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Demo Not working Please provide a demo URL

you will receive detailed documentation with your purchase,but yeah, if you have any problem, contact me through my profile and I can provide support

if i am not able to install it … will u help me install and start it ? if yes will u charge me for the assistants or u will install it for me ?

yes, if you followed the installation steps carefully and it still doesn’t work, I can take a quick look at your server and see if I can help

There is no help file how do I use the program ?

Haven’t received anything ?

I believe the new version has been approved. Please check your item and redownload it at code canyon and let me know if you have any troubles.

Hi tduartethemes, Some of us have more experience with PHP and/or app servers on the Unix side (for me).

I need to try this on an IIS7 webserver. I’m familiar with wkhtmltopdf. My question is in regards to the best base directory structure for implementing this on IIS7 (on the webserver end not in visual studio). I’m new to the asp.net world so forgive me if the questions seem obvious.

In regards to the demo can I set it up this way with a virtual directory? Do I need those site.master files? Als how do i call the demo?

inetpub -mysite images scripts urltopdf <- virtual directory

virtual directory C:/URL2PDF_demo bin pdf Site.master.cs Site.master

the demo project has a subfolder and a master page that you don’t need but if you want to take the demo project as is and try it, the simplest way is to configure the root directory as the virtual directory location (where web.config is) and set the default file to PDF\Default.aspx so that it opens automatically, or else you have to navigate to /PDF/Default.aspx from the base url. All the project really does is instantiate the object through the assembly reference. If you’re having trouble I can provide you a cleaner demo project only with a single web form and no subfolders so you can try it. If so, send me a message directly from my profile page so I can answer by mail.

Excellent thank you for the quick response. I’ll give the demo a whirl and let you know if I have any other questions.

Hi, besides considering to buy your google Drive downloader I am also considering this one, however how do I test to see if it works with my site?

because it says on your live preview:

Note: pdf generation is currently disabled. You can try checking if the dev site is online.


what can I do to help? Besides buying your plug-ins?

Do you have a donation page?

Yes, on my blog http://ftduarte.blogspot.pt/ there is a link to paypal donation below “blog archive” on the right column. If you are kind enough to donate whatever you think you can, it will surely help me keep going on. If you can also help me share the plugins on social networks that will surely help as well. Thanks.


1. Make this project into a single ‘dll’ – it is dumb to have your purchasers install binaries or include an executable within their applications. Dependency dll’s are fine.

2. The api is bland is not well documented.

3. Server IO is expensive, memory is not. With many engineers migrating their .net projects to MVC, its important to consider the following,

barcodeBitmap = new Bitmap(result); MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(); barcodeBitmap.Save(ms, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png); return File(ms.ToArray(), "application/pdf");

Obviously, the above is not going to work. As PDFs are not bitmaps. Just a though.

You got a lot of work man!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I just wrote a lot of things in the general comments page and then realized this is a asp.net url2pdf comment.

I understand your concerns, but I wanted to keep the possibility of updating the binaries, instead of enforcing a binary version that cannot be upgradable or moved to other versions.

Using IO operations may not be the best practice I think it makes sense. You can always have a task running that covers maintenance issues, and keep conversion formats low to reduce file size.

As always, I appreciate the feedback and use it to improve all of the items I have available. I have created awesome new features to plugins such as the google and dropbox downloaders due to feedback from both customers and non-customers. Unfortunately this module that I believe is powerful, doesn’t make up for the development time and it’s hard for me to keep improving everything when the return value is so insignificant (I got 1.9 euros per each current purchase).

‘URL2PDF.PDFWriter’ does not contain a definition for ‘OpenPDFfromURL’ and no extension method ‘OpenPDFfromURL’ accepting a first argument of type ‘URL2PDF.PDFWriter’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

This is what I get on this line //create pdf string pdfLocation = pdf.OpenPDFfromURL();

Hi. The method has changed since V1. Please check the item description page and you’ll see an example implementation now using the updated method, GenerateAndGetLocation()

Hi! I purchased the plugin yesterday and believe I’ve just about got the implementation figured out but received the following error just now while testing:

ERROR: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The directory name is invalid at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo) at URL2PDF.PDFWriter.GenerateAndGetLocation() in D:\Consulting\Modules\PDF\wkhtmltopdf\URL2PDF\URL2PDF\PDFWriter.cs:line 140 in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\upfiles\

Any help?

No need to reply, I figured out the issue.

is this support arabic?

use this link to try for yourself http://tiagoduarte.no-ip.org. I don’t know what you mean by adding support

Its working properly in local server but when i hosted in iis server 7 it doesn’t working..

if you need support please use the contact form on my profile page. generation will only succeed if there are enough permissions to run the application and to write in the output folder

We have used software like this before but it didn’t convert the css styles and the formatting came out badly. Is there a demo somewhere we could test out on one of our pages?

I wont. be able to setup the live demo until next week. meanwhile you can send me a message with the url and i can send you an example output.

Is it work with webforms?

Is this a stand alone web app or class?

it is a wrapper class for an external executable. an example website is included for demo purposes