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You need to make sure it works with redirects. For example, http://reddit.com doesn’t work (it redirects to www), but http://www.reddit.com works.

I’ll add this in the next update.

very nice little script!

Thanks :)

Haha I was thinking of building one of these :) nice work. Does it do full directories? Would be very usefull if you could set a depth when crawling for links.

Thanks, It extracts URLs from the submitted website URL, it doesn’t extract links from other directory’s or URLs. If it was extracting URLs from other directory’s or URLs the request time would be much larger. :)

A very nice idea. Also running smoothly. It was nice, thank you.

http://www.urlextract.com/ :)

Thanks for purchasing.

Some reason, I can’t view. I get: Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address. Do you have a direct link?

Nice script once again :D

Thank you :)

We use this tool very much but there is no option for getting internal or external website links that is the most important function we use How can we get that we are ready to buy the script if you make this modificaion

Further when we search links it is also extracting images links which is a bug

You can see the option here both for internal and external. It is good to know your outbound links for seo purpose so it works http://99webtools.com/link-extractor.php

Let me know when ready very simple function I will buy

Script also got email why http:/mailto:sales@aaaa.com

it needs to append the url to relative path’s if it doesn’t exist…

some websites use full path domain url, other use relative path…

the output needs to show the full domain url path… so i can copy paste it into a bulk downloader…


http://www.domain.com/images/X.jpg = correct

/images/X.jpg = no good.

if i paste /images/X.jpg into my bulk downloader, it is not of any use…

this is the output example:





first line is correct, shows full path… line 2-4 is wrong.

another example:




I have made a fix and submitted the update, thanks for letting me know about it :)

nope, still not working properly, now it says


instead of


as it’s supposed to be.

can you make to extact emails as well ?

The only way I can think of to extract emails is by using regular expressions, this item doesn’t use regular expressions to extract.

@ extrac anything as email

can this be modified to make the checkboxes checked multiple and run script ?


installed the script, but when i run a search it fetches the data but doesnt load the template, http://boyddigital.co.uk/urlfetch

I havent changed anything, downloaded it and uploaded it from here

It runs as expected for me.

Nice script… I would like to insert some ads below the input form and between the input form and the results box… which file should I modify for this?

Got it… /templates/TH1/main.html

Please contact me, checcocaputo@outlook.com i like this script but i want some changes

Its possible to allow to extract email?

Just purchased this product and installed it on my server. I want to extract all href links from the entire website, but the program stops after the first webpage. I get maybe 20 links that appear to be from the first page only. How do I get it to scan the entire website and extract all href links?

The tools some time give error also in demo and also at my site I added url http://theseotools.co.uk Error there is no url it happen with many urls please help