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Good script, but the demo link/site is not working. :(

please try again now

Nice, now the demo link/site is working! :)

By the way you can use placeholder on the inputs (fields). :)

thanks for the feedback.

Yes I like the idea and if I could see a demo I would probably purchase it. I am getting: is takingtoo long to respond.


please try again now

better but I got 1 OK and then a 500 server error. As the URL in question is a client’s site I will send the URL as a PM.

Live Preview not working

—500 server error

please try again and let me know if the issue persists.

would be nice if you add a progress bar. Good script!

thanks for the feedback. it will certainly be taken into account.

Very nice script, keem them coming!

does the bulk option support a batch process and a list of urls from a text file?

I was thinking about making an XML list, but you can just as well type the list inside the PHP file, instead of retrieving it from the POST.

Can it be work on wordpress site.

I already have a plugin for that. but always make sure whenever using host companies, that they support running binaries on shared hosting

your Live prview is down dude

this is just a demo site. and there is a maintenance job every day on the machine. what exactly are you trying to do?

there are a number of variables that affect the final result. if you purchase you can ask for support and I can give you some tips to help you optimize the output.

Hello @tduartethemes, i would like to learn, is it possible to convert html file as is to pdf. I have a project that accept only pdf file uploads. Users in my project, convert their documents from word to pdf. I wnat them to compose their document in a rich text editor and autosave it into html and convert it to pdf, without MS Word. Is that possible? Are all styles converted as they seems in html? Thank you caglar

Thank you for fast reply. I thing i wrongly describe my need. Users of my project has to upload their docs as pdf file format. For this must they use MS Word to write their documents and using words “save as” saving option to convert their documents to pdf. Instead of this type of manuel conversion, let the user write documents in a rich text editor (WYSIWYG) and click one button “Convert and Save as PDF”. So the document automatically saved as pdf from html code (taken from WYSIWYG). I am planning to use your codes/scripts for this. Is it possible as this way?

my plugins are intended to capture a full screen shot of a direct link. if you just want to capture a specific page area, you can either have a specific empty page that displays the contents of the editor, or you can use the print.css to hide everything else you don’t want rendered. using my plugins this way, is possible, however, it may be overkill if you just have a small amount of html to convert. For that you can use code libraries such as tcpdf ( However, they require programming and implementation, whereas my solutions are ready-to-use.

OK i got my answer. I need searchable pdf files thus your plugin not solves my problem exactly. Thank you for your time. I follow you for future products. ;)

Can I use it in local address? (Example:

yes. you can use whatever address is available to the server where you deploy the plugin

will it work on shared hostgator plan ?

there are no special requirements, apart from PHP and apache. there was one in the earlier version of the plugin but now it is pretty much standalone. you provide the required permissions as needed, and the script will execute the needed – local – resources. so basically the hardware can be chosen according to the expected usage levels

let me know the config so i can check with the vendors first

don’t know what you mean. there is no special configurations. you just copy paste the plugin and use it. if you want to ask for something specific, just say that you need a webserver with php and apache and some minimal storage and memory so you can run your site and store some pdfs

We create a php application which needs to generate pdf, it has an Image, and on the TOP of image

we have some dynamic text Generating, we need to create downloadable pdf file out of this with UTF compatibility.

Is it possible with your script? please confirm and i buy..

replied by mail


for product support, please submit a question from my profile page.


for product support, please submit a question from my profile page.

im interested, but is this still in active development? and can i see demo first?

the plugin is active and working. I don’t have a demo site but if you send me a message with a URL I can generate it for you

alright sent you an email

This script is exactly what I was looking for but it doesn’t seem to work on most websites. Actually the only website it worked on for me was actually any ideas what needs to happen to make it work on others?

pro-tip #1: grab the latest binary for your webserver from here:

pro-tip #2: use a print.css to improve formatting

many websites use advanced, complex elements that the tool is unable to reproduce accurately (such as videos, flash and other plugins, etc.), but if you own the site, you can try some of these mechanisms to improve the output

more info here:

Thanks. I already got the new binaries, but the images won’t generate for most sites. Again, it works for google, so I’m stumped. Any chance I can pay you extra on the side for you to try to figure out what’s wrong? Thanks.

its more appropriate if you send me a message through my profile page. we can then have a chat over email

Wow, this is cool. How structured are the websites? All pages included and formatted automatically? Links intact?

Coolness, So myself and my team would be accessing it via a web link? How accurate is the conversion from web page to readable PDF? Links intact? I am thinking of getting extended

Ahead of time – What should I mention to my host admin needs to be enabled on server to run this. Tech stuff :) So I can get a head start

there is little that needs to be done. if generation fails you may have to enable the exec function. generation works pretty well considering its a solution for all websites. if for some reason you experience any rendering issues, you can use a print css to further improve the output