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In the new update pop up does not work

Does the map work without the API key? I promise to solve this problem soon.


In wp-admin the map works But on the page it does not work

In the Uptown configuration Yes, there is the “Google Maps API Key” Please see this screenshot (in your email) I also sent the accesses of my site to your email

I need urgent help!

OK now I send you a message.

Pre-purchase questions.

I am in the US. Can all items be easily translated for dollars, rental pricing/sale pricing, feet instead of meters, etc.?

This will be used for commercial buildings. On the left panel, there is number of rooms, etc. Can these titles and options be EASILY changed/customized/added? Will be looking for customized filters including sorting by location (state/city)

Where does the keyword section search from? The content of the description, address, etc, or everything?

Thank you in advance for the quick response.


- Yes, currency and unit can be changed directly and easly from the settings panel (Please check video you can see the settings panel there)

- Plugin comes with a translation module. So you can change any static string you see using that translation module directly. You can see that also in the video.

- Location supports a hierarchical structure. In the address panel please select London than you will see that districts of London will be added to the filter automatically. That part of filter supports any depth.

- You can prefer which filter options to show (and not to) from the settings panel.

- Search keyword searches title and description BUT there’s a seperate search option for address. I wanted to keep them seperate from each other for better functionality.

Thank you for this info. I have another question. I already have a website with properties in place. What will be the process of getting the existing listings to work with the new plugin? I would prefer not to have to add the properties one at a time.

Even if the post type is the same, meta keys will be different. So you will need to set property values one by one.

Hi there,

Pre-purchase question.

Does this plugin allow a user that isn’t the admin post their own listings onto the site without going into the back end of Wordpress?


I plan this. I also plan to let visitors insert/edit property directly from front end….but I can’t promise when to complete it.

Hi, Is it compatible with WPML?

Ok cool. Any idea when that will be?

I code another plugin now and I plan to complete it in a week. So I can promise for a week later.


QUAL Author

Hello, I found out that it would be near to impossible for me to support WPML, sorry about this. If the product is meaningless for you without this feature, please request a payback. I will approve.

I’ve sent several messages to the support email and have not received a response. I purchased the plug-in and I have a few problems with it and I need help immediately.

My maps are not working, they don’t show up at all on my pages and on the editing property page the map shows up but does not have the correct address in it (I did add my Google Maps API key).

Also, your css seems to conflict with Visual Composer’s css causing that property page to appear hidden. I had to disable several CSS styles in the page template PHP file in order to get the page to even show up. The plug-in says it’s compatible with VC so I’m not sure why this was overlooked? Please respond ASAP so I can move forward using this plug-in. Thank you


QUAL Author

Hello, I replied your question 5 days ago, would you please check your SPAM folder? I want to help you. I’m now sending another mail.

Thank you, I did find your email from this morning in my spam. I dug through and didn’t find any other emails but that could be on my end. I replied to your email and am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Is there a way to import real estate listings into this plugin?


QUAL Author

No not yet. What do you want to do? Export from excel? or from another post type? I’m collecting good ideas.

hi, i want ask pre question, if i buy it, can i add new properties from your plugin, or your plugin just only for properties filtering thanx


QUAL Author

You can add properties from admin panel. I suggest you to watch the video or take a look at the screenshots. “Add Property” page comes with useful meta-values.

Do you have a plan supporting for Cornerstone plugin?