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Gohan, does this come with the Buildbox project file?

There is a problem with the download zip file… I get errors when I try to extract it..

Hello Sykes,

Thanks for purchase.

Try to download the latest version of the 7zip

here’s the latest version of the program links :-

For windows x32 :

For windows x64 :

For mac :

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how many levels ? eclipse or android studio which one ?

Hi,Gohan Please send the game Eclipse project to me,, thank you!

Hello, Thanks for purchased, Check your email i sent the eclipse project files .

The game looks good. Good luck with it ;)

Thank you dude

how many levels ?

it comes with five levels as default, and you can add more levels easily

Hello! Seems that someone is selling your item on another marketplace:

Hi Taepov,

Thanks for information.

I will request the DMCA form, for copyright.

Kindest regards, Gohan.lee

this is available? for eclipse or android studio ?

This game has been created with buildbox, so it’s very much required buildbox to edit the game, then it will be passed to eclipse to be able to export .apk file