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Wow this is just awesome ! Will recommend to our friends theme creators , looks nice ! Good luck with sales !

Is this compatible with Visual Composer?

If you mean that it is available as a VC block, then No, but I think you can use a text block in VC and insert unleash’s shortcode in it.

Love the slider, but I wanted to know, shouldn’t the onclick function work for each panel? It seems to work if I click a panel that is next in the sequence, but if I click on panel 5, it opens panel 5. Now if I click on panel 2, it doesn’t open panel 2. I can get there by the arrow navigation.

Is that a bug or is that something that is easy to fix? I would like to buy the plugin, but I would need it to work onclick for each panel, both going forwards and backwards.

Also, is there a way to put a title on each panel, like this: look at that example for the mouse over and on click per panel as well.

Hi, If you are talking about the demo, then the slide is not opened by clicking, it is opened by dragging, try dragging the slide with the mouse instead and you will understand. You can however set the event to click or hover from the backend.

And for your second request, unfortunately this is not supported currently.

Hi. every time I try to install it I get this message on activation: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in -—/wp-content/plugins/unleash-accordion-slider/metabox_gen/metabox.php on line 49

Hi, What php version are you using?

It is 5.3.3

is there any chance you can update it?


Can we make multi-level slider ?

Best regards,

Mehdi C.

Hi, Can you please explain what do you mean by multi-level?


I am now getting this error on the front page:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/31/d431284721/htdocs/public/wp-content/plugins/-unleash-accordion-slider/metabox_gen/metabox.php on line 28

Please assist.

mmm.. Can you give me temporary admin access?

Yes. Please give me your email

go to and send it via the form at the bottom

is it possible to make the slider and slider text auto responsive? if not then this is fuckall plugin and i wasted my money.

Can you send me a link?

i am working on localhost

can you check that you are not overriding the font size for the text? it should be in percentage, and if you can upload it somewhere it would be great

what size width x ht and resolution range for the images please

any resolution you like, but a width of around 900px is recomended, and any height

hi i bought this plugin just now.. but its not working properly with my theme.

after running the shortcode, it keeps loading the slider. And event-hover is also not working when i preview the slider from Unleased slider menu. Please help

no i donnt have any idea..ok i will remove all those jQuery and try to run it again

Wow thats awesome thankyou soo muchh.. now its perfect and its looking amazing.

No problem :) Don’t forget to rate our plugin.

Great! GLWS!