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I love this but I can’t seem to understand where to place it…lol Does it pull as many feeds as you like?

You can save to database using normal form submit.

$(...).urlData({ name: “urldata_meta_data” }); “urldata_meta_data” is hidden textarea name & id. You can use it for form submit. It is containing collected data.

Now You can see sample from end of the Usage section.

hey m8, i really love this script, do you know if it’s hard to implement it in a codeigniter application? thx and glws!

Thanks. I’ll help.

u definitely deserve a 5 star for this!

Thank you very much.

Great 5 stars :)

Thank you very much.

Hi there! Absolutely fantastic script, I like it! I have an issue though. Evertyhings works fine (link, video..) except the images. I can not parse any image. I give the exact url, but the script does not take it. Can you point out what can caouse the problem? I really need this to work.

5 Stars

I just sent the e-mail.

Sry for the duplicates :P

Outstanding support! Fast and helpfull. Highly recommended.

Hi, We purchased this plugin and tried integrating it into codeigniter but there are some issues.

We mailed you the code and details, could you please give your inputs on it.

Cheers! Anil

I replied to your mail. You can use $this->load->library(‘opengraph, $config);


Can URL-DATA use for users only? I mean, for instance you need have to sign in to your account to see the box “Enter a valid url” and then write the url you want to share.

I want use to my forum script, but i wish only members can use it.


Awesome plugin… one question though… since our server is in Netherlands, many description and texts returned are in Dutch… like Facebook, Twitter etc…

Is there any option to set language, as I can’t seem to find it? Thanks much.

Never mind I found it…

It is imperative to add Accept-Language inside headers, otherwise your server location is dictating locality which renders the script useless.

private function get_by_curl($url){

$curl = curl_init($url);
//    $headers = array("Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,/*;q=0.8;Accept-Language: en-US;q=0.8,en-gb;q=0.6,en;q=0.4");
$headers = array('Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,/*;q=0.8;','Accept-Language: en,en-us;q=0.8,en-gb;q=0.5');


We have sent you 2 emails about the issue we are facing but did not receive a response, please respond so we can move forward, thanks.

I am sorry. But i had reply two times. I need to see your usage. ?an you send to me your simple usage source code if you can’t to see me your project!

I can’t tell what is wrong when i didn’t watch you code. Thanks.

Sure, the code example (url preview)

Sample e resumo do processo de url preview:

1 – VIEW – INSERT AND SUBMIT [1st file]

  <?php echo css('urldata.previewer.min.css'); ?>
    <?php echo js('urldata.previewer.js'); ?>
    <?php echo form_textarea(array('name' => 'messages','id' => 'messages', 'rows' => '2','height' => '40', 'class' => 'linkPreview _url_parser', 'placeholder' => $this->lang->line('post_something') )); ?>
    <div id="preview" />
      name: "messages",
      onComplete: function(data){
        var posttemp = $('#mb_comm').attr('rel');
        var dataw = data;
            url: 'http://<?php echo $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]; ?>/feed/insertlink/'+posttemp,
            data: ({'urldata': dataw}),
            type: "post" 


2 - CONTROLER feed
    public function insertlink($id) {
        header('Content-Type: application/json');
        } else {
          echo 'Sem URL';

3 - MODEL insertlink
    function insert_link_feed(){
        $id_post = $this->uri->segment(3);
        $link = $this->input->post('urldata');
        $this->db->query("UPDATE news SET link='$link' WHERE id='$id_post'");

    <span class="_urldata_result_container">
      <?php echo $item['link'] ?>

I have mailed to your rgomes@ ... .pt. Two .js files are attached. Overwrite your .js files. These files are fixed for Youtube url generate. Thanks

Great, ir worked.

We have a few more issues:

To Check:

- Video Provider:, strange height problem - Video Provider: vimeo, strange behaviour while openning - Ajax loader image doesn´t disappear (ever) - Play icon doesn´t disappear during play/video - Can´t see pause/close icon during play/video


Any update?


I just purchased it, How to use this plugin, I did not find any documentation.

I uploaded to plugins folder and it don’t show up there.


Did you know? It is not plugin for any framework.

Hello.. If I have an APP where readers post the only link that will be sent to a website. you can bring up the preview automatically without the user confirming this on the site?

I mean on the Front-end PHP Site


I wonder if is there a way to use with Wordpress?


Hello presales question, I need this script to run on page load, can I do this? i have a wowbook slide page purchased from – the content will vary thus the meta data will vary, I have the dynamic meta with no issue but in facebook it does not load automatically (weird) its fine in Twitter, Gplus, Pinterest. Thus why I need to know if your script will work for on page load? thanks

Hi BamDaa, are you able to assist? I purchased it now

Is this still supported?

I noticed that it pulls images from the website. In cases where none of the images are appropriate, is there an option where the user can choose to not use any image?

this does not work


khrew Purchased

Hi Baamda it is not saving data in db or anywhere on refreshing the page the link saved vanishes off, please help