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Interested in purchase but looks like youtube has changed there data structure again so this script is useless. This has happened to me on many scripts that I have purchased that leave them useless. What are your intentions with this script and are upgrades free or do I have to pay for them? Thank you in advance for your answer!

All Updates will be Free of cost.

Hello, you just relased an update, can we see the changelog please?

Changelog is updated.

- Upgrade to YouTube API Version 3 for YouTube Search.

The demo doesn’t show USA, Youtube doesn’t seem to work and you don’t mention what the maximum results are. I would like to buy, but am not sure of your continued support.

By default its pulling result from USA.
Please contact on support if you are facing any issue , Here its working fine. For Support you can email us at

Hi, I’m getting warnings when searching for YouTube videos and there’s no results showing for YouTube, Google is ok. Please help.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/artofm/public_html/ on line 329

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/artofm/public_html/ on line 461

Please send email at or submit ticket on with ftp login info

Sorry, I just didn’t create and replace Google/YouTube API key, now it works fine :)

Hello, nifty looking script you have here, but the demo doesn’t seem to work?

Please contact via email :

I’m still waiting my problem was solved.

What should I do in order to check and over 100 records

Google only allow 100 records. Sorry for this.

ok thanks

Does your script support proxies? is it using file_get_contents or cURL?

Also, can it scrape more than just the first page of google? can you make it scrape all pages for the resulted results?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
We are using cURL for Google data.
Google only allow us 100 results.

Hi JoinWebs, thanks for this pretty cool script. I have some problems running it on my domain. After searching a keyword selecting german search engine, the search results remain blank and nothing happens. Can you help me?

Hi JoinWebs, did you receive my email support request?

Can we add ad banners, edit main page? Would it be possible to add a pop up email form for them to download results? Send results via email and collects/ stores emails? I would pay extra for that. Awesome script!

Also where is united states from drop down? Seriously? No US. That would be a deal killer

Please add United States to drop down. It shows in your screenshots but not on demo. Would you install this for me?

Please contact on support.

Hello, I just bought your script especially for the scrappeur url google. It does not work. Can you help me ? Is there a configuration to do. I said that YouTube runs but it was not the purpose of my purchase.

Thank you for your answers



I still have no answer from you about the non-functioning of your script. I have you yet sent the FTP password. Can you see it quickly?

Thank you for your reply.


Hi JoinWebs, did you receive my email support request? Still waiting

Can you please resend email?

Google search not work, youtube search done. Please help me. I sent a e-mail to you…

Thanks for email. Team will help you.

I’m still waiting

Is it possible to scrap just a single site for URLs?

Thanks for showing interest in our product.
If you are asking we have this feature, then i am sorry we don’t have this, But if you are asking its possible, then sure its possible with customization,
For Customization please contact at

Hello I just buy it. But it is not possible to scrap RSS ? Thanks for your answer

Please contact at support.

How do I return more than 100 results or go to the next page?

Thanks for purchase our scraper. I am sorry to say but Google only allow us 100 results.

Hi, Will this work on shared hosting.

Can I charge a fee to people who want to use the tool once I have it set up on my own website or am I only able to allow free use of the tools by others.

Will usage of the scraper be blocked by google or youtube if I have too many people using the tool on my website.

I had the same questions about your other script:

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for showing interest in our Product.
Yes Sure you can use this on shared hosting.
Nothing will be blocked.

Thanks, Could you give me an answer to the other question also:

Can I charge a fee to people who want to use the tool once I have it set up on my own website or am I only able to allow free use of the tools by others

Sure you can charge from user.s.
Also visit this link for more info.

will google ban my domain IP address if 500 of my customers hit the script all at once?

Please contact at support

If there is a solution to prevent the person who purchased this script from getting his server IP banned by google when a lot of people use it, please go ahead and post that here since it is likely that several other buyers will also greatly benefit from this information.

Please contact at support we will try our best.