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your demo link for url2img is href’ing to url2pdf

Like to see a demo, and if you have plans for php version

thanks for taking the time to report. I fixed the link. there is also the possibility of using the ASP.NET dropdown menu to get there, or navigate to http://tiagoduarte.pt/image. However, you will find out that in order to generate an image based on an url in real time, you will need to navigate to my dev site, http://simemar.dynip.sapo.pt/IMAGE/ which is not always available.

as for php, it’s nice to get such feedback. I’ll definitely think about that.

thanks, not sure but i didnt get notified of your reply. WIll keep eye out for php version.

Hello Sir – If you have a PHP version that URL to PNG (compatible with Flash Sites) I am buying instantly.

Doing this for php will be tricky since it will mean having to support both Unix and Windows, but I am creating a test project and if it works without issues I will post it.

As for the output, I don’t know how far does flash support go but you can try the windows version at http://simemar.dynip.sapo.pt/IMAGE/

Hi, Will this work for SharePoint 2010 Intranet sites? Our SharePoint requires authentication (not anonymous) will the URL Image still be created? Also, is this easy to install, do I just upload the files to webserver or a SharePoint site?

Hi, I’ll download Skype and see if I can connect to you.

Envato just told me to publish sharepoint apps to the apps category while they figure out if they will add a sharepoint category. I guess I’ll add the WSP directly to code canyon and you’ll be able to get it that way if you want.

Hey I see this is a bit old but I recently purchased and had some high hopes. I’m generating a fairly simple ASP.NET MVC page with events including flyer images but the images are rendered blank in the included demo. Please Help!

Cancel that, found the updated binaries and it works fine now