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Dear sir,

I purchased your script and installed it. However I added some file extensions for restrictions but it is not working. The files still get uploaded.

Please help.



Please email me the details and I’ll check it out.


How easy do you figure it be to add a full screen preview on the ‘This is your download link’ page to image types(jpg, png, etc)? Basically replacing the image link with an image preview instead.


It shouldn’t be too hard but you certainly need to know some PHP in order to do that modification.

Gotcha, I’ll give it a go :) . By any chance, would you be available for freelance work at the moment, for this script? A couple of minor changes I’m thinking of, but not sure if I’ll be able to implement fully.

Sure, feel free to email me anytime you want.

Hi there, bought and istall the script, however it is not displaying properly Pls. advice

I can’t see the site as I’m asked to create an account. Anyway, just make sure you followed the installation instructions and the .htaccess file was properly uploaded.

All is ok, ignore the message. Put in config, while it had to be

Wouldn’t it be sort of essential that there be a report function for illegal/bad files?

I’ll consider it for future updates. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dear sir,

I’ve downloaded your software program and installed it on my server: On my hosting i created a file called .user.ini with the following details:

memory_limit = “9000M” upload_max_filesize = “9000M” post_max_size = “9000M” max_execution_time = 1000 max_input_time = 1000

This should allow me to have a upload possibility until 9000MB. But unfortunately all uploads above 100MB will be cancelled. Do you know what the problem is?

You may need to increase the max_execution_time if the upload is too slow. However, you’ll need to check your server logs to see what’s going on. Your hosting provider should be able to help with this.

Hi Sir,

I’m trying to get my application work on but it will always stop around 170MB. I changed the php.ini. What else can i change to make it work?

post_max_size = 0 upload_max_filesize = 2000M max_execution_time = 1800 max_input_time = 1800

It may be a server timeout, you can check the server logs to see the error message. I’d try increasing the execution time though.

have you ever think about create a login system to users see and share the files…?if has this option i imagine it can be perfect to me…thank you

At the moment there’re no plans to add that feature but I’ll keep it in mind for future releases. Thanks for your suggestion.

how come there are no more updates


gidadv Purchased

Hi, I purchased the script. I tried to download and to set deadlines, but the file is not deleted automatically. Why?

To automatically remove the files a cron job would be needed, but not all shared hosting providers allow that. Instead, the script will delete the expired files when a download is requested for that file.

When a download is requested, the script will check the file expiration options, remove the file and send the user an ‘expired download’ message.

is there a limit on file size?

The file size limit is set by the server config, the script doesn’t set any limit at all.

Hi momo2,

How to upload images, automatic sizing, thumbs or crop? Please help in this regard.

The script does not manipulate files in any way, it just uploads them. If you need image manipulation you’ll need to modify the script, I could do it as a freelance project, email me if you’re interested.


truffc Purchased

Hi there,

Nice to meet you, it’s a nice application for me.

Some questions, can it be able to show the file name and the file expires day in download page?

Also, seems like the file name is too long right now, is it possible to shorten it into 8 alphabet?

Thanks, TruffC


truffc Purchased


That’s not currently supported, however, showing the file name and expiration day in the download page shouldn’t be too hard if you can do some PHP.


truffc Purchased

okok I got that, thanks for your help.

hi, can I use it for upload mp4 and other video formats? And secure them somehow in .htaccess? And then the player make the rest… Without pass protect as you have it here. pls let me know

You can use it to upload any file you want, but it doesn’t include any player out of the box, you’d need to modify the script if you want one.

hi, how can i setting limit 10 gb?

The script doesn’t set any limit at all, if you want to change the limit you’ll have to do that in your server settings.

Can you set multiple passwords for file download? So only 100 users with there own password can download the file?

demo not working!?