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Nice, bookmarked.


Really interesting, good idea ;)
HTACCESS are always boring to write.

Good luck with sales !


thank you :)

suoer thanx

1. Does this make urls work both ways? IE: If user enters it redirects to, but works too, right?

2. Does this show the rewritten url in the browser url field? IE: When a user enters, it would redirect and show in the url field.

Is this correct? Thanks.

The application allows you to create friendly url and redirect automatically. For example: to Upon entering the url will be redirected to If page is static like check the option static URL and you can rewrite the url. See an example here:

Does the app have the option to disable the .html in the redirect? In your video, the redirected pages still contain .html

I’d prefer it to look like

Is this possible?

does it worked with win 2003 server wi,th asp pages?

Sorry, only work for Apache Server.

Hello nekroart,

I have already read your full item description. I am very much interested to purchase this item. But I have some query. I have already develop one website by the core php this URL is responsive rashed khan magazine time

I want to made this URL by your software or

I have such as URL 100+. is it possible to make URL SEO friendly. by your software. Please let me know

Hi,Yes. Works with multiples query string parameters.

I think I will convert 100 + URL. in .htaccess file.please let me know.

just purchased and tested and it doesn’t work on my site….. am using Apache and have this generated with no result:

RewriteRule ^europe-austria\.php$ /hotel-search?continent=Europe&country=Austria [L] RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,9}\ /\ HTTP/ RewriteRule ^europe-austria\.php? [L,R=301]

the page is still being displayed with the usual url…..

unfortunately, can’t open this application with my Mac.

Hi, looks interesting. Good luck with sales.

video link is not working.