Discussion on US Postal Service USPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Rates and Tracking

Discussion on US Postal Service USPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for Rates and Tracking

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Thanks for using this plugin. The purchase code and license code are the same.


tmcghee51 Purchased

This past weekend our postal plugin began returning only rates for Priority Mail. No other mail options are being displayed although it was working perfectly until Sunday? I viewed the plugin log and media mail and International options are not being returned despite it being selected in the settings and being applied to books. What’s going on with this?

Thanks for using this plugin. I’m sorry to hear that this issue has come up. Do you know what version of PHP you are running? it may have been recently updated and might be part of the issue. There are a couple issues that Wordpress has with PHP 8.2 but I am checking to make sure that there haven’t been changes from USPS that also need to be accommodated. They may have changed some information regarding Media Mail, but I would have to verify and test for that method as well. All the best.

It seems that USPS is recently only returning Media Mail as “Commercial rates” and the retail rates are empty. So if you want to use the rates as commercial rates, just select “Commercial/Contract Customer” and enter your same username for the api. Then it will be able to get Media mail and regional flat rates. If you need to increase the prices to retail rates, you can add a margin to the service such as 5%. It is just recent that USPS has made this change because Media mail used to return as retail rates. All the best.


We are having issues with the Web Service Account Settings. The site has worked for the past year and a half great since we switched to your plugin. All of a sudden on the 21st it stopped finding the rates. The error we get is this:

Production/Live Server: Success! API Credentials validated with US Postal Service. Testing Rates Lookup:

Rates Lookup Failed Unable to look up rates. Account number may be invalid or inactive.

We checked all the settings according to your support docs and everything look good there.

We have also emailed USPS. Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

Also, if you want, you could send a temporary wordpress login to support and I could take a look at the Woocommerce setup to see if I can help fix the issue as well. But it does sound like the settings you have for this plugin should be fine.

Thanks for the response. We are on PHP 8.0 and I added you to the site and sent you and email.

Thanks, it appears the issue is that it seems that USPS is recently only returning Media Mail as “Commercial rates” and the retail rates are empty. So if you want to use the rates as commercial rates, just select “Commercial/Contract Customer” and enter your same username for the api. Then it will be able to get Media mail and regional flat rates. If you need to increase the prices to retail rates, you can add a margin to the service such as 5%. It is just recent that USPS has made this change because Media mail previously used to return as retail rates. I will find out if there is a way to get the retail rates, but the above change to use Commercial Rates makes it so that you can get Media Mail rates. All the best.

Hi, I am interested in knowing if your plugin can be adjusted for me to accommodate USPS Marketing Mail Flat Rates, which are listed here:

Please advise and let me know, thanks


Thanks, this plugin uses the live rates API from USPS web tools. Those Marketing flat rates are not provided through that. So this plugin would not have a specific feature to support those rates. You could use the lettermail/flat rate feature that this plugin provides, but it depends on how you want the logic to be of the qualification (ie. what products qualify) for the marketing mail flat rate. All the best.


Adamadam Purchased

Hello, the First Class Package Service Retail does not show when the First Class Mail Letter and First Class Mail Large Envelope options are also checked. When I turn off the Letter and Large Envelope, then Package price shows up again. I want all of them to show up. Please advise. Thanks.

I would have to look into this scenario to see why this may be happening. What is the dimensions and weight of the item in the checkout that causes this? It may be something to do with how this plugin tries to only display one flat rate or only display the better method if it costs the same (there is an option to disable that). Thanks


MCDax Purchased

Just want to confirm that I’m also having a similar issue as cardbiz2019 reported yesterday. For me, no rates for international countries (I’m in the USA) are being returned. I haven’t made any recent changes to the shipping configuration (also sent this inquiry to your email, but wanted to post here in case others are having the same problem)

The rates lookup seems to be working when we test out international shipments, including Australia. USPS api does appear to require a postal code for Australia – are you able to include the postal code in the checkout to see the rates? If you have any error messages to share, that would be helpful. USPS api also requires TLS 1.3, so just make sure that your hosting has a recent update of openssl or support for this latest standard for https. Also, make sure you have the latest version of this plugin (v1.4.14) if you are using php8. All the best!


MCDax Purchased

What was strange about this issue is that I wasn’t even using USPS api rates for my international orders. I use the “Lettermail / Flat Rates” tab and those weren’t being returned for any country. And then later in the day, it started working again without any changes being made, and it appears to still be working. No idea what caused that temporary glitch.

Hello, We have also just started getting the “There are no shipping methods available” in the shopping cart error after using it successfully for years and have gone through your checklist. This issue is only happening on mobile. i checked “Enable Rates Lookup Logging” and it shows nothing is being received but if I click “Place Order” it will take me to Paypal and the shipping amount is there and when I check Enable Rates Lookup Logging, it shows the info has been received. Of course, we need this to display on our site before someone submits payment. Can you please check this for us?

Our cart is currently broken as we have the “No shipping options were found” message.

I have gone through the recommended checklist on the support page and everything seems to be ok.

Note, we have been using this plugin for a couple years successfully, and the “no shipping options found” problem just recently popped up. We have not changed the website at all for months, besides plugin, WP and theme updates. Please contact me ASAP and I will give support access for the site.

Thanks for using this plugin. Hopefully it’s just something simple. Sure, you can send temporary support access to: support@ All the best.

does the plugins support php version 7.4 and mainly version 8.0/8.1 ? and the latest wordpress 6.1.1 and woocommerce 7.1.0 ?

Yes, this plugin does support php 7.4 and had some recent updates to support php 8.1 as well. Yes, both of those latest versions of WordPress and Woocommerce are supported. Thanks!

Hello, I’m trying to figure out the cause of an issue. When I “validate credentials” for the API username I get the message:

“Production/Live Server: Success! API Credentials validated with US Postal Service. Testing Rates Lookup: Rates Lookup Failed Unable to look up rates. Account number may be invalid or inactive.”

I even re-signed up to get a new account number and it’s still giving me the same message.

The message is saying that the plugin is able to connect to the USPS api using your credentials, so that part is fine. The issue is the Rates lookup test – there may be a server requirement needed, such as SimpleXML (which is normally available for PHP setups). See if you can find the PHP error message, which should display if you enable WordPress debug (temporarily). Let me know if you have any more information, such as any other messages. All the best.

After spending all day trying to locate the issue, I was about to reply that I was unable to find any additional error messages that could alert me to the problem. But I just tried validating again and it worked this time. I have no idea what happened since nothing changed on my end. The only issue is it still seems to be unreliable on the cart side of things. Sometimes it will show the rates and other times it will say “no shipping options available” even though it’s the same address each time. I checked the error log and on the times that it doesn’t show anything it says: Failed. Error: http_request_failed: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

The api timeout appears to be the issue. However, I am not sure if USPS has an api limit for your account or the reason you may be getting timeouts. Make sure you have Shipping debug turned off to limit the api calls and that your server has enough resources (ram, bandwidth) to make the api calls. This isn’t a typical issue, but you could contact USPS web tools support to ask them why you might be getting an “API Timeout”. If there were a temporary issue on USPS web tools api, this could cause an error like this. If that was the case, this plugin has a setting to provide fallback flat rates, although it should be rare. Hope that helps!

Hello! I have activated USPS service in my website shipping. I offer shipping only for Brazil. But I’m having an issue with Priority Mail Express International and Priority Mail International business shipping days. Shipping takes 2 business days with Priority Mail International and costs 54.47R$ while for Priority Mail Express International that is supposed to be faster shipping takes 7 days and costs 75.99R$. I’m not finding where is the problem. Can you please help?

The rates are returned from the USPS webtools API. There may be an issue with any margin settings that you’ve added or if your products have “ship separately” selected. Let me know if you have any more information after looking at the “Rates lookup logging” feature of the plugin. All the best.

Just started getting this in my logs:

PHP Fatal error:Uncaught Exception: Cron action does not exist. uspswebservice_scheduled_tracking

I tried the deactivate/reactivate recommendation on another comment, but that does not work. I even deleted the cron task, deactivated, reactivated, and the cron task reappears, but still throws the error on execution.

Version 1.4.12

I understand, isn’t there something that can be changed in the code to check for the cron beforehand so it does not throw a fatal error? I do not want to enable the tracking number feature on orders…

Thanks, that makes sense. We’ll update the plugin to not throw any error if tracking is not enabled. Thanks and all the best!

The latest update to this plugin takes care of this issue. Can you please update to the latest (v 1.4.14) to remove this logged error. Thanks and all the best!

Hi! This look like a great plugin! I want to use free shipping for my clients, but integrate USPS label and tracking system. Does this plugin allow me to do that?

Thanks for taking a look at this plugin. It can provide live rates in the cart and tracking updates on the order. It does not have the ability to create a paid shipment label from USPS. It has lots of configuration options for the rates/tracking. All the best.

Shipping prices are showing wayyyy higher than they should be. I turned off the volume option, the boxes, and other options suggested. The debugger is showing a price for ground shipping of ~$24, which still seems a bit high, but the checkout page is showing $71. I have a $.25 markup for all services, so I would expect it to show maybe $24.25? I’m not sure where it’s getting these prices from, or even if ground shipping would ever be that much.

Commercial Rates are enabled.

It is also slowing down my cart and checkout page a lot. I asked my hosting for help and they said the plugin was giving errors.

Hi the plugin is almost totally unusable with how slow it makes my site. I even switched my hosting to a dedicated server. It’s only slow on the checkout pages when the shipping is being calculated. Any updates??? Have not received any responses on my email either.

USPS plans to add a “Holiday Surcharge” starting October 2, 2022. The increases are variable and are based on zones and type of service (like First Class or Priority). Will this be automatically calculated by your plugin through the USPS API or do we need to manually increase shipping or product prices to cover the surcharge?

Thanks for using this plugin. The increased prices will automatically be reflected in the live rates because they are the total rate. It does provide the lead time setting to the USPS service so the timing should also be ok. You can also add margin to the rate if you need to increase in advance, but as I mentioned, the increase will be included the live rate. All the best.

When can we expect to see shipping insurance calculation added to this plugin? Just purchased and really like this plugin, but missing that one thing.

The insurance calculation is for certain USPS services only, and recently there has been some more information available on this. The way the api provides the insurance information is not entirely straightforward, so it may be only available for certain services. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll see if it can be added to an upcoming version.

Error message when I try to put an item in the cart.

Hope all is going well. When taking a look at your site, the shipping calculator did provide rates. This plugin won’t display errors on the frontend/cart area but will display them in the settings area (in “Rates lookup logging”). Hope that helps!

Hello, I am trying to configure this plugin for a client’s website. The plugin was working properly before, but now it is not displaying any shipping rates. In the settings, I clicked on the “Validate Credentials” button which used to show data, but now it just says “Production/Live Server:”

I tried getting a new API username from USPS thinking that the original one might be bad somehow, but I still have the same issue with the new username.

I have went through the steps on the support page on Code Canyon and everything appears to still be configured properly.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for using this plugin. When you don’t see anything displayed when clicking “Validate Credentials”, there may be a php error that is occurring. USPS Web Tools API did recently change their service to require the latest TLS 1.2 / HTTPS which may mean an upgrade required on your server (ex. upgrade cURL/openssl). In any case, make sure you have the latest version of this plugin (you can always get it from your downloads area here on CodeCanyon). If you take a look at the php error log (or temporarily enable Wordpress debug), it may tell you what is not working. Hope that helps, because as you said, it was working before. Best regards.

Supports with shipping labels?

Thanks for your interest, but unfortunately this plugin does not provide paid shipment labels. It captures the information of the rates lookups in the cart and provides that with the order. It also provides live tracking when you enter the usps tracking number. Best regards.

We are able to get priority rates but we are not getting flat rate as an option on the checkout page

Sent refund request. There was no response to the support request and had to find another solution for client. Please approve. Thanks

This has been done. Best regards.


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