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Hi! Do you have the feature yet to show only the cheapest shipping method?

This is still on our list. It may be something that should be a small stand-alone plugin because it could potentially limit all shipping methods (ie. Free and Flat rate methods included) that have been calculated in order to display only the cheapest. All the best!

I have a pre sale question does the module have flexilify to integrate for small boxes like 8 ouches or perfoume botels ?

these ar going to be boxes dimensions Gene Stewart

2:32 AM (13 hours ago)

to me

retail case box 8 1/2×6 1/2×7 1/2”, 8 lbs FedEx gnd

consumer shipper: 8×5 x 3”, 10 to 18 oz., USPS

First off this is a wonderful product. It has everything we need and the estimated arrival dates for the packages is a great feature to have.

Do you have any plans to make a similar plugin for FedEx? Like with the same types of features?

Thanks, that is great to hear! Yes, I have considered FedEx, but I was looking at creating one for UPS first. It is difficult to find time to publish, but I hope to do both UPS and FedEx with the same features. Thanks and all the best!

Hello I’ve contacted you previously about my shipping with the usps plug-in. My rates are showing in the cart now. But my first class package service is not showing in my cart. It is also doubling the price for showing with the rates that are showing. The rates showing are priority and priority express. Priority is $7.35. But if I have more than one item in the cart it’s gonna charge them double priority which comes up to be $14.70. How can we resolve this issue?

The rates are calculated by sending the package weight and dimensions to the USPS Webtools api. The cost increase is likely because the package size or weight increased too much. Can you uncheck the “Enable Boxes” if you have not defined any? After doing this, if the rates have not improved, you can also try switching to the “Volumetric/Cubic Packing Algorithm” to pack the items. This can sometimes help, as it is better suited for lots of small items ordered together. The “Advanced 3D Box-Packing” is best for medium to large items packed together. After changing options, remember that Woocommerce caches the rates, so you will only see new rates when you change the destination or qty of items in your cart. Hope that helps!


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I’m trying to add a $9.00 margin to international shipping rates. I’m entering a number for international shipping options without a % because the plugin notes this will make it a flat dollar amount. However, once I add/save and check the international costs, it still assigns that number as a percentage. I’ve tried adding it as 9, 9.0, 9.00 and also with ”$” in front and behind all those variants and I can’t get it to work as a dollar amount.

Thanks for using our plugin. We’ll look into it further, but it appears that there may be an issue when saving the margin amount (the code that evaluates the margin and adds it to the rate is fine). You can simply enter 9.01 and it will save the value as expected. We’ll update this plugin shortly to correct this. All the best!


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Hello !

My question is: can I purchase USPS label (when I work on orders in WooCommerce) without purchasing USPS package ? I just dont need buy label and package together,because its expensive,but screen is showing me that I can not separate this,somehow.

So, why ?


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Hello, I use your plugin now. it is wonderful! However, do you plan on including “require Signature”, or even “Insurance” options in the future? THank you.

Hello ! I have a some concern about this plugin and I would like to ask you ,but before I ask you I would like to know how I can attach screenshot to my message ?? I just want to attach screenshot to you understand better my issue with plugin.