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PDF not generating site correctly

Unless your website has a huge amount of frontend elements, your generation should be farily okay.

If you want to customize things further you can:

a) customize the generation settings (margins, orientation, page title, etc.)

b) add a print.css and tell the generator to use that css file in the generation process

b.1) reference the css in your website with

<link media=”print” href=”styles.css” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet”>


@media print { .myStyle { display: none; } }

b.2) add parameter in the generator (function make_pdf_args)


like this

$args .= '--print-media-type ';

Getting a 404 / no pdf is generated

There are a number of reasons for generation to fail. Some of them are described here.

a) plugin based websites

if your website uses plugins such as flash, silverlight, java, etc., that content may not be repoduceable, and it may break the generation altogether

b) authentication

although the plugin supports basic form authentication, most authentication mechanisms are not supported by this tool, so it is designed for public facing sites mainly

c) permissions

as stated in the shipped documentation, you need to assign the correct permission settings in order for the generation to succeed

c.1) execute access for “bin-lin” for linux servers, “bin-win” for window servers, etc.

c.2) write access for “generated-bin” for linux server, “generated-win” for windows servers, etc.

d) shared hosting settings

if you use a shared hosting plan (you have ftp access but no remote access, so your server is shared with other people), it is possible that running external executable files (which is what this plugin does) is not allowed, or at least not allowed “by default”

my recommendation is to look for the following line in one of the plugin’s .php files:
#echo '<br />I am running command: ' . $command;

and uncomment it by removing the ”#”. when you generate a pdf again, you will see what the $command is and you can send the full command line to your hosting company so they can run it and see the output

in my experience, one of two things will happen:

d.1) they will realize that this is a security breach and they will say it can’t be done

d.2) they will identify that there is something blocking on their side and they will fix it. some companies decide to install ‘wkhtmltopdf’ globally so that you, and other users can use it without having to use a local binary, so you could for example, update the command call to suppress the path to wkhtmltopdf, as it would be in the PATH variable

some servers may have different distributions of linux, and it may be advantageous for them (or yourself) to download and try later/specific versions of the executable, that can be found here:, and then placed under “bin-lin”

exec explicitly blocked

When running the plugin, you might get: “Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons”

If you have access to php.ini, you can look for “disable_functions”

1) look for disable_functions = “show_source, system, shell_exec, exec”

2) and remove “exec”

3) save, e.g. disable_functions = “show_source, system, shell_exec”

If the server belongs to a hosting company, you need to contact them instead

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