working but after the woocommerce update and putting in a zipcode in that range, the free shipping does not work anymore. Please help, thanks.

Have you tried removing and re-adding the shipping zone? This is a problem with Woocommerce and how the free shipping is calculated. I’m not sure why it would stop working, as this is part of the Woocommerce core. But if removing and re-adding doesn’t correct it, you could try support over at Woocommerce. Hope that helps!

Has anyone’s store stopped charging shipping for Paypal Express checkout orders?

One thing to check is if your customer had entered an invalid zip code—this can sometimes cause issues with the rates calculation or shipping zone selection. Also, this could be an issue with the Woocommerce paypal plugin. Have you checked to see if it also needs to be updated? (If you just recently updated Woocommerce). I know someone that had this issue and they switched Paypal plugins, away from the Woocommerce-made Paypal plugin. Hope that helps!

I very carefully installed your plugin, and tested it and put it up live. Last night I received an order from Denmark, and my customer was offered Media mail, so I will eat the difference between what he paid and what I will need to use.

Why is your plugin offering USPS Media mail to someone in Denmark? What am I missing?

Ohhhhh crap!!!! You’re right! They specified a US shipping address. That’s what I get for looking at it on an iPhone! Glad that I wasn’t rude in my query!!! My sincere apologies!

By the way, one of the reasons I picked your plugin was because of the prompt and courteous replies you made to customer inquiries like mine!

Lemme go turn it back on!

By the way, I did find one very minor bug – if you have only one item in the cart and haven’t entered the weight and dimensions, you get a message in the cart that you can’t get pricing until you enter the shipping address. You may want to check for that condition and put in a different error message, like “This product hasn’t be configured for shipping yet” (or generate an email to the sysadmin).

Here is the message when you have one item without weight or dimensions: “Shipping costs will be calculated once you have provided your address.”

Thanks, we’ll look at that. The message you are seeing is the default message from Woocommerce when it does not find any applicable shipping method. This plugin does need weight and dimensions to properly calculate and use the USPS webtools api to get a rate. All the best!

ShipStation is correctly updating my Admin with the tracking number on the right side of the order screen. However, the tracking pin is still blank. Why would that happen? How can I get the tracking pin to update?

We would need to be sent a copy of the ShipStation plugin to recommend what hook to use for automatic updates (sent to support at The integration would probably be a few lines of code, hooking into the correct wordpress action. All the best.

I am not sure how to send you a copy of the ShipStation plugin. The ShipStation plugin is free on Woocommerce. It’s not a paid plugin.

Thanks, we will look into it. All the best.

Hi i have purchased your plugin and I am having an issue. I will be glad to provide you with admin login if you need it. My client wants to use the USPS Regional Rate boxes. We have all products weighed. They want to use regional rate boxes a and b. I am not sure I have my settings correct. Right now if you go to the cart and enter a local zip code, ex. 36608 mobile al, with just a few products (totaling under 8 lbs— which would be around 3 products—jst do Dilled Onions) then the shipping shows up as Priority Mail at around 8.50. Looking at the rate zone via USPS that should be around 6.50 and it never triggers the Regional Rate option. Any advice on this?

Thanks for using our plugin. The Regional rate boxes are sensitive to the dimensions/size of the product. Please check the Product dimension in Woocommerce to make sure that they will fit inside the Regional rate boxes, such as Box A Dimensions: 10” x 7” x 4-3/4” and Box B Dimensions: 14-3/8” x 2-7/8” x 15-7/8”. These dimensions are listed in the “Shipping Rates/Boxes” tab in the “US Postal Service” settings. That should help it qualify for those boxes weights. Also, if you have defined any boxes, make sure there is at least one that will fit in the Regional rate boxes (or temporarily turn off Boxes definitions to see if it will help). Please take a look at the “Rates lookup logging” feature to see the requests and result from the US Postal Web Tools service. Hope that helps! All the best.

I’m afraid I am really struggling here with this. I have this particular product weighing 1.5 lbs. and I have even set the dimensions of product to be several inches under the Box A and Box B dimensions. I have also disabled Defined Shipping Box Sizes. I am just trying to trigger the Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A or Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B. No luck. More than likely there are going to be several items in each order. I’m just stuck right now. Can you take a look at my settings? Thanks

Sure, we can take a look at your setup, just email support at and provide a temporary Wordpress login. All the best.

Hello, I’m in Canada and use your plugin for Canada Post. I want to use USPS for my US shipments but everything in my website is in cm and kg. Can you tell me if the plugin converts everything in lb (I use media shipping, so the weight is the only thing counted). If not, can you implement it? Do you have other suggestions?

Thank you,

Yes, you can use our USPS plugin as well without any changes to your product data. The plugin automatically uses the weight and dimensions with the units you have set up in Woocommerce and will convert them when communicating with the USPS Webtools API. So yes, it will display everything in kg, and cm but will use lbs/oz and inches when communicating with the USPS API. Thanks and all the best!


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I love the plugin, concerned about one thing.

Is there a way that when the zip is entered it selects the correct state?

For example right now you can put in a Michigan zip code and select California as the state, shouldn’t this become an error immediately?

The shipping cost for California with a Michigan zip code 48167 is $21.76 retail ground.

The shipping cost for Michigan with a Michigan zip code 48167 is $20.06 retail ground.

This seems like it could become a big problem.

Thanks for using our plugin! The rates lookup actually only uses the zip code and country to determine the destination address. So it will be correct as long as the customer enters their correct zip code. It ignores the State/City. If you have customer issues with invalid destination addresses, you could look at using a “Address Verification” plugin or service (ex. SmartyStreets – just a quick google search for this type of service/plugin). Hope all is going well for you. All the best!


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Howdy: I got a notification about an upgrade to 1.3.1 on my WordPress site, but when I go to do the automated installation, I get the following message: “Update Failed: The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions.” Any ideas how I can solve this?


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No….same problem


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I downloaded it from the Envato website and updated it manually to the latest version, but you may want to take a look at what the problem is. I always have problems with Envato automatic updates

Okay, will take a look. Glad you’ve been able to update to the latest version. All the best.

Hi, I can’t validate any credentials and constantly get this error: Production/Live Server: Failed API Credentials did not validate.

My Sender Zip/Postal Code is there. What do I do wrong?

Sure, please send an email with temporary credentials to support at and I can take a look and hopefully find out what the issue is. All the best!

Where should I send them? I can’t find contact information there

Thanks, I’ve received your email and have responded. All the best!