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I need to know if this will print labels for the shipping as well or what is the standard workflow for that portion of the shipping process. I see it handles virtually everything from rates to tracking and all. I just need to know this for a client.

This plugin currently handles live rates and adds package tracking information to the customer’s order. No, it currently does not create paid shipment labels—we hope to add this functionality in the future. Thanks for your interest in this plugin! All the best!

Hi, Just downloaded your update to 1.2.7, thanks… but now I can not see where the list of shipping methods are…only “Flat Rate”, “Free” and “Local Pick-Up” are available in Shipping Zones drop down menu. Also there is now no way, that I can see, to check my USPS connection. My Woo Commerce and Theme are up to date. Please Advise.

You should see if this plugin needs to be activated. It seems as if it is not currently active in Wordpress. Just go to the Plugins page and click activate on the “Woocommerce US Postal Service Method” plugin. All the best!

Thank you… need more sleep :) For some reason I thought it was already activated.

Hello: Love this plugin. Worked like a charm in so many ways. I’ve got a question about calendars I’ll be shipping. I’ve entered the correct dimensions and have enabled shipping class rules, specifying priority and express packages. When 1 calendar is ordered I see the correct rate and package (a priority flat rate envelope) but when I order two, the only option is a medium box—I know from experience I can fit two or three calendars in a flat rate envelope. (Trying to save my customers $$ on shipping and a medium box for 2 calendars is kinda wasteful.) Is there a way to tell the plugin to allow for more than one calendar in a flat rate envelope or is this just a function of the USPS algorithm being conservative in estimating required package space?

Thanks for using this plugin! I’m glad it is working well for you so far. It does pack the products together and uses the resulting space for the rate. I wonder if you have put the smallest height dimension for the product? This helps with packing algorithms. Do you have boxes enabled? You could try disabling the box definitions (or create a few more to handle these scenarios). If the boxes are disabled, this plugin will then generate the package sizes, which may then fit the flat rate package. Woocommerce does cache rates, so when you make changes to the settings, just change the qty or destination zip code to see the changes. All the best!

Hello, can I have Standard, Expedited and Rush shipping options for different products?

This plugin is for USPS / US Postal Service. Yes, you can specify which USPS shipping methods you want to allow by “Product Shipping Class”. So you can have these options. Keep in mind that if a customer combines more than one type of product in the cart, you’ll want to have a method that is allowed for both products so that rates still display. This plugin’s feature can be seen in this screenshot in the “Shipping Class Rules” section. Hope that helps!


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I want to show the shipping method based on weight like for weight between 0 to 1lb USPS small box & for 2 to 6lb USPS medium box

can I achieve this ?

This plugin looks up live rates and only returns the services that support the weight and dimensions of those products. So you can be sure that the items will fit in the flat rate box sizes for USPS. So a feature of limiting the services specifically by weight is not currently in this plugin. Also, you could certainly make a flat-rate rule in this plugin for those weight ranges and provide a specific cost. Hope that helps!

Hi: I’d like to use four types of shipping containers, all to be sent 1st class USPS. (I’m purchasing the containers myself, not using USPS priority or priority express.) The containers are as follows: mailing envelope (12.5×9.5), medium box (11 1/8”x 8 3/4” x 6”), large box (12” x 12” x 6”), and triangular shipping tube (25” x 6” x 6” x 5-7/8”). I’ve tried entering them as shipping box sizes but when I place items in cart, message says no options available. I’ve also tried disabling shipping box sizes and simply using shipping class rules (specifying 1st class large envelope and 1st class parcel, and 1st class package service). Again no options available. Can you suggest steps for specifying these package sizes and ensuring they’re sent 1st class?

Think I figured this one out. One other question about pre-packaged items—I have one item that requires a special container (mailing tube) and therefore can’t be packed with other items. I’ve checked the “package separately” box for the product. What other steps should I take to ensure this is mailed separately? Do I need to enable a special shipping box size?

Great! Hope all is going well with the plugin setup. Yes, selecting the “package separately” checkbox will make sure that it is packed separately in the cart when calculating rates. So it will use the dimensions and weight of the product directly (just put the mailing tube dimensions on the product). So no, no custom box size needed for it. Because normally all the products are packed together into a package (or many packages if needed). You’ll be able to see the package and rate information in the “Rates lookup logging” feature in this plugin’s settings. All the best!

1. Estimated delivery dates are incorrect for international orders.


Ship from Austin, TX 78704 to Tarragona, Spain 43700 on November 28.

-> Service: Priority Mail Express International (USPS.I.PM.1) | Price: 60 | Est Transit Days: | Expected Delivery: December 3, 2016 SHOULD BE: December 5, 2016 (3-5 business days)

-> Service: Priority Mail International (USPS.I.PM.2) | Price: 44.25 | Est Transit Days: | Expected Delivery: November 29, 2016 SHOULD BE: December 12, 2016 (6-10 business days)

2. The plugin does not seem to check for rates unless the “Shipping Debug Mode” option is enabled, bypassing shipping rate caching.

Thanks for sending this information. It appears as if the international rates response from USPS sometimes does not include the same estimated date information (ie. Est Travel Days is empty). We will look into this more and get back to you. The rates are cached by the qty of items or destination postal code, so just change those values for Woocommerce to get fresh rates when you make changes to the shipping settings. All the best!

I have a simple product set up in WooCommerce with a weight of 0.18 lbs, and dimensions 4.5×2.5×1.5 inches. In your plugin, I enabled 2 shipping options: Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box, and Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box. When I have only one of those products in the cart, the only shipping method shown is the medium flat rate box, even though the product’s dimensions will certainly fit in a small flat rate box (small box inside dimensions: 8 5/8” X 5 3/8” X 1 5/8”). I can’t figure out why the small flat rate box is not being shown as an option. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for using our plugin! We will try that scenario out and see if we can find any issues with fitting the item into the small flat rate box. Best Regards.

Is it somehow possible to use this plugin to display a flat shipping cost for a particular shipping class for USA? For example, I’d like to have a FedEx Ground shipping fee for a musical instrument that I ship, and have it be a flat cost anywhere in the USA. I tried using the built in Flat Rate shipping in WooCommerce, but if you add in more than one product from different classes, it shows both shipping options for both classes which is no good.

my calculated shipping is grossly over-calculating. Shipping from within my own zip code is off by $4.00. I do not have any % add ons or box fees. I have had a lot of abandoned carts, and now I know why! Am I missing something some where in the set up?

You should try disabling boxes. This will then allow the plugin to calculate the package size automatically. If you have boxes defined, ensure you have enough sizes, especially small sizes as the large the package, the higher the rate. Also, ensure you have the Product weight and dimensions entered correctly for the unit (inches or lbs) as this directly changes the rate. Finally, take a look at the “Rates lookup logging” feature, where it will show you what package was calculated and what information is used to get the rates. Hope that helps!

Hi, We bought your item USPS

on codecanyon.

We have a little problem – we have more then 3 shipping classes for USPS, when we need to set up specific post services. But in settings there is only 3 inputs for shipping classes, so how we can add more inputs? Thanks for all,

Yours sincerely,

Michal Fiala

Thanks for using our plugin! We took a look at the code and it doesn’t have to be only 3 shipping class rules. We will add this option so that you can choose as many as needed. If you wanted to change it now, it is the $display_rules_num variable in the /framework/shippingmethod.php file. But we will add the option to the next updated version as well. All the best!

Hi. Wanted to know if I customize my emails (auto emails to the customers) with their updated TRACKING info, what is the line code for those emails? Thanks

This plugin adds the tracking information to the Woocommerce invoice email. It uses the woocommerce_email_after_order_table action to add the tracking table of information for the order. So if you customize the emails, just ensure that you have the line do_action('woocommerce_email_after_order_table') and the tracking information will be included. Hope that helps!

HI, I made the purchase today and installed the product.

I use free shipping.

But the field is not showing up for me to enter the tracking on the request.

What should I do?

In this plugin’s settings, you may need to set the Web API Mode for “Rates Lookup / Tracking” to “Production/Live” in order to have tracking working. It may be set to Development mode. Also, just ensure your USPS Web Tools account is working by using the “Validate Credentials”. Let me know if that helps. All the best!

I am sending the email to usps, but it is accusing invalid.

Can you confirm the email to request the credential?

Is there any way within my usps account to check if I already have the credential?

Visit this on USPS WebTools and log in to your USPS account. Then follow the instructions on the page of how to register for a User ID. You will usually get it emailed to you right away. You shouldn’t need to email their support. Hope that helps!

I made the purchase today and installed the product.

I use free shipping.

But the field is not showing up for me to enter the tracking on the request.

What should I do?

Thanks, we’ve responded in the earlier comment—hope everything is working well for you now!


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Hello, my products are in ounces. Is there anyway to configure flat rate by ounces instead of kilograms?

This plugin also supports lbs (pounds) as a unit of measurement. Pounds is simply 0.0625 lbs = 1 ounce. We will look at adding support for ounces too.
If you were to change your Woocommerce units to lbs, the flat rates would be available in lbs. However, changing the units does not change the values on your products’ weight, so you would need to also update your product weight values if you were to change the units you use. Sorry about that. All the best!


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I see a new check box under shipping class that says one time shipping. Do I have to go back and check it for all 400 of my products? Thanks for your help.

Just purchased through Envatomarket. The plugin install keeps failing with the message that the package could not be installed. No valid plugin available. How do I install this so I can use it?

Please disregard my previous message. I did not realize the downloaded zip file included the actual plugin within it. I now have it installed.