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Feature request:

1. Schedule notification

2. Delete notification

thank you, I will make sure to implement this asap

Looking forward to it!

Feature request:

1. Schedule notification

2. Delete notification

please consider this…

It is currently being implemented. I will have it ready this weekend.

Requested modifications were implemented and submitted. Waiting for the reviewer to approve the updates.

Updates approved

How do we know what the latest version # is?

I must confess I did not add a version numbering to this item yet. Probably a mistake. however this is the latest version there is. I will make sure the add a numbering, the current version is therefore 1.4 (knowing I have made several updates in the past).

hi krike?

still no update in the feature request as you’d promised.


I apologize, I completely lost track of this. I will do this asap.

Please fix it ASAP …i am lagging behind in a clients work..thanks

I uploaded evrything, but i have not included Jquery, how do i do that?

just add this above the </head> or tag:

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

I want my money back! 2 months later and still no update!

ah sorry about that I completely forgot. hold on I’ll get it done by the end of the week.

Sorry, i cant wait…I just want my money back!

Contact envato.

I have a few pre-sale questions:

1. Can I have 1 install of this, but have the same notifications appear on multiple sites (across my network of sites), even if they are on different dedicated servers?

2. Is it possible to have a different colored notification per site? While blue might look good on some of my sites, others it won’t look good on. So I would want the same notification to appear, but a different colored box that went with the sites colors.

3. Is there a “deadline” date for when notifications expire and are no longer shown so that the latest notification doesn’t continue to be displayed if it is months old, or is the last notification always going to appear until it’s closed, and the cookie is placed on the visitors computer? (I would like there to be an archive without having to delete the notification completely, if possible.) I don’t care so much for a certain date of when a notification appears, as much as I want a end date for when the notification no longer appears.

4. I’m not a coder, is this easy to implement into a site? Is it a simple php include statement and setting up a mysql database, or is there more involved? (I can follow instructions exactly, but have little understanding of an actual coding language outside of following instructions to the letter.)

5. If any of these features don’t exist, would you be willing to add any of them? Some I can live without, others not so much.

This looks like a very nice script that I could use on my network of sites, if it can be used easily across them all.

Sorry for the late response, I don’t check the comments that often. If you have urgent questions always contact me through my profile.

1. The envato rule is 1 license for 1 project. But I’d say yes, I mean I won’t make a big deal out of it.

2. Should not be a problem. if you need help on this let me know.

3. The last notification will always appear even after a few months.

4. Documentation is provided with the steps to follow. You just need to include a file and then you will have access to a couple of functions. Each function is explained in the documentation. If you have any trouble you can contact me.

5) Of course

Hello, lot of problem when i extract the file with the repertory “documentation” and “upload” ,it’s impossible to copy documentation and copy the “style” (and i re-upload the file, same problem )

I just downloaded the file linked to the item and extracted. All seem fine. What tool are you using to extract? what OS are you running?

Thanks, it’s the normal dezziper from windows xp pro ,but in fact ,it’s good . When i see the files and copy/move them on the desktop,i had the bug But if i extract directly it’s Ok

A little windows bug ,not a big problem ,sorry ^^

No problem, good to hear :)

one idea is it possible to “write” a blank notification ? and how ?

for example : 19h55 : the notification text appear

20h00 : a new (but blank) notification “erase” the 19h55 text

no it is not possible currently to write a blank notification. Why would you want this?

Hi Do you have demo or Screenshot? The demo does not work!

Thank you!

Apologies, I have moved everything to a new server but haven’t finished updating everything. i will do this as soon as possible.

Hi there. The live preview does not work. So I can not check it out. Does this script support multiple message boxes on one page and can you also modify messages or only delete them and set them up newly if you want to change the text of one message for instance? Thx in advance and all the best Chris

Hey, sorry I was a bit slow on fixing the demo since i moved to new servers. Everything is working again. Yes the messages should work if there is more than one.

You can for the moment only delete update notifications. Also this is a class. I provide some files to show you how you need to use the class but you will have to modify a few things to integrate this into your own website.

The demo is back online and working. Should I have missed something contact me through my profile, do not post a comment (it is faster this way, envato does not notify me when a new comment is posted)

this is still working?