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Fatal Error… Any update? Fatal error: Access level to SYN_Shipping_Method::get_field_default() must be public

I have sent 2 e-mails about the issue, still looking for a solution. Plug in is active but no shipping is showing on the check out page and error message says “no shipping is installed”

Is this plugin still supported?

Author hasn’t responded to anyone in months and it is confirmed this does not work within the latest version woocommerce as you can’t add UPS to a shipping zone. Everyone will need to find an alternative.

The authors lack of engagement on the comments here as well as not maintaining a changelog shows they are not interested in supporting our critical ecommerce websites. I have decided to move away from the WooMedia shipping plugins to those provided by WooCommerce.

Hey WooMedia,

Are you aware of the bug for instance when you try and ship to Las Palmas which really should be Spain (ES) but UPS require it to be Canary Islands (IC).

Are you planning on patching this?

This plugin offers something I am specifically looking for which is shipping from multiple locations. Woocommerce UPS Shipping plugin unfortunately does not provide this. After seeing the comments I am very disappointed since It would have been perfect and even more affordable. Already spent so much money with Woocommerce to find out they do not have the feature I’m looking for.

I hope the woomediainc developer is ok. Seems like a great plugin with plenty of sales. Not much reason to neglect it.

Plugin doesn’t work with WooCommerce 3+. When do you update?

Hi ! My plugin isn’t working, it says ” no shpping methods available” and in the debug console it says to se product dimensions and weight, but I already set them !!! Can you PLEASE help we’re losing customers here !!!!!!!!!

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Hello, is the plugin provides these features: 1. in the administration interface must make it possible to define for each country defined (the list of cities and for each city the list of delivery points, 2.in the frontOffice the user can simply choose city and delivery point in two lists, the Country is fixed (automatically detects by ip address)

Hi, does this plugin offer the function to generate UPS labels within Woocommerce? If it doesn’t do that then how does it offer tracking? Thanks for your help, Matthew

Wanted to buy as the other UPS dev on here did the same thing a few years back. seems it is not supported and dev does not care anymore. Envato should remove this plugin if the author fails to reply and support it for 3.0.

Hi support team. We have sent a request for support for the below question but not had a response yet.

Please could you tell me how I can set quantity-based shipping rates? The store charges $10 for 6 to 17 items, $15 for 18 to 23 items and shipping is free for 24 or more items.

I cannot see how I can set this.

Thank you

I have just re-downloaded this plugin to see what updates might be available. I was surprised to see many updates in 2015-2017 that are NOT reflected in the changelog on the product sale page. here is what I see. I suggest the author either add these items to the sale page?

2017.06.07 – version 2.2.7 * Fix for Woo 3

2017.04.20 – version 2.2.6 * Fix for Woo 3

2016.11.30 – version 2.2.5 * Fix for is_enabled

2016.07.06 – version 2.2.4 * Fix javascript error that also fix services ordering

2016.06.23 – version 2.2.3 * Fix for WooCommerce 2.6.1

2016.06.14 – version 2.2.2 * Fix for WooCommerce 2.6

2016.06.13 – version 2.2.1 * Fix Puerto Rico * Fix XML

2016.01.27 – version 2.2.0 * Fix no rates

2015.11.14 – version 2.1.9 * Fix Checkout

2015.11.05 – version 2.1.8 * Fix Enabled status in general shipping page

2015.04.07 – version 2.1.7 * Fix price adjustment

2015.03.25 – version 2.1.5 * Fix multiple units * Fix method name

Is this working on Turkey ups ?

So, does this UPS plug-in work with the latest version of woocommerce or not? I’ve seen only two posts from people that say yes. Does anyone who actually purchased and installed since the update on 6.June.2017 have a response?

Does this work with WooCommerce 3+?


maciic Purchased

This plugin does not work with the latest WooCommerce (3.1+). The author has not responded to support emails. DO NOT BUY!

Hi, When are you planning support for WPML?