URL2QR Code Auto Generator

URL2QR Code Auto Generator

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URL2QR Code Auto Generator automatically generates an individual QR Code for each webpage and post on a website, thus giving each one its own identity. The QR Code can be generated in any foreground and background color and can be placed anywhere i.e. the header, footer, content area, sidebar via widget or by short code. URL2QR Code Auto Generator enables seamless integration with your WordPress installation and is really easy to use. It can also be integrated at theme level.

With URL2QR Code Auto Generator you can now direct people to any particular part of your website making it easy for you to highlight exactly what you want on your website. The ability to generate QR Code of any color helps to integrate it into your website’s color synergy with ease.


  • It enables you to generate transparent QR Codes. * New Feature *
  • It automatically generates QR Codes for all posts and pages for your WordPress website.
  • It can be used anywhere on the site, pages, posts, header, footer, widget area etc.
  • It has its own URL2QR Widget, that can be used in the widget area.
  • It allows you to create QR Codes in any foreground and background color.
  • It allows you to generate QR Codes in different sizes based on your requirement
  • It allows you to generate unlimited QR Codes for the entire website.
  • It is built using PHP to seamlessly integrate in WordPress
  • It can be implemented at theme level.
  • It is cross browser compatible.
  • It does not rely on Google Info-graphics as it is officially depreciated
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