Upload Resize Image

Upload Resize Image

Upload resize image is a php script which help you to upload and manage your images to your server.
There is a beautiful interface for help you to simply use it.

- Upload your image
- Fill in the quality, width and height
- Fill in the new name of the image (optional)
- Click on the “Upload” button
- View all uploaded files and manage them

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[2013-12-03]Version 1.3.1:

- Bug fixed

[2013-06-15]Version 1.3.1:

- Speeded up and upgraded the system

[2012-11-30] Version 1.3.1:

-Filename always cast to lower case, so files are ordered correctly now
-Before upload, check if file already exists
-Minor bugs fixed

[2012-09-10] Version 1.3:

-Now you can also upload and resize images .png
-In the files listing, images are now displayed in a gallery

[2012-09-08] Version 1.2.1:

-Fixed same bugs on filename input.
-Added Version number on the Layout(under the “UPLOAD” button).

Version 1.2:

- Fixed bug on Filename input…

Version 1.1:

- Added security control on filename input…