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good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

Thank you Eric! : -)

Hi, is working well!

But you can click also here:

If you have issues, contact me for more details via email, maybe i can help you. : -) Thanks!

With which gateway did you connect the in-app purchases?

Hi, in-app button don’t work in browser version.
In-app / ads working at android, you can download my apk file, and you will see.
If someone don’t need this button (need to have the game only for browser for example), simple delete it! : -)
Thanks for you interest!

hello interested in your game but i want it for android how can i convert html5 game to android ,as u did for your apps ?

Hi! First you need to have construct 2. Next you can export as cordova and finally build with intel xdk. If you don’t have time or construct 2, i offer freelance work.

If you interest contact me via email for more details: odiusfly@hotmail.com


Hi. I like the concept! Do I have to export to CocoonJS to upload to app store (iOS)?

Hi! Thank you!

Need to purchase my game first.. Next need to have construct 2 to export the game + appstore developer account, so after all you can build and publish. You can use intel xdk to build the game..

In case you want to use it as free version a regular license needed. If you want to have as paid version need to buy a extended license.
Thanks again! : -)

For any details please contact me via email: odiusfly@hotmail.com

good game, and i sent mail for support

Hi and thank you for your purchase! Check your inbox please.. : -)

I send email and I never answered

There is no way to get any emails and no answer because i’m available always.
So give me your email here please or try to send me again.
Check also if your email account, if your email delivered 100% to me.


Edit: I see your email now. Was on my spam folder.. You send me some hours before.
Note: Need some time someone to send you an answer, don’t hurry! So, check your inbox now!