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How many levels does this game have ? Great game by the way :)

Does it also include buildbox project

Hi Master,

There are like 5 levels as default you can add many of those levels easily just drag and drop . and yes it comes with buildbox project .

Hi thanks for the reply, can you make an extra 50 levels for an extra cost ?


When I run on ipad, triangle(character) is out side of screen and some area of screen cannot be shown.

but it work well on iphone. could you please tell me how to adjust?


Hi Ponph,

Thanks for Purchased.

I sent you an email with all details.

Gohan,The Zip for IOS is not unzipping properly. All that is included is IOS file not the buildbox file.

Please email me an updated file @ russell.nupe@gmail.com

Thanks for your work and your communication.


Thanks for purchase.

This problem happens a lot because of the old software version.

So try to download the latest version of the 7zip

here’s the latest version of the program links :-

For windows x32 : http://www.7-zip.org/a/7z1514.exe For windows x64 : http://www.7-zip.org/a/7z1514-x64.exe For mac : http://7zx.updatestar.com/

Then! tell me what happened.

Kindest regards,


Works great. Thanks for the quick response. 5 stars

Anytime bro

You need to update the ios version, its missing lines for admob, leaderboard, inaapp purchase and other stuff

Its not possible to add theese stuff but i see you have it for android

any answer?

i cannot change this because you are not providing the full code

Hi, Sorry!! For the late reply and thanks for purchased.

About adding the admob , leaderboard… ect, open the buildbox project file >>> go to settings >>> advertisement .. Then you will find all the ads networks .

And for leaderboard … Go to settings >>> then you will find the leaderboard id .

See the documentation for more info .

Hi, I purchased the code and uploading the build on iPhone 6, it’s loading on home and crashing every time. What’s the issue?

How much time you need, i am still waiting for your reply?


Sorry!! for the late reply, and thanks for purchased.

The crashing problem occurs because of the bundle id ( package name ), so make sure to set an a bundle id for the game ,

Read the documentation to get more info about how to change the bundle id .

Kindest regards, Gohan

hey i just paid for this and it didnt even download….why? and how can i get my money back