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Will we get an email letting us know that the new update is available that fixes the link problem?

Hi, you can follow me here on envato, or twitter, or you can subscribe to the item rss

We still don’t see the updated version in the store here. Is there any update to when a new version will be updated so we can link from each slide? It looks like its there, but grey’d out.

Hi, sorry for the long delay. The update is live

Holding off on my review for the update. Excited to see it!

Hi !

I just bought your plugin. I tried to create a new slider, everything works fine. But then on the all the sliders link, nothing is shown. I tried several times, always the same result.

Any idea of what is the problem ?


Hi, please open a support ticket on

Hi Unodor,

I’ve got a little problem with your plugin. When the slider loads, the first slide doesn’t show the caption and/or animated layers. Only after going to other slides and going back does the first slide show the captions and/or animated layers.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, please open a ticket on

Does this work with Thesis? Thanks.

Hi, I didn’t tested it with the Thesis theme, so I can not guarantee an 100% compatibility

Hi,, getting error in admin after installing unoslider:

Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/youresho/public_html/wp-content/plugins/unoslider/application/bootstrap.php on line 45

Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/youresho/public_html/wp-content/plugins/unoslider/application/bootstrap.php on line 67

Please advise…

Thank you….

Ok, found the problem, it seems that the plugin is not 100% multisite compatible. The plugin can not be Network Activated. It has to be activated individually for each site. Please see if you can find a solution for this and let us know ….

Thanks… Ronnie

Just tested plugin,,, I can not get the shortcode to work in the sidebar text widget. Also noticed a flicker of the slider.

Any idea?

Thanks, Ronnie

Hi, please open a tickets for your issues on

Hi, is there any way to set 100% height? Tks in advance

Hi, unfortunately not, the height must be fixed. Or do you mean width?

What i really need its a background slide show (resizable). that is possible with this plugin?

Sure. I have seen many unoslider installations used as a full width background slider.

If you don’t want to change CSS , you can just set the width to some big number, so the slider will always be 100% width. The responsive feature must be enabled.

Hi Unodor,

Just checking to see if you got my email in regards to the JS conflict that’s crashing the plugin on one of my sites. I didn’t see a message box on your profile so I had to email you directly to your support@ address.



Hi, it seems that your email probably got lost somehow. You can open a ticket on a

Hi Unodor I just sent you the email again via your profile message box. Is this okay or do you want me to submit an eticket?



Hello, looking foreword to a replay, Ticket #3663

Great plugin…

Still waiting for 1.1 to fix the linking problem… 1 star :(

Hi, sorry for the long delay. The update is live

The images are resizing fine but when I add an image using html content as I want to create links over it, it does not resize properly? See:

Hi, as I wrote on your previous comment, please open a ticket on, so the support staff can help you.

Thank you

Changed rating to 4 stars!

The latest update fixed the linking problem and also looks much better under the hood.

Thanks Unodor! Great plugin overall. Really amazing amount of customization options are available. A lot of thought and time went into this plugin.

View the site I’m currently developing with the plugin on the homepage here:

Thank you!

wow, it looks really great on your site, good job :)

Is it easy to make it Fullwidth?

Hi, yes, just a one line in CSS


I purchased this plugin in may, and now I want the latest update. But it doesn’t appear under ‘downloads’. Where can I find it then?

Thanks in avance.

Hi, you must be logged in to an account from which you purchased this plugin.

Thx, realized I had two accounts here :-)

I just wanted to say that this plug was wonderful. I built a blank responsive theme to use with all my sites. I purchased a nice slideshow plug for 30 and it was not responsive. Your price is way too low for the quality you offer….. Telling my design friends about you!

Thank you!

It is nice to hear this kind of response :)

I am completely loving this plugin right now. My only issues seems to be in the admin, when I click on Advanced on one of the slides – I can’t click on any of the buttons in the window that pops up. I’m using Chrome as my browser.

Has anyone else had this problem??

Hi, which chrome version do you use? (I don’t have this problem in my Chrome v. 21)

My Installation is showing up without styling. See

Replied to the ticket