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You’ve added “US Postal Service” as a method to the Shipping zone for the 48 continental US states? It will also need to be in this zone to show up with rates. Now this plugin does not have the feature to limit its display based on the subtotal of the cart. But it should start to calculate once you’ve added it to that zone. It sounds like the other settings are fine, since it is showing rates for Hawaii and Alaska. You should enable “Rates lookup logging” to see if it is calculating rates. All the best!

thanks! that worked!

Great! That is good to hear. All the best!

pre purchasing question and I hope it’s not stupid but can you print the actual shipping labels with this plugin as well?

We hope that we will be able to add the feature for printed shipping labels in the near future. So no, it does not print labels at the moment. It does Live Rates and tracking information on the order by using the USPS Webservices. All the best.

Hi, Great plugin! Does it add tracking to my completed order auto email? It sends email when dropped off at Post Office (when they scan it) and another one when delivered? If so, does it send a delivered email from my server using my email template? It would be cool if. More estimated delivery date options like without year or just Sat 3? Thanks handsome

Thanks for using our plugin. Yes, if you add the tracking number to the order, it does include this and the current information on the completed order email. It uses the invoice template from Woocommerce. It does try to send the emails when the status changes (this depends on wp-cron working). We can look at adding more delivery date label options in a future version. All the best!

Awesome thank you! Don’t know if you’re aware USPS now rounds up to the pound. 1 pound 1 ounce = 2 pounds. An image in custom label would be cool too ;)


Great plugin! However, I thought i would be able to print labels from within Woocommerce with this plugin and it looks like I have to go to a third party site still. It just isn’t what I expected. Can I please receive a refund? ]

Thank you.

We hope to add that functionality to this plugin in the future. However, you can get a refund by requesting it through Envato, as provided on this page. All the best.

Pre Sales Question

I’m currently using the Woocommerce USPS plugin and since the USPS changed their API slightly after raising First Class retail prices on September 3, the Woo plugin started suddenly posting wrong pricing in the Cart, and errors in the USPS debug mode look like this:

The following quotes were returned by USPS: 0-first-class-mail-large-envelope – First-Class Mail® Large Envelope 0-first-class-mail-stamped-letter – First-Class Mail® Stamped Letter 0-first-class-package-service-retail – First-Class Package Service – Retail™ 1 – Priority Mail 1-Day™

Never saw the stuff with hyphens before, or the Priority 1-Day – always was Priority 2-day OR you could use Priority Express for 1 Day service. And its applying First Class Large Envelope prices to items that I have listed as 10×10 x 6, which obviously don’t fit into envelopes. It ignores my entered box sizes.

I use 10 box sizes and 2 envelope sizes. Their plugin worked fine for the past three years UNTIL these changes by the USPS in September.

Anyway their plugin is now messed up and their support is ignoring questions about it so I wanted to ask you if you are aware of the USPS changes affecting your plug in?

I’m willing to buy your plugin to test out but I would ask for a refund if I encounter the identical problem.

Not sure what you mean in the phrase: “uses the service code behind the scenes…”

As I said before the Woo plugin worked fine until this past week. Nothing changed on my end but as I tried to figure out why the prices suddenly went screwy, using the debug tools, I saw these odd messages – I have old debug logs and they don’t look like that for First Class at all – and since First Class rates are what changed (though not affecting Commercial Rates) it appears USPS made slight changes to the API.

If you say you’re not experiencing these problems I’ll buy your plugin with the proviso that if I get the same errors, I can ask for a refund and you’re not going to block the refund – according to the refund policy at Envato, you can refuse to refund, so that’s why I’m asking now. If your plugin works, I will be a very happy camper and glad to pay for it.

Sure, if the plugin does not solve your issue or does not work for your store, the refund is given, no problem. I just meant that this plugin doesn’t depend on the labels for the USPS service, but the internal ID or “Service code” that USPS assigns for each service, ex. “Priority Mail Express” has “03”. This plugin uses that number to match up which service was returned by USPS. Hope that helps!
This plugin has it’s own way to help you debug the information send/received from USPS. It’s in the settings under “Rates lookup logging”. This tool provides the package size used and the rates returned from the USPS webtools service for the products in the cart. All the best!

I’m sold! ; ) Ordering it now.

And thanks for the clearer explanation of the codes. Woo appears to do that also as there is a number in front of each “class” of mail. They have 0 for First Class, 1 for Priority, etc. But they also add an explanation after and that’s where the hyphenated classes started showing up this month, but only for First Class – and First Class was where the packing and prices were off.

No need to reply. I’ll let you know how it goes after I install your plugin.

Your support page says: ensure you have updated this USPS plugin to at least version 1.5.7+

I just bought the plugin and downloaded it from the Envato page.

It says its 1.31 in Wordpress:

WooCommerce US Postal Service Webservice Method Extends WooCommerce with Shipping Rates and Tracking from USPS Web Services Version 1.3.1

I went to add my license key to get updates but there is no license key in either the invoices Envato sent me or in my Envato account.


Just found the license key in the Envato email. I guess one better save those emails!

Anyway, will this update me to the current version?

I’ve updated the support page, it should have said 1.2.7+ as your version is up to date. But now you’re ready to get any new updates. All the best!

Your plugin appears to be working fine for most items. Yay!

Some of our products are small greeting cards that will fit into the maximum envelope size for First Class Mail Letters. I have set their size and weight on the Woocommerce Edit Product page to be smaller than that size and I created a Package under Box/Package that also meets that size requirement.

Box Dimensions (in) 6.49 11.49 0.24 LxWxH in decimal form Box Name (internal): Envelope Box Weight: 0.03lbs

The packer keeps putting it into a different box and charging First Class Package as the cheapest price.

from the log:

Greeting Card 1 0.046lbs 1* (6.5in x 5in x 0.1in) 3.25in3 78676 1: Medium Envelope US, TX 78676 0.066lbs (Actual 0.076lbs) (Box Weight 0.03lbs) 11.488in x 6.488in x 0.24in 1

Service: Priority Mail (USPS.D.PM.1) Price: 5.95 Expected Delivery: Service: First Class Mail Large Envelope (USPS.D.FC.01) Price: 0 Expected Delivery: Service: First Class Package Service (USPS.D.FC.61) Price: 2.61

The API or plugin shows no price for the Large Envelope and it skips showing First Class Mail Letter altogether. All classes under USA First Class are enabled.

Is there some setting that’s not enabled or that I’m missing?

I have experimented with your plugin last night and all morning and I’m running into a similar problem I had with Woo’s USPS plugin. If I use personal/small business, as you suggested, I do get First Class prices for Letters and Large Envelopes but it completely ignores First Class Package prices when I add a small product that will fit into a defined “small box” – with or without the greeting card. Instead I get Priority Mail only. If I disable Priority Mail, I get “no shipping methods found.”

If I go back to Commercial rates, it will give me First Class prices for Letters and Large Envelopes but there is no price shown and if selected, it adds 0 as the shipping cost. If I add a product to the greeting card in the cart, or if the product is in the cart by itself, I do get First Class Packages and Priority Shipping as options, with correct boxes and pricing.

This either/or conundrum doesn’t work for me. I had a second set of eyes familar with Woocommerce try all the various options and she sees the same problem. If there’s a setting that will fix this, we can’t find it.

We have published an update to the plugin (version 1.3.2) and have fixed the problem of the 0 cost shipping methods when using Commercial rates. They should now show rates as expected. The update is available with the automatic update and will be available on CodeCanyon as soon as it is approved. All the best!

Ok, thanks for fixing the Commercial rates – I won’t ask for a refund because at least with that fix your plugin now works better than the the Woo plugin.

I noticed that USPS is planning to take down their API for a few hours this weekend to “fix” something. Hope it does’t break anything.

I have suggestions for further improvements – is this a good place to post them?

Hello, I installed and set up your plugin but the USPS rates do not show up in my cart. I have added the USPS as the shippin zone for the USA and worldwide as well. My API credentials have also been validated. I cannot seem to figure out what is wrong. Please help, its driving em crazy.

Have you made sure that the products have weight and dimensions? Also, your origin/sender address should have a 5-digit zip code. Try this list of things that may help you get rates displayed. I do recommend enabling “Rates lookup logging” to see the details of how the rates are being calculated and what is being returned from the USPS Webtools api. All the best!


I recently purchase UPS plugin, and right now I’m facing issue while checkout.

Currently my products don’t have any dimensions and UPS plugin requires product dimensions.

Can you please support how the dimensions can be ignore to calculate the shipping charges.

No, This is [UPS Shipping method for WooCommerce] plugin, how to do the same in UPS Shipping method.

Still waiting

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a UPS plugin. So the one you are using is built by a different author. All the best.

For some odd reason, the plugin is no longer offering First Class mail. It’s only offering Priority. I have checked the weight of the items and the weight is correct. Can you tell me how to get this fixed?

Did you change the setting to use Commercial rates? Also, it may depend on the destination zip code. Try a different destination. And one last thing to try is ensure the plugin is updated to the most recent version. All the best!

We’ve taken a look and found that the issue is actually because USPS has just recently changed the name from “First Class Parcel” to “First Class Package Services-Retail”. So we have updated the plugin code to accommodate their service change. This is available on the automatic updates and will be available on Code Canyon after it is approved. All the best.

The update has fixed this issue. Thank you.

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Thanks for using our plugin. Yes, 1.3.2 is the current version and is available on CodeCanyon. Maybe try again by going to your downloads area and downloading the plugin files one more time. It should be in your download package. All the best!

is there an option to only show the customer the cheapest rate returned?

We don’t have that option yet, in this plugin. It is possible to do with some code, hooking into the woocommerce action after all shipping methods have been calculated. The code would be similar to how you display only free shipping as provided on Woocommerce docs. But we will look at adding an option like this in an upcoming version. All the best.

I just downloaded 1.33 and also let Wordpress auto-install it. On my plugins page it lists WooCommerce US Postal Service Webservice Method as 1.33 but if you open the main php file, it still says 1.32.

I’m still not clear on the difference between First Class Package Service-Retail and First Class Package Service. Retail is slightly more expensive, even when using Commercial Rates. I unchecked First Class Package Service-Retail for now since it probably confuses the customer..

That was USPS’s change. They announced that they are just changing the name, the service is the same as it was (apparently). The statement was that “First-Class Mail Parcel” is renamed “First-Class Mail Package Service-Retail”. I think you’d have to check with a USPS post office and see if they know if there is a rate difference. The download of v1.3.3 from CodeCanyon is still in the approval queue. But if you’ve enabled automatic updates (from the Update tab of this plugin’s settings), you’ll be able to upgrade to this right away. The updated version should be available by tomorrow on CodeCanyon. All the best!

I just used FTP to look at your plugin’s installed php file on my site and indeed it says 1.33. I then downloaded the complete plugin from there as I always like to have a backup I can return to in case a future update has a bug. Thanks for the head’s up on Envato being a day or so behind.

You can download the updated version (1.3.3) from CodeCanyon now. The update has been approved. All the best!

Pre-sale question: I am currently using the Jetpack/WooServices plugin to retrieve live shipping rates from USPS, and there’s a backend limit for the number of items for which the rates can be retrieved (it’s 400). Does your plugin also have this limit?

Thanks for considering our plugin. This plugin does not have a limit to the number of items or products in the cart. It packs them together into packages which are then used to look up. It does have a limit with the number of packages, and this is with USPS webtools webservice. This limit is approximately the same around 100 packages, but is rarely reached because of the packing. All the best!

Hi I am working for one of my client and using another USPS plugin, but that plugin not showing USPS First-Class Mail Parcel for products. this is the site

I need to provide First-Class Mail Parcel . can you confirm if your plugin will support that and how we need to setup this in backend.

Recently, USPS changed the name of the service “First Class Mail Parcel” to now be “First Class Package Service – Retail”. Although I do not know the reason why, they indicated that it is just a name change and is the same service. Our latest version of this plugin accommodates this change and works for First-Class mail services. All the best!

Want to set flat rate shipping price option for a shipping class that will only show if cart has items of only that class. Ex. Just DVDs in cart show flat rate. DVDs and other items in cart only shop usps rate. Is this possible. How?

Does this plugin allow for different margins (percentage) to different countries? For example 10% on top of shipping rate to Sweden and 5% for United States?

No, it does not have that feature. It has the ability to set the margin % overall. All the best!


idougal Purchased

Is it compatible with Woocomerce 3.2?

Yes, it works well with Woocommerce 3.2

Hello: I am a developer working on a client’s eCommerce site due to launch any day. We have purchased your USPS shipping extension, but I am finding it difficult to get the rates right. My Client sells DVDs, CDs, and 1 Printed manual. I have entered the weights,and dimensions and we are returning rates from USPS API. I think the issue may be that the Client uses Forever prepaid series of packages,(Large envelopes, Large Padded Envelopes the 12×12x8 Box.) both Domestically, Via 1st Class and Priority and Internationally via First Class and Priority which I do not believe are being returned via USPS API. I am hoping you may have an Idea of how to proceed, your insight may be very helpful. Thanking You In Advance… Bill Allaire – Deign Elements USA

The price difference is likely that issue of the prepaid packages. If the package sizes that are being calculated are bigger than they should be—you may need to disable the “boxes” feature. You can see what size of a package that is used when calculating rates—in the “Rates lookup logging” feature. This may give you some insight as to why the rates are higher. The flat rate envelopes and sizes are provided in the service description in the “Shipping Rates and Boxes” tab. The product dimensions will need to be smaller to fit inside these. All the best!


idougal Purchased

I installed the plugin and it seems to be working except: It does not appear to recognize the “ZIP+4 code”. When I calculate shipping with a ZIP+4 code, woocommerces USPS plugin gives a recommended shipping value, but this plugin does not. Is it supposed to support the USPS ZIP+4 code system?

Great, we’ve updated the plugin because we’ve identified a scenario where it was not working. Please update to the latest version of the plugin to solve this issue. You can get it from your CodeCanyon downloads area or from the Auto-update feature. All the best!


idougal Purchased

Thanks for the quick response. Do you have, or are you working on a Fedex or UPS version?

Yes, there is one in the works for FedEx. We hope to publish it in a few weeks. Thanks and all the best!