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Losted my other envato acc and I am gladly buying this for the 2nd time and will rste 5 stars again! This is best webview out there.

Do u maybe plan to add video splash screen? Great work. Love it!

Zdravo Sale,

Trenutno nemamo u planu ubaciti video splash, to bas i nije moguce u potpunosti implementirati, limitacija platforme.


Haha hvala legendo. Znao sam odmah da si nas!

Is WKWebview supported? Can i tun with this Template local HTML Games?

WKWebView is only for iOS, this section is for Android comments. Yes, our iOS app is created using WKWebView component.

Yes you can run html5 games, if you have any problems maybe we can help you. Just send me an email.

We are also testing local server implementation in our app currently that can run html5 games. The app only needs index.html file.


Hello, before purchase. I tried my website on your app, the longin with facebook does not work. with you a solution. Thank you