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Nice work ! I like the timing bar . Good luck :)

Thanks :)

pre-buy question: can i use the attached images of a post to automatically create a slide (for the post :) )?

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible. You have to create a slides manually

Stunning… I absolutely love it…. This makes purchase 324… I would love to see the next update of this slider have a new load slide… here is an example.

Thanks. I will definitely consider it!

Fantastic, you have me very excited… I presume that from the image I see below that sliders can be of any width, even full page width?

Yes, the UnoSlider can handle any width. Event the full page.


Sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

I need to center my slider on my website and on my iPhone. Can you help me ?

Hi, please open a ticket on so we can help you

Can we add video?

Hi, video is not supported yet.

Great work, good luck with sales!

Thank you Tean :)

cant resist , good job !

Thanks, hope you like it.

Cant test it right now , but by looking at the demo this is exactly what i was looking for a long time! I like it clean and simple , but loaded with options ;)

Perfect job ! The support is perfect too !

Thanks Daniel Marchlik ! ;-)

Thanks for your kind words :)

Did anyone already do some kind of “start by random slide”-function?

Hi, the unoslider doesn’t support start by random slide feature yet. I will add it in a future release.

Hi, i bought and installed the plugin, activated it and created a slideshow for the news section of my website, but its not working properly.

It displays the space in which the slider is meant to be but there isn’t actually anything there.. I think it may be a problem with the J-Query?

Here is the page…. – the slider is meant to be featured under the title “NEWS”

Please help..

Hi, your theme is including the jQuery library the wrong way, so you have a two jQuery libraries on a page (ver. 1.7.1 and 1.4.2), and this causing conflicts and problems.

how do I fix this?

Hi, please open a ticket on so we can help you solve this issue.

Hi there,

Purchased this baby yesterday and love it, but it goes into conflict with a wordpress js and freezes the entire page. Is there a fix for it?

Hi, please open a ticket on so we can help you with this issue.

fyi… I opened your demo site, and it was flagged for a virus.

In which browser and operating system? I don’t see any problems. And there is definitely no viruses on the site

malwarebytes flagged it

Hopefully a simple question for you… If I have a theme that I have bought here, and wish to use your slider and build it in rather than use as a plugin, is this fairly simple?

Sure, you can use a function (next to the shortcode in overview). Just add a ”<?php echo unoslider(ID); ?> To the template file.

Fantastic… thank you.

”<?php echo unoslider(ID); ?> , and ID stands for the slider name ?

ID stands for the slider id


Can we put in html iframes as a slide to show dynamic content?

Hi, sorry, iframes are not supported

Hi, One Question, this slide can be set to 100% width??

Hi, yes, you can set 100% width through the CSS . (you have to use a !important property)

And how to use the link button in each slide?

Hi, you can simply wrap the image in the A tag. But there is a bug with some themes causing that the links can’t be clicked. I will upload fixed version on codecanyon this week.

Cool, tks

Hi, great plugin – very extensive. Has the linking problem been fixed yet? I would really like to make the slides clickable.

Hi, the problem is fixed, it just needs to be approved here on the CodeCanyon.

Hi Unodor,

I just bought another plugin on Codecanyon with ‘responsive layout’, and it turns out that the images themselves don’t resize on smartphones. The slider does, but that’s not enough. Does your plugin also automatically resize images within the slideshow itslef?


Hi, yes, it does resize images

Hi Unodor,

Thanks for your reply but the other plugin I purchased apparently works now. I will keep your plugin in mind though if things go wrong again…