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Do you have any plans for a function to track the tracking number for an order and later after it’s confirmed through UPS as delivered, trigger the posting of the date it was delivered in a mysql table?

Hi rbkinsey,

I’m sorry I don’t because it will be different for each implementation you are using. However, the code is pretty easy to understand if you are a PHP developer and you can check the current status easily.

If you have any questions please let me know.



Hello Mr Chip,

My name is Stephanie.

My coworker Marshal & I purchased your script and with just a few changes got it installed as a plugin to cart throb installed on expression engine .

I know just enough php to be dangerous and definitely not object oriented php.

Please forgive me if my questions are naive.

OK here is what I did so far:

your example.php is my shipping-choices.html (php is functional on it – Expression engine still labels html)

your ups-rates.php & rates.php I combined into my Cartthrob_shipping_ups_rates.php

Question 1

Once I select a shipping option like UPS 2Day Air or whatever how do I get it to go to another_page & what do I do to get the selected value?

I tried putting the shipping_results div below in a separate form named choice below the shipping_methods form <form name="choice" action="another_page" method="post"> <div id="shipping_results"> <? if (isset($_POST['zip_code'])) echo $select_list; ?> </div> </form>

and changing this part of your class code
if ($this->select_class != '') $class = ' class="'.$this->select_class.'"'; return '<select name="shipping_rates" onchange="javascript:document.choice.submit();"'.$class.'>'.$option_list.'</select>'; }

as well as adding this to your class code – this is where I need the selected_value to be public function get_shipping() { return "selected_value"; }

However it kept returning to the shipping-choices.html page and not the another_page and I tried $_POST[‘shipping_rates’]; as the selected_value but that didn’t work as far as I could tell

Any direction at this point would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Question 2

Can you help me to include UPS LTL rates as well? We have items over 150lbs. I would be willing to pay! if not could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Stephanie Ross

Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for purchasing my script :) Don’t worry about asking questions I’m here to help.

Please could you send me a contact request via my author page. That way we can communicate via e-mail, which is going to be a LOT easier then trying to do it via this method :)

Also, if possible could you provide me with the weblink you guys are working on so that I can get an idea of how you have things setup.



Does this script allow for UPS Dimensional support? Otherwise, sending to UPS LxWxH to get accurate rates back?

Hi tfarino,

The script currently doesn’t support to send Dimensional weight. Also, the package weight is limited to 150 pounds (UPS restriction, not mine). However, you could edit the XML file in the script, and you might be able to add dimensional weight.


I would like to know if I can use this calculator to connect and retrieve through a API, Fedex/UPS etc.. rates, then through a excel file or built in the interface (my own price structure), add my margins and costs and finally display that total to the client?

If it cannot connect through API, is it possible for me to add specific rules and variables using a excel or the user interface to add my costs and margins and then display the total to the client?

Here is what i am trying to accomplish: Client can choose between 4 shipping methods. Each shipping method has its own cost breakdown (different margins etc..) and package size limitations. So from each service selected, it will need to “retrieve” the maximum allowed package size etc.. to be able to ship with the specified service.

Thank you,

Hello, BraBox,

I’m sorry for my late reply. The tool is only the API for UPS, and not FedEX. I have looked at FedEX API and it is a lot different than UPS. If you are a PHP developer then you can change a lot of things easily with the script, but if your not a PHP developer then the things you are requesting really wouldn’t be possible.

Again, i’m sorry for the delay in my response.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Chip

Hi have you considered adding label printing to the script?

Hi, wwwguru3, sorry no. The hasn’t really been much calling for a label printing feature.

Awesome script, was able to use it with Ajax calls to get shipping rates. Do you plan on creating something similar for FedEx?

HI Delaware,

Thank you for liking my script. Please remember to vote :)

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any plans to build a FedEX script at this time.

Thank you again for your purchase.

Thanks, I actually downloaded the FedEX PHP SDK and was able to use it to obtain rates.

Great stuff Delaware Creative!

Well Done. Thank you again for purchasing my script.

First of all your demo page doesnt work, can you please fix it so we can see the plugin in action? :)

Also are there any way to show the shipping prices in euros?


Demo is not working.

Hello, Ryan,

I’m sorry I disabled it because the money I make from codecanyon does not justify the cost of the up-keep of the server.



this is a question for the licsense, can i use this code as a developer hired by a company for an ecommerce website like

Hi, Andy,

You could buy the script, and use it for a project. But you’d have to buy it each time you wanted to use it. For example, if you had 3 projects. It would require 3 purchases.



Hi, I’m having a strange issue with this script.

The script is accepting invalid zipcodes, for example. I’d set ::ship_zip to equal 123dd, and the country to US, and it still returns rates. But there is no zipcode 123dd, in the US, at least not that I’ve ever heard of.

Any insight on the issue at all?

Hi, Obadyah,

I have tested this, and I guess UPS is just trying to give an estimated guess on that zip code. If I type in something crazy like PH2232 it doesn’t return anything, but if you type some numbers at the start it will give some return value. If you wanted to block this – my recommendation would be to accept only numbers in your input field, and if it was less than 5 in length reject it then ask the customer to re-submit their information.

Thank you for the purchase.

Hello Mrchip

I have purchased your script and it seems to be working fine.

My Question is, is it possible to use this script without UPS account? like I don’t use UPS as a shipping provider and instead I use local carriers to ship products.

Please suggest me how do I use this, however I have rate chart in a html page if I can use it and mention somewhere in the page directly and get it working?

Please suggest

thanks Sanjeev

Hi, Sanjeev,

Sorry for my late reply.

It would be almost impossible to use my script for anything but UPS. The reason for this would be because each provider has their own type of data for fetching rates.

Most providers do use XML (which is what the UPS script is using), but the data is completely different. In order to do it, you would need to know programming.

However, most providers do provide examples in their development solutions.

My advice would be to do this (if you want use another shipping company):

1. Find what local carriers you want to use. Most e-commerce stores only use one shipping company for their business because of these two reasons:

A. It’s cheaper to use just one shipping company. The more you ship with that same company, the more discount you will get.

B. It’s a general pain to develop code for different shipping companies. It’s more than just getting the code right, it is also taking into account shipping requirements like: box, package, weight, etc.

2. Go to the shipping company you have chosen and sign up for their developer documentation.

3. Look for example code in their documentation.

4. Google people who have got that code working online.

5. Write your own program or class to build it.

Please Note: That a lot of shipping companies have little documentation or features. For example, in the USA the USPS (United States Postal Service) has pretty bad online options and documentation.

So it can take a lot of effort, but if you are committed you can do it :)

I’m sorry this wasn’t an easy answer, but I hope it helps you on your project.

i purchased this plugin in it notwork how to Install Plugins on wordpress ? Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hello Bossysaifong,

I’m sorry but this script is a standalone script, and is not intended for WordPress

Hello, does this also calculate international shipping?

The script can give rates for international shipments, but really you wouldn’t want to use this tool for very expensive items because it does not take into account width and height of the items. Also, UPS limits the weight below 150 pounds.


How do i exactly install this?

I have a wordpress website and i uploaded the files directly into my hosting root folder.

where do i go from there?

could this script be integrated into opencart 2 v

could this script be integrated into opencart 2 v

This script working now coz last updated in 2010 can you share some demo…

Hi, I’m looking for a tool like this one to implement in my website but I notice that this is very old is this working now?

Is this just for UPS? I want to use the Tracking features on my website.. advise the way forward pls