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Hi just bought the plugin and I can’t have the full screen mode turned on !

I just read that you removed the function in the version 3. I wasted money because I wanted this plugin especially for this function and you didn’t mention this in the description… Could provide me the version 2 please ? I just need your plugin for a prehome page.


Hi, please send me your email.

Is it possible to get a fullscreen version also on email like damienb_ got as I think? It’s hard for me to find it out in my downloaded Unleash script.

my mail: rasquer at o2.pl

Hi i need to know if there’s an option to deactivate the automatic slide pass, slidewhow : false not working thanks

did you write it ‘slidewhow ’?? it’s ‘slideshow’

sorry sorry sorry my mistake :P

no problem :)

Hi is there any way to get the current slide opened when ‘onSlideOpen’ callback are called? thanks

try this var slide = $(”.main-slide”).unleash({ options … }).data(“plugin_unleash”)

it works! thanks a lot

no problem


Can you please help me with the script it does not work correctly for some reason on different browser. I have created a test page on http://goo.gl/a14FlG The website is based on Twitter Bootstrap it appears that when using google Chrome the slider does not appear unles I refresh the website 2 or 3 times. If I remove the website from cache – it doesnt work agaiin until refreshed. Also when looking at the website on Iphone 6 the slider does not appear until I slide down to the bottom and then to the top -then it appers.

Please help. M112

you are welcome, please don’t hesitate if you need any help. thank you :)

hello, can you please send me your email address as I still require some help with the plugin. Thanks

hello, send me yours at the contact form here http://themeforest.net/user/themegasm

I purchased this a few days ago, works fine in a page all by itself, but when I load it into a page with other elements, it vanishes, Firebug says “Uncaught TypeError: $(...).unleash is not a function” a loading usse?? Can I get some support please, I registered through your system, hope you got it. So I have the issues stated above and also I want to add some social media buttons to a slide and am having issues adding the link. Same with a few images on the slide, want to add a zoom on hover feature to certain parts of certain slides and adding a link seems to blow everything up here is a link to the slider working perfectly in its own page http://bit.ly/1IVDv54 and here it is after i added it to the third section, itsa there you just cant see it. Help me please, thanks

Yes I did. I made everything explode all over the place. Everything seemed to lose its positioning, so i removed it. I was going to add social media icons to the last slide for this.

2nd issue – If you follow the link above, on the third slide you will see 5 images shaped like columns. I want to make them all the same height. When you hover your mouse over one, it will pop-out visually and be bigger then the others

If you know css please do this: for the first issue, try to add an a tag with an absolute position and width and height of 100% so it covers the whole slide, also give it a high z-index, for the second issue, it also requires some css, add transform: scale property when the image is hovered on. If you don’t know css maybe I could help you in my free time, just let me know :)

I do and i shall. i tried adding the link tag via view source in google and it worked fine just now, which is weird because when i did it in dreamweaver and uploaded it everything went crazy. I really appreciate your offer.

Hi, I really like your slider but I work with Wordpress and I’m not sure if I’m able to integrate it in. Also is this mobile friendly, especially for portrait version?

Thanks for the reply. For mobile, my problem is that it still shows as a landscape slider, but it would be better if it changed to be full-screen or something. There’s no such option for this, I guess?

mmm… unfortunately no, but thanks for your suggestion, I will consider that for upcoming updates.

I see, it’s a shame then. Landscape on mobile is certainly non-ideal. Hope to see full-screen in future then :)

Hi TheMegasm…Want to purchase this plugin, but before that I want to know if it woks as a vertical accordian as well on Mobile Devices…Doesnt Seem to Happen on the preview.?

unfortunately vertical accordion is not supported. And on mobile,the slides and the content inside will just scale down

Do you have any instructions on how to use import the code into squarespace

I am afraid I am not familiar with squarespace, however, this link explains how to integrate a jQuery plugin, it may help http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/40773/jquery-plugin-classysocial

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks


I’ve just installed the slider and this is what comes up.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /homepages/31/d431284721/htdocs/public/wp-content/plugins/unleash-accordion-slider/metabox_gen/metabox.php on line 49

Please help.

ok try that and tell me if the problem is gone or not.

Thanks a lot. It worked!

How do I get the images to be the same size please!

How do I get the images to be the same size please!

You can use photoshop or any photo editing software to crop images to the same size.

Thanks for your help I will do that. Do you have a handbook or instructions other than the documentation. i am not a programmer. I have successfully added images and played with the text from looking at the superfast video, but unleash doesn’t come up as an element to insert into a row in my page. So how do i put it in. I am going to create two of them for the top of two pages. Wendy

I think you may send me a link to what you are trying to do in a private message, that would be helpful.

Great plugin! Got it working but it’s conflicting with my superfish menu. Unfortunately, it’s a local def site at the moment so I don’t have a link. Hoping you might already have an idea what’s wrong. Superfish is being called externally like this… jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('ul.sf-menu').superfish({ delay: 500, autoArrows: true, dropShadows: true }); When I comment this out, Unleash works great, when I reinstate it, I lose my Superfish autoArrows & only one of my Unleash images show up.

Although, the site in question is being developed. You can use this one to see the scripts I’m dealing with. Basically I’m just replacing the slide menu with your plugin. As far as I know, jQuery’s only being called once. Also, the superfish menu’s being called in functions-fonctions.js

I placed all of your code (on my dev site) right after all the styles & commented out the existing jQuery. I’m calling Unleash right before the opening head tag.


hey, If you open your console this error will appear whenever you hover on any link on the menu:

superfishdc79.js?m=1281546233:69 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘serial’ of undefined

So this is a superfish issue, but I googled the error for you and apparently superfish is not compitable with the jquery version you are using, so try using an older version like 1.8

hey, If you open your console this error will appear whenever you hover on any link on the menu:

superfishdc79.js?m=1281546233:69 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘serial’ of undefined

So this is a superfish issue, but I googled the error for you and apparently superfish is not compitable with the jquery version you are using, so try using an older version like 1.8

You rock themegasm! I tried 1.4 (original installed version on site) earlier but it broke your plugin. 1.8 did the trick! Now they both work. Thanks again! 5 stars for you my friend!

Version 2 in the download looks exactly like v3 (in fact it even says v3)? Can you send me v2? I’d like to try the fullscreen mode. macmike78@hotmail.com thnx

I’d like to have a slide that consists of a background colour and some text and a button. Can this be done? I’m happy to style it up, but need to know an image isn’t required on a slide.

Hello, This is not currently possible, however you can use an image with a solid colour, but currently you can’t add a button you can only link the whole slide to a page.

Hi, Can we use fixed value of bar size? This plugin bar size is changed based on slider width. But I need fixed size for the remain bars.

Hello, What do you mean exactly by bar size?

How do I put a youtube video into a slide?


Hello, as mentioned in the docs you can only put HTML5 videos.


We are still using version 2 of the plugin. When initial_open_slide is not 0 the slider goes immediatelly to the next slide and does not wait for slide_duration. This seems to be a bug in the V2 of the script.

Any fix for this?

Note : the download package does not contain version2 anymore. The content of the v2 js is actually the v3

Looking forward to your reply.

There is another issue in V2 when initial slide is set to f.e. slide 2 and the caption is set to pop-up then the captions of slides above slide 2 are not hidden on load They show partly as the js calculates a wrong bottom value for any slider after the initial slide.

Note : Make sure the caption of slider 3 and further are bigger in height then the caption on slider 2 ( the initial slide)

Hello, I will look into this, just need to know is there any reason you are not using version 3?


I’ve just purchased your slider. However, I’m having problems implementing it into my page because:

1) It’s only working with at least 4 slides, having less causes a JS error during dragging from right to left (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘left’ of undefined, jquery.unleash.2.js:207))

2) jQuery > 1.11.0 (included) doesn’t seem to work. I tried 1.11.3, then 1.11.1 with the same result: changing slides by dragging from right to left is faulty

Thanks in advance

P.S. tried all tests with the bundled example_1.html

ok I will take a look at this tonight or tomorrow, meanwhile you can try setting pause_onmouseover: false


pronego Purchased

If I have the “correct” sequence as written above, everything works. I just would inform you about this error.

Thanks a lot for that, will take a look at it as soon as possible anyways.