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Gr8 Script. Please could you help me with the installation. Just having a bit of problem,

Thanks, Joe

What is the problem precisely?

To use the class, you simply need to link to the file and create an object. When you have an object you can call the functions from the class.

You can find more on this page:

Can I use my own URL ?

You mean your own url shortener? This is not possible at the moment, but I could make this possible if you want that.

Did you make the changes so we could use are own URL shortener?

I promise I will look into that. But at the moment I am having exams and I don’t have much time to edit this script.

Seems is not supported whem i’m trying it at demo.

correct, but I’ll see what I can do. ;)

I mean the expander

:) Will buy and recommend this script if you can make it more advanced

User logins Own url shortener Stats / user stats / report link problem multi url shortener

good luck bro :)

Can I add other URLs that are not listed?

If you edit the php file, you can. You need to have a knowledge of php to do this.

maybe updatet whit other services? i like to unshort the url

Your demo is not working where can we see the script

Hi still the script is available ?

This script is still available, but will no longer be updated.

To use this script, does i need to get some API number from the shortener sites?

It does not need an api key for the available url shorteners.