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I would like to see a live version of this plugin. There’s a website where I can see it working?

Would love to experience it. Even see the flout version.

so, what the problem?

Demo not working

hello, try now


Is it compatible with Userpro plugin to show and link profiles and only logged in users can chat.?

I test it and it is really nice ;-)

I know it work for guests however I want it for the logged in users only? and in regards to the users do you think it will show users profile picture?

where can i see the documentations ?

urchat not work with user pro

my 2nd post was not referring to Userpro. it was about wordpress users.

anyway good luck ;-)

This is a pre-sale question,

I tried the demo, very smooth and nice!

Besides using email address in able to chat. people can enter a fake name email just to chat. This is NOT good for the real login members. This also will scare the real members away off the site.

The main question is, does it work with buddypress login users, meaning the chat will show the default login members avatar and/or also can click their avatar to their profile?

Please advise, thanks

Hi mmetrodw,

Thanks for your quick replied. Just a note, a lot of people used buddypress for dating sites and social networks sites, and/or able to hook to the wp login users. Because members needed to see other members avatars!

Just a recommendation, if you can switch your wonderful chat compatible with buddypress login users, guarantee it will be a killer sale and a killer plugin. This the only thing (avatar) stopped me from it. Probably for others too… (Bummer)

If able to get the avatar going, I be the next buyer!

thank you for your recommendation, i think about integration buddypress, if more user ask about it.

Thanks mmetrodw,

Your are welcome. Nice to hear! Please put me on the waiting list or mailing list for your buddypress update.

Btw, that upload image pop-up is awesome!

Floating at the bottom of the demo I want to know how.

Ti support ?? I do not understand. Request detailed explanation I am Korean English to Google Translator

“to support” sorry

Hi. Is there anyway the admin can get notified someone is chatting with them besides sound? Popup, email, text message, etc? Thanks!

hello, no, chat not have private chating, if send email or etc, admin get all msg other user.

Hi, awesome chat plug-in works smoothly. It would be super if you make it compatible with buddypress login users. GLWS ;)

Hi, there, Pre-sale question here,

Awesome demo, very nice! I’d like to embed your chat window into a wordpress page built with Visual Composer (not in a post), is it doable with a shortcode or something similar ?

Thanks in advance for your reply… ; )

Is this only for Admin to User, or can User chat to User ?

do u watch live preview?

yer, but that has no sound either, was just vid. Actually need to test it out, may not even work with my theme

yes, mobile have problem with autoplay, most mobile devices this is not allowed by the operating system

Hi there,

I wonder if you can add a feature which will allow user to speak to another user in a separate chat windows. This would be awesome, and will probably increase by far your sell… even if you have to publish it as a new addon for the original plugin.

Because believe me, you will be the only only one with this kind of product! In every comments of chat plugins for Wordpress, I see people asking for a “user to user” chat, but this actually doesn’t exist.

There is some business to do here… because Urchat has already live notification, which is huge. The only thing needed now is a 1 to 1 chat.


Hello I’ve sent you a private message. I just bought the plugin and integrated it to my website. But the problem is the sound notification doesn’t work for receiver. How do I fix that? Thanks

And I’ve put this comment in case another one has the same problem ;)

ok, send me email with link for test

chat dont have history cache

Hello, congratulations to the plugin.

I have some pre-sale questions:

1) Can I choose which fields users will enter to chat? (I’m interested in the name and email); 2) If the option to insert the email is true, can I filter the list of all who logged in?

3) Is there a system that verifies the email entered? because in the demo version, I entered an email me @ me and passed.

4) Is it possible to hide the user’s e-mail for other users (leave the information not public)?

Hi. Is this plugin still live/supported? Demo link redirects to non existent page:

Not Found The requested URL /demo/html/WPURC/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


hello, sorry for that, fixed now

Thank you :) Just to make sure it’s what I need, is this a visitor > admin or user > user chat? Thank you