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Great job. I like your style.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Nice work, looks great! It can play live streaming videos? (RTMP). GLWS!

see up message) its flash)

I know, I sent you another PM with new info… Thanks for answering fastly. Good luck with sales :-)

i answered you about about last mail)

very neat,! smooth animations! would love a wordpress version

wordpress version in process)

Wow thanks love the subtle animations..thanks for sharing

Simply WOW! bro you’re work is awesome.

Simply WOW! bro you’re work is awesome.

does it start automatically when the page is opened ? one video re-play ? example 10 times

hello, player have only function autoplay at scroll, if you mean repeat – no, player stops on ended

How does the preroll element work? I’m trying to find an alternative to JWplayer.

VAST / VPAID? I mean technical elements sir.

it’s not VAST or VPAID, it’s direct link to ads video

Ok then it really isn’t pre-roll. Thanks.

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales

Hi, nice work but i’ve a problem.

On full width (div width: 100%) it doesn’t show the control bar. How can i fix it?

hello, please write to support

Hello. Can we see a demo of the Autoplay on Scroll? Thanks.

hello, sorry no demo for this function

Can we embed wistia videos?

if direct link to video file, yes

Hello, Is there a way to resume a video after someone left the page and came back or reloaded the page? Examples would be Netflix. Thanks :)

hello, no


Dayce79 Purchased

1: Uplayer.js has comments in Russian. 2:no running examples in the package. 3: all the themes. auto play. poster, heading, sub heading etc etc.. where does all those functions go? i taught they are already in the u player.js file. To make good and understandably doc, it is always good to include a ful working sample player say player.html.. Is that possible> As therte is nothing people without advanced coding knowledge can do with this>....

Completed demo Sample files not in download. Please send

sorry, not understood you