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I just set up your script on my site and congratulations for this great script that works perfectly. thank you


much obliged mate :)

Very good script, but lacked the option of breaking inversion url

As an example, the following URL:

Base64: aHR0cDovL29zdGVybWlsbGVyLm9yZy9jYWxjL2VuY29kZS5odG1s

Inversion: /moc.lruetrevni.www//:ptth

good suggestion. i will add this in new update plus a major feature will be added and that is 2 pass decryption. :)

Already available this two methods? I’m waiting to buy it.

support multiple links ??

in upcoming version

Hi, I seen on your sites have “Brower Addons” but i downloaded the script and installed on my website not show it. What’s happened? Where the “Brower Addons”? Did you still not include on the scripts?

browser addons are not part of the script. they are made and sold separately. as of now they are exclusive to the official site only.

I seen you told “browser plugin planned in next version.” Why you don’t sell or includes its? I think the script you selling same as your demo. I’m unhappy!

please show me where have i written plugins with the script? the script is the same just plugins and api not part of it. you can always pay to avail that feature. the money im getting here to sell my product is not adequate comparing to the time i’ve given on this project. i hope you understand.

Hello Mysticmetal,

It seems your script is not working anymore? I tried for example It does give a trust level and screenshot but not title, description or keywords. Also, when clicking on “Click to go to the URL” it redirects to which (of course) does not exist.

Is there a fix or update planned? Thank you in advance!

you missed the http in the url which caused the redirection. not script’s fault. sometimes the website behind the shorturl doesn’t contain any meta info like title, keywords so script can’t find anything to show in those fields.

You are right, I must have been sleeping ;) Thank you and a happy new year!

7 months ago you said there would be multiple link support…

is this still under works?

does the script still work?

interested but only if there’s multiple link support… too tedious doing it one at a time…

Hi man, look:

Uncovered URL is: Error 1: Can’t find url

For linkbucks… Dont work.

Note: Tested 8 links.

What are the server requirements? Thanks.

- PHP 5 server - Mod_rewrite enabled - Curl enabled - Safe_mode disabled

aka any modern hosting supports this script.

do you still provides support for this script, like updates or fixing problems

are you planning for release the last version of the script that one that is on the demo

Hello, have been waiting for more than 10 days , any update ? emailed you the errors on the script ….

Hi, we have submitted the update to envato. waiting approval.

hey how long does it take for approval any idea ? Can u send me this update via email ?

Hello. You still support the project?

please contact us via the profile page

Hello, the demo is very different from the download, I like the demo, buy for that reason.

I want that version, l have sent a message. Where is it?

the script is in developed still and we’re testing it now. expecting a release next week.

Thank you very much, I’ll be waiting.