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Hello, i have a question, if i buy this script


already it comes with the advertising included or i need to do that? And another thing, in case I already come with the advertising included How much as my profit would be?

How much $ approximate would I earn every 1000 visits?

thanks, I hope your answer

the script is coming with advertising management
you just join any advertising network and paste the code to the script and it will appear to the visitors
and about the profit you make it depends on many factors, like from which country your visitors are coming from and what type of ads the click on,
anyway you can make good money if you have a lot of visitors
Best Regards

hi can use API code for all site using wordpress and i change code adv to see but nothing change

please buy the script to get support

hello, does this give data on unique/non unique click visitors?

no it gives you all visitors
you can use google analytics for more details

How do I set it so that the shortened link goes directly to the URL without stopping at the inbetween page. I want to use this to directly link to other sites without advertising or extra pages.

to remove the waiting page
open file m.php

just before

$templatefile = 'm';
add this code
$target_url = $fetch['url']; header("location: $target_url"); if you need any help just contact me
best regards

abdul i cn see only ads in your download page is it possible to put ads in other pages????

yes it’s possible but editing the html page is easy to do

abdul bro is it possible to imtegrate registration system in it?

it’s possible but you will need to edit the script you will need a programmer to do the job for you
you can find good programmer to what you want for reasonable low fees at this website
many just post your project and you will get many offers
Best Regards

abdul202 how to install URL Shortener with Ads and Powerful Admin Panel script ??? can you share video tutorial plz i dont know how can i install this script

please purchase the script first then i will help you

is there an automatic generate url script available for this url shortener? so I do not need to change old links manually

No i don’t have