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I want to buy but i would need the mp3 format in the youtube downloader is it possible to add that format? Everybody has MP3 player and for music is great.

Why i can’t install the app at the second step (i can’t connect to my database ) ???


Question before purchase

Possible to put a function to delete the files once downloaded? Possible to put a restriction on the file to upload once upload? I’m talking about authorize to download the file for example 2 times?

Counter function that displays how many times the file is download?

You have no other plugins with the requested functions? On the php script, is there an admin panel? to manage?

I am looking for an upload / download php script with a member space? It’s just to send image files or archives to the server, for proproses to members.

I am looking for a php upload / download script to do like on the sites here Possible?

Thank you

Hi, I’m interested in this, but have couple of questions:

Does it need a database?

Will the upload keep working in the background until is finished, when i do remote upload and close the browser window?

Does it support remote upload of https links (with or without login)?

yes…its need a database.

No more Preview / Demo available?

How do you propose we get a database? Can you recommend any before i purchase

at purchased file there have database and code…