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Hey the demo is offline?

It will be down this week for maintenance. Should be back on the 26

back online!

I uploaded this to my website that is on a shared hosting account. Then when I tried to create a pdf it exported it as .pdf.txt instead of giving me a pdf file. Do you have any idea why it’s doing this and how to fix it?

the keyword here is shared hosting. running the executables is being locked by your host so you will need yo contact them and ask for support

Is there anyway I can test my page to see if the format will come our right? I couldn’t find your demo page…is it still available?

the live demo is currently unavailable. if you send me your link through a message on my profile, I can send you the generated pdf

unfortunately your website is being generated properly. please send me a message through my profile if you want additional information

This is probably not to do with the script but I get UNABLE TO FORK when I execute it.

I have tried: shell_exec() exec() passthru()

Google search comes back blank. Any thoughts?

its possible that the server is limited in the way processes are created. e.g.


Your product still working? Can you put a live demo to try many urls, including google search and facebook pages? I need to try myself, not receive pdf from you… Thanks.

Oi! the product is still working. you have several options. a) send me the links on a personal message and I will generate the pdfs b) download and try c) I can setup the live demo by request between 7pm and 11pm GMT+1

And to Set width of the image? Possible?

By ;D

hi. the plugin supports orientation and margins. if you need even more customized settings, you can use the available parameters or you can also setup a print.css. there is a parameter page-width, which could be what you need…